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From the 12th to the 14th century Omis was a dangerous place for ships to pass by, as the city was ruled by Pirates, during …

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Beaches in Croatia

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Fortresses in Sibenik

Cathedral St James Sibenik

Sibenik is mostly known for its UNESCO listed Cathedral st James, but that is not all what you should see when visiting Sibenik. In the …

Dalmatian Olive Oil

| 3 Comments | 1,148 views

DALMATIAN OLIVE OIL …in the third millennium

Public holidays in Croatia

| One Comment | 1,940 views
cathedral saint duje

Being a Catholic country most of the public holidays in Croatia are related to religious celebrations, like e.g. Christmas, Easter and Assumption of Mary.

Holidays in Trogir Croatia

| 54 Comments | 38,689 views
Green Market Trogir

One of our favourite cites in Croatia, is Trogir, which is situated 25 km north of Split. Trogir has a history which dates more then …

Olive Oil Croatia

| 20 Comments | 20,814 views
stara maslina

Homer, that’s right, Homer, as in the guy who wrote Iliad and Odyssey, called it ‘liquid gold’. Spartans used to rub it all over themselves …

Croatian Wines


Many of us enjoy a glass of wine on a daily basis and many of us would like to have more opportunities to try out …

Croatian food

Barbecue Croatia

From the spicy sausages of Slavonia to the seafood from Dalmatia, Croatian food and Croatian cuisine are different from one region to another. For a …

Rakija Croatia guide

| 5 Comments | 32,704 views

Rakija is that ace in the sleeve, that secret weapon against all that is enemy to common man. It will destroy bacteria, relieve you of …

Dalmatian Peka – croatian recipes

| 28 Comments | 46,759 views
Veal Peka ready to serve

After living here 5 years, we have come to love some of the local dishes, so I thought I wanted to start sharing some of …

Hartera music festival


With the usual Croatian summer heat comes an immense thirst, but not only for water and pleasures in the sea; one of the most popular …

Elton John in Pula

| 3 Comments | 3,467 views

Elton John will give concert in Croatia, for a while there had been roomers that the legendary British singer was going to play in …

Histria Festival Pula

Histria Festival Pula

Every summer the Arena (Colosseum) in Pula, fulfills it original purpose, as place where larger crowds are entertained, but in contradiction to prior there is …

Authentic gift ideas from Croatia part 2

Pag lacework

– Pillow gifts – original Croatian hand made “licitar” hearts
– Pillow gifts – original Croatian hand made silk products
– Pillow gifts – embroideries from
Konavle valley

Good Friday procession and tradition in Croatia

| 2 Comments | 4,220 views
Loverc procession

Before Easter, people in Dalmatia (Croatian region) have long tradition and at unique way -pass through- days before Easter, or to be more specific, recalling …