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The Split Airport is situated in 23 km outside of the town, in a small city called Kaštela, the airport is not among the biggest in the world but at least it is open whole year, in the winter month it handles about 30000 passengers, in the peak month August about 220.000.

In the airport the following facilities are available, Newspaper kiosk, A bank, a post office, numerous ATM machines, a restaurant and a large number of car rental companies. For international flights there is a duty free shop, offering the regular duty free product like e.g. alcohol, cigarettes, chocolate and local produced gift products.

List of companies flying to Split airport

During summer season (April to October) there are numerous companies flying to the Split airport here are some of them: Croatia Airlines, German Wings,  Easyjet, Aeroflot, Air Méditerrané, Norwegian, Hamburg International, Ukraine International Airlines, SAS, Dubrovnik Airline, Austria Airlines, Malév Hungarian Airlines, Malmö Aviation, Thomas Cook Airlines and many more. During winter, the only companies flying to the airport is Croatia Airlines and Eurowings.

Distance from Split Airport to Major Cities in the Area

Distance from Split airport to the Split centre is 23.3 km and it takes about 25 minutes to get there.

  • Split Airport →Trogir – 5 km; 7 minutes
  • Split Airport →Omiš – 40 km; 50 minutes

entrance Split airport

Price of taxi to these cities

Taxi prices vary depending of time of the day, if you take a taxi e.g. to Split centre, you will pay 20 kuna for the start and 10-14 kuna for each kilometre, which gives you a total fare price of 260 – 350 kuna. Price for taxi to Trogir is about 80-120 kuna.

IMPORTANT – Airport bus rules, prices etc, and how does it operate:

Transfer of passengers from the Airport to the city centre (Split) is organised by “Pleso – Prijevoz” buses. Bus transfer from the airport to the city of Split is in accordance with arrival of scheduled flights. The Airport bus leaves app. 30 minutes after arrival of any scheduled flight, no matter if it is national or international.

From Split centre the airport bus leave app. 90 minutes before scheduled flight time, of any flight, to not miss the bus, it can although be recommended to show up 2 hours before scheduled departure in the main season.

Bus transfer between Split and the Split airport is also organized for passengers flying with companies other than Croatia Airlines. For further information you can call 021/203119.

Price for the Airport bus is 30 kuna / person for a one way ticket. More information about the airport bus you can find here.

Public bus to / from the Airport:

Bus number 37, which drives on the old road between Split to Trogir and vice versa, you can get on the bus, if you go to the main road outside the airport parking lot, the bus leaves every 20 minutes from 5 in the morning till 7 in the evening, after 7 PM, it leaves every 30 minutes, last bus is around midnight. On Sundays buses drive every 30 minutes. A ticket from Split Airport to Split costs 20 kuna in one direction. The ticket Split airport – Trogir cost 10 kuna.

Car rental companies at the Airport:

If you need to rent a car from Split airport, you can find a large selection of car rental offers if you click here.

Airport transfer – companies offering Airport transfer

There are several companies offering airport transfer which has to be pre-booked. The transport is done by different vehicles depending on the number of persons.

Departure terminal airport Split

Price examples for a Pre-booked airport transfer

From Split airport to Split centre the approximate prices for an airport transfer is like this. Transport of 1-3 persons is 36 Euros, for 4-8 persons the price is 40 Euros. If you go some place further away you can calculate that the cost for up to 8 persons will be around 1-1.5 euro/kilometer. (Dubrovnik 230 km should be around 250 Euro). The price is depended on distance and the day of travelling, Saturday is the busy day, so book in do time. If you have larger groups, you are welcome to contact us for arrangement of the Split Airport transfer.

The Airport Codes:

  • Identification code: SPU
  • SITA code: SPUAPXH
  • ICAO classification: 4 E

Parking at the airport:

When you come to the airport, take a parking ticket at the parking entrance, remember to bring it with you to the terminal as you would have to pay and stamp it here before leaving, this is also the case (stamping) if you stay less the 15 minutes, which is free of charge.

Price of parking:

  • First 15 minutes is free
  • 1 hour parking is 7 kuna
  • If you want to leave the car at the airport for a longer period it will cost you 49 kuna a day the first three days, after three days the price is 45 kuna/day.

Address and contact details (phone number, website etc):

  • ZRAČNA LUKA SPLIT -, Cesta dr. Franje Tuđmana 96, P.P.2 21210 Kaštela, Croatia.
  • Telephone: ++385 (0)21 203 555; Fax: ++385 (0)21 203 422; Telex: 26150 AERST RH
  • Website:
  • Facebook
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  1. Hello, I need to go from Pag island to Split airport in July to catch a flight at 1.00 pm. Can you please tell me what are the best options. Thanks so much, Michael

    • Hi Michael,

      you proberly will be able to manage if you do the following, the first bus from Novalja (Pag) to Zadar leaves about 5.50 am, so take that one. once in Zadar you take the next bus direction Split, if possible find one which stops in Trogir (Ask for bus to Trogir), from Trogir you take city bus number 37 to the airport. If you have to wait to long for next bus to Trogir (From Zadar), take the next bus To Split, from Split you then take the airport bus to Split airport, in either case i would guess you should be able to make to the airport till around 11 am.

      Brgds, Morten

      • Mostar-Split arriving by bus. Booked at Adria in Kastel Stafilic with flight next morning. Does the town bus 37 stop near the Adria or would I have to go the 1.5k extra to the airport and – I suppose – get a taxi back to the Adria? A traveller comments elsewhere that he was met with a rude rebuff for the latter. (Do you find all these queries monotonous?!)

        • Hi Margaret,

          I assume you mean Hotel Adria, the hotel is situated by the road where bus nr. 37 passes, i am not sure where the bus stop is, but going to the airport is for sure not necessary, try to ask a fellow passanger or the driver (they can be rude, but not all of them are) if he could point out where you have to get off the bus.

          If i find queries monotonous, no i don’t, actually i find it quite interesting.

          Best, Morten

  2. Hi Michael,
    i have to be at the airport of split about 11.45 am. Therefore i want to take the bus 37 from the centre. Can you tell me please at which time i should catch the bus in split?I can`t find the duration of the journey nowhere.
    thanks a lot

    • Hi Stef

      Bus number 37 runs more or less every hour, but it is easier to take the airport bus. just google city buses in Split and you should find all information needed.

      Best, Morten

  3. Hello,

    I need to get from Split airport to Hvar island. I just want to check that getting the Airport bus ‘Pleso – Prijevoz’ to split ferry port then a ferry to Hvar is the best/cheapest/quickest option?

    Also, what is the ferry situation like from Split to Hvar? I haven’t been able to find much information other than just buy a ticket when you get there.


    • Hello Amir

      yes you first have to take bus from the airport to the main bus station in Split, which is just next to the ferry terminal, from there you have several daily catamaran departure to Hvar town, and car ferry to Stari Grad on Hvar. The catamaran are operated by Krilo Jet and Jadrolinija. You can buy the catamaran ticket at the ferry terminal, but also online.



  4. Hello! I am arriving at Split airport in mid August, landing from an international flight with Croatia Airlines at 1:45pm.. I am hoping to get the 3pm ferry to Hvar (as the 4:15pm ferry takes double the time). Assuming my plane is on time, do you think I could make it through immigration and baggage collection and to the harbour quickly enough? Maybe if I book a private transfer rather than take a bus?? Otherwise, are there other ferry/boat options other than the 3pm & 4:15pm ferries with Jadrolinija? Thanks.

    • Hi Kim,

      It is very unlikely that you will manage to catch the 3 pm departure (As the bus will wait for all passengers to get out), as alternative to the 4.15pm departure you mention there is a departure with Krilo jet, which leaves Split at 5 pm and arrives in Hvar at 6 pm. If you book at private transfer which leaves immediately when you are out of migration you have bigger chance of catching the catamaran, but is still questionable, and remember you basically risk loosing the catamaran ticket for the 3 pm departure which you will have to buy upfront to be sure to have a spot on that departure.

      Hope that helps you a bit


  5. Hello!
    I will arrive in Split next Tuesday at 5 pm. I need to go to Baska Voda. Which combination will be the best? Do you know what time the last bus leaves the center of Split towards Makarska via Baska Voda?

    Thank you in advance for your answer.

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