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market-in-split-2Tourist often, before their arrival, ask us about prices here in Croatia, especially after the global crises started, lots of people  have been asking about this, so to some work replying to e-mails, I thought it was easier to finally post the information on our blogs!

As prices vary a lot inside Croatia (depending on the location), I will indicate a price range, the highest prices you can expect to find in the top tourist areas, like Istria, Dubrovnik and the islands, the cheapest prices are found on the mainland, and in the smaller Dalmatian cities.

If you have anything to add, like extremely good offers found here, or other stuff which could be helpful to other tourist, please fell free to add a comment at the bottom of the page.


The Hotel prices in Croatia, does not seem to have been  effected by the global crises, so I still find them too high: (price is per person in double room)

Categorie From (low/high season) To (low/high season)
* – ** 15/30 Euro 30/60 Euro
*** 25/50 Euro 60/100 Euro
**** 40/80 Euro 80/150 Euro
***** 80/120 Euro 100/250 Euro

Accommodation (Private)

I talked with many private owners, most of them are complaining about the low number of bookings, I told them maybe they should lower their price or invest some more in marketing, their general reply was no, but I have although noticed, that some of them have started lowering their prices, so this year you can make a good deal. (price per person/day in a full 2-4 persons Unit).

Categorie From (low/high season) To (low/high season)
* – ** 8/12 Euro 12/16 Euro
*** 12/16 Euro 16/25 Euro
**** 20/30 Euro 25/40 Euro
***** 30/40 Euro 40/? Euro

*Like hotels also private accommodation is rated with stars here in Croatia.

Eating out: (restaurants and coffee bars)

Like everywhere else in the world, there is two things which seems to mainly determine the prices in a restaurant or a cafe – location and location. So if you like to eat in the best locations you will pay for it, if you on the other hand only are interested in getting some good food, eating out in Croatia is not expensive at all . We (2 adults, 2 kids) normally pay around 35-40 for an evening meal, including soda for the kids and wine for the adults. (this is the price in a regular restaurant).

Product Normal Top tourist areas
Pizza 4-6 Euro +20-40%
Pasta dish 4-6 Euro +20-40%
Salat 2-3 Euro +20-40%
Dessert 2-3 Euro +20-40%
1/2L local beer >=2 Euro +20-60%
1/2L Local wine 4-6 Euro +20-60%
Cappucino From 1 Euro up to 3 Euro’s

Drinking out!

In the late evening hours, you might want to visit the local disco or a bar, here you need to know the following, vodka, gin, rum etc. are normally available in two variations, the global brands, like Smirnoff, Gardens and Bacardi, but you can also ask for local variations of this, called Domaci rum, Domaci gin etc., if you do so, your drink will cost half the price, but the effect will be the same 🙂

Product Normal Top tourist areas
1/2 local beer >=2 Euro +20-60%
Long dring (domaci) >=2 Euro +30-60%
Long drink 3 Euro +30-60%
Coke >=2 Euro +20-40%

Shopping – daily goods!

There are plenty of supermarkets in Croatia, prices are in general similar to the rest of Europe, although you should know that, imported goods (brands you know from home), most properly have a higher price than you are used to, local brands on the other hand are normally quite cheap.

Our personal preference is to shop at Lidl as we find them having good leverage between price and quality of their products.

Shopping other goods and service:

Global brands (imported goods) will cost you almost the same as in your home country, Be aware! If you find global brand products at a bargain price, it might be a copy, so don’t bring it to Italy on your way home 🙂

Dentist service and other service related to health care, are competitive with most European countries, and the service standard is normally very good.

As Croatia is still not in the EU, (not regulated by EU law) you could have high rates for using your Mobile phone, so if you want to be on the safe side, you should buy a calling card, which can be found on the local post office, and in kiosk like Slobodna Dalmacija or Glas Istra.

Other prices / cost which might be of interest:

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  1. Hello Morten,

    We are traveling with our daughters thru Croatia and several other countries. Renting a car is our best option considering there are five of us. A friend has offered us to stay at his home in the old town of Korcula for 3 nights. We are very excited but I can’t find info on parking. Will parking be available in October? Do they charge a daily rate? I want to make sure it doesn’t cost more than renting a place on the mainland would with parking included. Thanks for any help you can give!

  2. Hi There – We are planning a 2 week trip to Croatia in May – June. Is it easy to drive there? Can you reccomend car rental company’s? What is the average price of gasoline ?
    Thank You

    • Hi Joan,

      it is absolutly not problem to drive around int Croatia. When i have visitors needing a car we normally book it here. Price of 95 Euro super gasoline is about 1.4 Euro/liter.

      Brgds, Morten

  3. Hi Morten,

    I just wanted to check on the following; I’m an Australian coming to Croatia for 82 days. I know that currently Australians don’t need a visa to stay up to 90 days.
    I was reading a few articles recently in relation to Croatia joining the EU on the 1st July that some countries would be changing re: how long you can stay without a visa.
    Just wanted to confirm is Australia still 90 days?

    Thanks so much for your help! Your website is very informative & helpful!


    • Hi Frances,

      I havent heard anything about that the 90 days rule will change after 1st of July, so i assume that the rule will still apply.

      Kindest regards,


  4. Hi Morten,

    I’m going to Hvar July next month from 6th to 12th with 7 of my friends. We are going to party and enjoy the weather but cannot find anything on club prices of drinks and bottles etc? Like how much does bottle service cost in one of the clubs?


  5. Hi,
    Can you recommend the best places to snorkel please? Are euro’s or kuna best? Is self catering or half board best in your opinion?

    • Hi Kim

      Snorkling you can do in so many place, the best is proberly on the Islands. Kuna is the only official currenty accepted, you can bring Euro and exchange them here. Self catering is my personal favority.

      Best, Morten

  6. Hi,
    can you tell me what the cost of champagne is in Croatia? Can it be bought in supermarkets / liqueur stores? If you how much?

    What would be a typical cost of a bottle in a store or a hotel?


  7. Hello. Me and a few friends are looking at going to rovinj in September. Do you know if that is pricey there or more or less the same as stated above? We are looking at going for 8 days. In your opinion how much spending money would be needed? (This is a party holiday ha). Reply is much appreciated!

    • Hi Dean,

      Prices should be approximatly like stated above.

      If it is a party Holiday, Rovinj might not be the best pick in September, at least not if you are travelling at the end of the month.

      Brgds, Morten

  8. Hi

    I`ll travel in Croatia, in Starigrad (Pavlenica) next week. Please I need to know the price of Diesel, and the prices for some basic foods in supermarket such as: milk, cheese, tomato, eggs,letuce, potato, bread etc.. Also please can you tell me the names of some supermarkets.

    Can we use Eur there or just Kune.

    Waiting for your reply, thank you and best regards

  9. Hi
    Were going to croatia in June can you tell me about tobacco prices is cutters choice available and golden virginia and are any british cigs available and is it cheaper to buy local or at airport please

    look forward to your reply


    • Hi John

      I don’t know the two brand you mention, but they have quite good selection of tobaccos here so my guess would be that you can get them here.

      For price i am not sure, but i can tell you that a package of Malboro cost 25 kuna in the regulars shops. Airport migth be slighty cheaper.

      Brgds, Morten

  10. I am moving to Croatia in a few months
    Is it possible to live there with a monthly budget of 500 EUR.
    I have heard that average salary there is around 500 EUR.

    Will be renting a place for accomodation

    • Hi Nishank, I know other people here who live on a budget of 500 Euro, so is possible.

      The biggest problem is surely to find desent accommodation for e.g 200 Euro / month.

  11. Hi guys, I was wandering what would the price of alcohol be in night clubs in Dubrovnik? Like a shot of vodka/tequila? Thanks!

  12. Hi!

    Me and my girlfriend are travelling to Croatia for the first time next month. We are going to stay in Makarska for a week.

    What do you recommend us to do? Should we visit Krka?



    • Hi Martin,

      definitely visit Krka, it’s not far and you can also swim there. Makarska has a great location so you could also visit the islands of Brac and Hvar. If you want to visit cities you can go to Dubrovnik or Split.



  13. Hi Morten,

    Thanks for the post – very useful price information.
    My girlfriend and I are thinking about staying in Dubrovnik for up to 3 months but a bit away from the historic region. We have been researching online and saw some sites featuring furnished apartments for short term rent (1 to 6 months). The lowest we could find on one of the sites was 750 USD with utilities and internet included. But most of them are over 1000 USD although the properties don’t look good. We are not looking for any luxury but we don’t want to stay in run down place either.

    I have a feeling that the prices on those websites targeting foreigners could be higher than the actual local going rates. Do you happen to know what the going rates for one bed apartments are like in Dubrovnik, away from historic center but has easy public trasport access to the historic center?

    And do you know any source where I can look for short term apartment rentals?

    Thanks a million for your help.


    • Hi Andy,

      finding rentals at at decent price is normally not easy, at the beginning i also paid way to much. The best would be if you could find some contact in Dubrovnik maybe a foregnier living there.

      Online there is a Croatia website which is rentals, but most of the object are trough agents so it is really not easy to find something.

      Bgrds, Morten

  14. Hi, Thanks for your blog. My husband and I are on sabbatical next year and want to spend January to May in Istria in an area where I might get to practice my Italian. He needs good internet and I need to be in the center of a town where I can walk to everything. We also think that Croatia may be more affordable than Slovenia. Any suggestions for towns with some Italian speakers, great internet and good walkability? Also, any suggestions how I can find an apt for 3-5 months fully furnished? I have been looking on Airbnb and VRBO but they are daily rates and quite expensive. We are visiting from Fairbanks, Alaska. Thanks!

  15. Hi Morten,

    We are going to Croatia in June 2018 in our motorhome and will be doing a lot of driving can you say the price of diesel and are the pumps self service, can we use cash or credit card.

    Thank you,


    • Hi Catherine,

      price of diesel is around 9 Kuna (1 Euro 30 cent) at all the pumps i have visited you have to pay either with cash or credit card by the cashier, so as far as i know there i no self service pumps.

      Brgds, Morten

  16. We will be in Split around the 10th of June 2018, can we get good steaks from a local butcher or would we be better to bring from Australia?

    • Hi Steve,

      i am quite sure you are not allowed to bring meat into Croatia, so that is not an options. As for the Butcher here you should be able to get some good steaks, i would recommend to ask where you are staying to see if there is any good butcher in the neighborhood.



  17. Hi Dear Morten,

    So great to see your great advise for people.
    may i know what price of v bank air filter in Croatia?
    thanks for your help.
    enjoy your day:-)
    best regards

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