Ferry Zadar Region

Here you find information about all ferries and Catamarans which arrives and departs from the Zadar and Sibenik region, which also means that you find schedule for ferries to Ugljan, Pasman, and other island in the area. Normally high season is divided in too two periods (with different Schedules) one period cover June and September and the other, the Absolut peak period Juli and August. Rest of the month are normally on the low season table.

Car Ferries Šibenik Region:

JadrolinijaSibenikSibenik - Zlarin - Kaprije - ZirjeCar ferrySchedulePrice
JadrolinijaSibenikSibenik - Zlarin - Prvic Luka - Sepurine - VodiceShipSchedulePrice

Car Ferries Zadar Region:

JadrolinijaZadarZadar - Preko (Ugljan)Car ferrySchedulePrice
JadrolinijaZadarBiograd - Tkon (Pasman)Car ferrySchedulePrice
JadrolinijaZadarZadar - Brbinj (Dugi otok)Car ferrySchedulePrice
JadrolinijaZadarZadar - Ist - Olib - Silba - Premuda - Mali LosinjCar ferrySchedulePrice
JadrolinijaZadarZadar - Rivanj - Sestrunj - Zverinac - Molat - IstCar ferrySchedulePrice
JadrolinijaZadarZadar - Brsanj (Iz) - Rava - Mala RavaCar ferrySchedulePrice
JadrolinijaZadarZadar – AnconaCar ferryPrice and booking

Catamaran (No Cars) ferries Zadar Region:

JadrolinijaZadarZadar - Molat - Brgulje - Zapuntel - IstCatamaranSchedulePrice
gv-lineZadarZadar – Mali Iz – Veli Iz – Mala Rava – RavaCatamaranSchedulePrice
gv-lineZadarZadar – Rivanj – Sestrunj – Bozava – ZverinacCatamaranSchedulePrice
Mia toursZadarZadar – Premuda(Krijal) – Silba – OlibCatamaranSchedule
Mia toursZadar / IstriaZadar – Ilovik – Mali Losinj – Unije – PulaCatamaranSchedule

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Ferry Zadar

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