National Park Krka Waterfalls

Nationalpark Krka waterfalls swimming is allowed What is useful to know if you want to visit the National Park Krka?

Entrance and parking

There are 5 official entrances for National Park Krka, the two main entrances is Skradin and Lozovac. If you arrive via motorway A1, there are signs for the exit you need to take, once you are of the highway you have different options to enter the park.

Official entrance Lozovac

Road approach either from Sibenik-Tromilja-Lozovac or from Knin-Drnis-Tromilja-Lozovac.

At the entrance Lozovac, from April to October for all individual guests  there is an organised bus ride to the waterfall Skradinski buk and back. During winter time, it is possible to go with your own car, there are free parking spots. If you are a keen walker, you can also have a walk from the entrance to the waterfall along 875 meters long road. This is also the closest entrance for all visitors who wants to go directly to the Visovac island.

If you follow the wooden walking trails from the ethno village, you will finish the tour in 2 or 3 hours, depending on the walking speed.

Official entrance Skradin

With car, you reach the national park by road from Sibenik-Tromilja-Skradin or from Knin-Drnis-Tromilja-Skradin.

When arrived in Skradin, you can find parking lots very close to the center of town, so ignore the “pushy” sales people who tries to get you into parking lots at the entrance of  town Skradin. There is always an option of going back to the city entrance in case the main parking is full.

The transportation of visitors from Skradin entrance to Skradinski buk waterfall on the boats is carried out from April to October according to the schedule. The transportation by boat is included in the ticket price. The boat ride lasts around 25 minutes and after you have only few minutes walk to the bottom of the waterfalls.

There are also 3,400 meters long hiking and cycling paths from Skradin Bridge to the waterfall and you can purchase the tickets at the reception on the bridge.

Other entrances

Entrance Roski Slap can be reached by road from Drnis-Knin-Skradin or by the excursion boats of NP Krka. The presentation center of Roski slap is open during the whole year but boat excursions to the Krka monastery and fortresses are organized only from April to October.

Entrance Burnum / Puljane is located above the canyon, river and the waterfalls. The locality and archaeological collection can be visited during the whole year and there are guided tours that include a visit to the amphitheatre and military camp.

Entrance Kistanje / Krka Monestery is accessible by the road or by an organized boat transport from April to October.

Alternative ways to reach Skradin entrance

To make the visit extra special, you can also go by boat from Sibenik, boats leave from Sibenik harbor, the trips that lasts about 1.5 hour will take you trough the Saint Joseph channel and the Lake Prukljan-Skradin, tours are organized by private tour operators and cost around 250-300 kuna, excluding entrance ticket.

Entrance fee

Price of the tickets varies depending on the time of the year. For adults, from January til March and for November and December the ticket costs 30 kuna, in April, May and October it is 100 kuna and in summer months, from June to September the ticket is 200 kuna. Children and the disabled have discounts so check their price list.

When is the best time to visit park

The National Park Krka is a wonderful sight during the whole year, so pretty much any time is the right time to pay a visit to this green paradise, it is a year-round destination. Shoulder season could be the best option to visit the park because it is not that busy like in the summer; during summer there are up to 10,000 visitors per day. Swimming in the park is allowed during the summer months so don’t forget to bring your swimsuit. Also, be aware that rocks can be slippery so be careful.


National park Krka offers a number of guided excursions which can be bought as an ad on to the entrance tickets:


Skradinski buk is the most attractive part of National Park Krka. A boat trip to the island of Visovac includes a ride along the upper part of the Krka River, a visit to Franciscan monastery, church and museum.

  • There is an additional fee – depends on the season, so check the price list.


The most attractive way to reach Roski slap is to take one of the excursions boats operated by the National Park Krka. It is also possible to travel to Roški slap by public road. Excursion lasts for four hours, including a ride along the upper Krka River, a visit to Franciscan monastery and sightseeing at Roski slap

  • There is an additional fee – depends on the season, so check the price list.
  • It is a boat trip which last two and a half hours. It offer amazing views and a visit to the spiritual place of the Orthodox faith.
  • There is an additional fee – depends on the season, so check the price list.

Boat from Skradin to the waterfalls


You can find accommodations such as rooms, apartments and pensions in the surrounding towns of Skradin, Knin, Primošten, and villages which are located quite near the Krka.


Hotel Vrata Krke *** –   It is located in Lozovac, on the main entrance to the NP Krka, 6 km from the highway (Zagreb-Split A1) and 12 km from Šibenik.


Camping Krka –  It is situated on the road to Skradin, only 2.5 km away from the NP Krka, on the surface of 1 ha in the shadow of pine forest.  New feature: swimming pool with heated water.

Camping marina – It is situated in Lozovac, on the road to Skradin, 5 km from NP Krka, on the surface of 3000m2.

Camp Skradinske Delicije – It is the closest campsite to the park.  20 pitches are equipped with water and electricity supply and drainage. 

Other things which might be useful to know:

  • You need to have good walking shoes.
  • For swimming, bring bathing suit, sun lotion and a towel.
  • No swimming outside of the designated areas – if you do you will hear the park rangers (-:
  • Appropriate clothing for visiting monastery (women must have scarf over the bare shoulders, men must not have too short trousers).
  • No diving and hunting with an underwater rifle.
  • No hunting animals.
  • No polluting water and discarding garbage.

Driving distance to park from major towns

Sibenik – National park Krka : distance – 20 km, time – 20 minutes
Zadar – National park Krka : distance – 73 km, time – 1 hour
Split – National park Krka : distance – 92 km, time – 1.15 hours
Zagreb – National park Krka : distance – 325 km, time –   3 hours
Rijeka – National park Krka : distance – 335 km, time – 3 hours

Official contact details of the Park

Nacionalni park Krka
Trg Ivana Palva II br. 5
22000 Sibenik
Tel: +385 (0)22 201-777

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  1. Hi Nick, well the park quite a few daily visitors in the summer month, but the park is quite big so will not feel like it it overcrowded, I am not aware if there is any particular day of the week which has less visitors, but i would guess that week days are a bit less crowded.

    Brgds, Morten

  2. We are chartering a Catamaran in split, and would like to come to the park in our own boat. Can we do that?

    • Hi Varda,

      As far as i know the answer is almost, you can sail to Skradin, from there you have tourboats which would take you last part to the National park.

      Brgds, Morten

  3. Hi, tell me please, how could we get best way to Skradin from Vodice (I mean by bus or boat, without a car). Thanks 🙂

    • Hi Vera, going with bus is the fastest and easist way to get there, but going with at boat is for sure more beatiful and also more expensive. which one is better is up to you to decide 🙂

  4. Hi, I want to visit the park from Sibenik in mid August 2012. Is it possible to use public transport to travel from Sibenik to Skradin and then in the afternoon return to Sibenik and then to Split on the same day. What I concern about is whether public transport could match with the schedule of the tours of the Krka National park as i want to have a swim in the Skradinski Buk, visit Visovac and have a walk in the Park~

    • Hi Jessica, you can for sure go by bus from Sibenik to Skradin, i am not sure about actual departure, but there should be quite a few during the day, so you should actually able to do, Sibenik – Krka – Sibenik – Split. I can tell you exatly when the buses leave, but as Skradin is only about 10 km from Sibenik it should be well connected, which should make it possible for you to all what you mentioned.

      Best, Morten

        • I have recently checked the timetable of bus line Šibenik – Skradin ( valid for August 2012): from, they are as follows:
          (they look a bit strange though)


          SUMMER 2012.

          TIME TABLE MON – FRI:
          11:15 12:45
          12:45 14:00
          14:00 17:00
          15:30 17:00

          11:15 12:15
          12:45 stays
          14:00 stays
          15:00 stays

          15:30 17:00

          • Hi Jessica,

            I think the bus is not a special bus for the national park, it is a regular local bus line between Sibenik and Skradin, that is why you have most departures on working days.



  5. Hi,

    We’re going to Croatia this summer and we are planning to visit the Krka NP. We first want to go to Skradinski buk. We want to get there via the entrance at Skradin. After that, we want to see Roski slap (the same day). We want to go there by car, via the public road. If we do that, do we have to pay extra to see that? We already have bought an entrance ticket at Skradin, but does that remain value?

    • Hi Caroline, i am not sure if you re-enter the park, in Roski slap after already entering the park in Skradin, for a clear answer to this you will have to ask by the park office in Skradin.

      Regards, Morten

  6. Hej Morten,

    Vi er et par drenge, der skal i alt 16 dage til Kroatien. Vi regner med at starte ved Split, hvorefter vi vil besøge øerne Hvar og Brac. Vi har kigget en smule på National Park Krka, men er usikre på, hvorvidt den er værd både tidsmæssigt og økonomisk at ofre en dag på. Hvad er din vurdering?

    Vi rejser med rygsæk og telt. Hvordan vil det være lettest for os at tage til National Park Krka, hvis det er så fantastisk som billederne antyder?

    På forhånd tak.


    • Hej Anders,

      personling syntes jeg at Krka er super skøn og så jeg kan varmt anbefale et besøg der, hvis du tjekker her kan du se hvordan i kommer der hen fra Split.



  7. Hi!
    What an informative site.
    I’m travelling with a friend to Dubrovnik on 14 October 2012. We are doing several day trips, but I guess it’s too far to make a day of visiting the National Park. Would it be possible to take an overnight trip and who would be the best tour operator to go with?
    Thanks for your help.

    • Hi Lulu,

      i don’t think you will be able to find any tour operators, who would take you to Krka, at this time of the year, my suggestion would be that to rent a car (Which you can do here), and then drive up to see the park, if you leave early in the morning from Dubrovnik you should be able to make the tour as a day trip.

      If you are not up for renting a car, you can take the bus to Split, then continue to Sibenik, from where you have local bus to Skradin (Entrance to national park) all information about bus to Split you can find here, information about getting from Split to NP Krka you can find here. If you go by the bus, you should stay overnight in Skradin, is a beatiful place close to the park.

      Have a great trip, brgds,


  8. Hi Morten
    Just so I have this right – we will be parking in Skradin and would like to do the tour which incudes the Monestry – just confirming do we buy our tickets in Skradin for this tour? Also does it leave on the hour as well? We will be there in September. Thank you, Lee

    • Hi Lee

      The have been changing some stuff lately, for the tour to Monestry, i think you should take entrance Lozovac, i am not sure if you can buy the tourticket at the entrance, normally you will take a park bus from Entrance Lozovac, to where the Etno villages is, here you have guides selling the tickets for the Monestry tour.

      Anyway as you are not going before Sepetember, i will have all infos updated way before you are going, so just follow this post here.



  9. Hi Morten,

    I am wondering if there are any lockers at Krka NP to store our valuables before taking a plunge in the water.


  10. Guys be careful with escorted trips!

    We went with speedcruisng and the man named Brane – total rip off, driver impolite – he talked on the phone all the time! No guide but just the driver showing us information boards! They promised us transfer to the airport and then they did not return our calls!

  11. Hi!
    I’m going to Krka from sibenik to skradin, but I’m traveling! Where can I leave my luggage?

  12. Hi, I would like to find out if it is possible to get a local bus/transport up to the Lozovac entrance from Skradin town!

    We would then walk our way down to Skradinski Buk, but would like to then catch the boat back to Skradin town, from the Skradin entrance. Is this possible?


  13. Hello,

    i saw that there is a special sprice offer for students (as I am). But our university does´t offer an international student identity card. Du you accept our normal card (in german), too?


  14. Pls advise the opening hour for the park. There is a bus from Plitvice Lakes which wI’ll arrive Skradin at 12:20. How many hours wE can have for the park and is there any bus for Dubrovnik?


    • Hi Mandy, during summer season the opening hours from Skradin entrance is 08:00 to 20:00 (8 AM to 8 PM). There is no bus to Dubrovnik from Skradin, but if you travel Skradin to Split and then Split to Dubrovnik it will take you approximately same number of hours.

      brgds, Morten

  15. hello~!

    What an informative site.

    I gonna go the krka National Park on October(first week). Is it possible to swim? I’d like to know temperature of the fall water.

    • Hi J Lee,

      well in theory it is possible to Swim also in October, but i am not sure if water will be much more then 12-15 degree Celsius, so it might be a cold experience.

      Brgds, Morten

  16. Hi,

    maybe someone could help me a bit- is not clear for me if a take a ticket individual adult 110 Kuna what can I visit/ what is in this ticket included? To visit the imp objectives do you need do pay extra?
    Thank you!

    • Hi Andreea,

      this is what is included in the regular entrance ticket:

      “• one-time visit to all the terrestrial localities of Krka National Park
      • expert presentation and demonstration of the Burnum archaeological collection, ethno presentation
      at the mills at Skradinski buk, Roški slap and Oziđana pećina cave
      • access to the walking trails at Skradinski buk, trail from Visovac to Roški slap to Oziđana pećina
      cave, the Emperor Franz Joseph I trail over the Manojlovac slap falls
      • boat transport on the route Skradin – Skradinski buk and return, except in the period from
      November to February
      • for individual visitors entering at the Lozovac entrance, bus transport is available for the route
      Lozovac – Skradinski buk – Lozovac, except in the period from November to March”

      Brgds, Morten

  17. Hi there,

    I am wanting to visit the park in August, but am struggle to find an up to date timetable of the bus route from Sibenik to Skradin as we won’t have a car and will be staying in Sibenik.

    Please help!


  18. Hi, I read above that you can get a boat from Sibenik to Skradin. Is there any way to book this or is it more relaxed?
    Thank you,

  19. Hi there, we are arriving in Zadar on a cruise ship for 1 day in May & would love to visit Krka. I’m wondering if you think the best way to get there & see the highlights for the timeframe we have of 10am- 5pm would be best on the organised tour from the ship( I see there’s a travel time to & from of about 1 hr each way) ( this tour is a 5hr 15 min tour) as we don’t want to miss the ship!!! Or is there an independent travel company you can recommend or easy & regular public transport each way to & from zadar. We don’t want to hire a car & drive ourselves. I would really appreciate your advice Thankyou.

  20. Hi Morten,

    I am planning to go to Krka in June. Is it ok if I will come from Makarska? Accomodations are cheaper there. I have no car, I will only take the bus. Will my route be Makarska- Split-Sibenik? If yes, how many hours is it from Makarska to Split? Or is there a bus from Makarska to Sibenik without passing Split?

    Thank you. Your site is very useful and informative.

  21. Hello. I’m visiting Zadar and split in June 2017 and am wondering which is the best way to visit krka. Would it be from split or Zadar ? I am thinking of going by public bus instead of a guided tour. Can I pay admission once there ? . Have you any recommendations. Thank you.

    • Hi Martin,

      you can go with public bus to Krka from Both Zadar and Split, from Zadar is takes about 1 hour from Split a bit longer. The bus will drop you of in Skradin just a few hundred meters from one of the national park office, where you can buy a entrance ticket. From Skradin you have a 20 minutes boat trip to the lower part of the waterfalls (Included in entrance fee).

      Brgds, Morten

  22. Hi Marton

    We’re visiting the Krka park tomorrow on our way from Zadar to split, so we will have luggage with us. Is there any luggage storage facilities at the park? Or nearby? Any advice would be very helpful.

    Thank you

    • Hi Claudia,

      just check all my photos from my resent visit Skradin, i didnt see any signs for Luggage storage, so can´t say for sure.

      Best, Morten

  23. Hi Morten, Can we reach the swimming pool in Krka by car? Or what’s the best option as we are traveling by car. How can we get to this place? Has it got a specific name? Kind regards, Ramona

    • Hi Romona, the place where you can Swim at Krka is at Skradinski Buk, which is the lower part of the national park, what you need to do is either to drive either to entrance Lozovac (from here there is bus to the entno village from where you have 30 minutes walk to where you can swim) or you drive to the entrance in Skradin (From here you sail by boat to Skradinski Buk).

      Kindest regards,


  24. HELLO Morten,
    we r planning 2 visit Krka from Sibenik next month. I am kind of torn between doing it on my own cuz it’s cheaper and will give more time to explore the parks on my own as most of the tours I have seen online just guide u for 1 hour to see Skradinski Buk but no cruises or other waterfalls sightseeing or anything. On the other hand, doing it on my own will mean I have to queue long time to get the tickets and also I have only the 2 pm (which will cut the day short) or 6 pm buses to get back to Sibenik and if I miss the 6 pm it will be problematic (happened to me last year in Plitvice lakes and had to take a very expensive cab). So what what would you advise me to do?

    • Hello Seif,

      as far as i can see, you have two intercity buses driving at 10 AM and 1 PM to Skradin, additional you have some regional bus lines which departs at at 9 AM and 11:15 AM, travel time for all routes is about 30-40 minutes. Returning from Skradin you also have two intercity buses 2.20 and 6.10 PM and a regional bus which departure departure at 3.30 PM. So i would recommend you take the 10 AM from Sibenik and return with the 6.10 PM then you have plenty of time to see the national park as well as Skradin town which is also quite nice.

      Hope that helps in your planning

      Brgds, Morten

  25. Planning a visit to Split towards end of Oct, for a weekend. Will it be worth going to Krka or many things will be closed? Will there be autumn/fall colors or the trees have dropped their leaves? I won’t have car so my option is either public bus or organized tour – do you have any recommendation/advice? Thanks

    • Hi San,

      End of October Krka should be in full autumn/fall colors, so it is really something to see. As for travel options, you can take intercity bus to Skradin, you can find timetables here, organized tour is of course also and option, but no need.

      regards, Morten

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