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We hope you like our page and hope you that find the stuff we write about interesting; we started blogging about Croatia in 2008 as we saw that there was actually very few pages about Croatia, where the readers could participate by asking questions, if you browse around our blog you would see that we meanwhile have got quite a few comments (questions) on the blog from readers asking specific question about Croatia and especially from people who need advice for their holiday planning – this is exactly what we hoped to achieve.

Our page has today around 250 readers a day, we of course hope that we will get even more readers, but competition in terms of Google ranking is very tough, especially when you have to “compete” with big companies with a large budgets, we will of course keep on fighting, but would of course also appreciate if you as a reader would help us in making our page even more visible in Google

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  1. Read your interview about being a Danish expat in Split. Was just wondering if you know anyone else who may want to move to the area to start a business? My father owns seafront land in Pisak in the Omis riviera. There are two buildable plots totaling 1700sqm with about 45 meters of seafrontage. Great open views and you can moor your boat. My dad went through the timely and costly process of getting permits for apartments for the upper property, as he thought he wanted to rent them to tourists. As he is getting older, he has decided that is more than he’d be able to handle. So he has decided to sell it. We have just listed it with some agencies, but can also sell it directly. I created a website with photos, plans and other details. Thank you!

      • Hi,
        I am glad you have a blog up for Croatia, it’s very helpful to read and know more about your country.
        I am organizing a Euro Trip for youth in Africa and would like to know if you would be of help to me by organizing hostel accommodation and stay in your country for up-to a week or 10days at the most.
        Let me know, otherwise, keep the good work going…

  2. Hello Somehow I ran into your website. I think it was twitter. I agree with you not many pages on croatia. I started my own blog but is more along the lines of a journal. I think I will add your banner and direct people your way. I will ask hubby if hiking is on my mind this weekend. we might just do that. thanks for the info.

    • Thanks Elisa

      i was not even aware about the vegetarian restaurant in Split!

      It is possible i saw your name in the Split expat group on Facebook, where you mention you live at Znjan?

      Brgds, Morten

  3. I like that you promomote my country ,if you want help I will help you.Croatia has good food,difirent clima,beatiful island,good wine.My family do turisam in beatiful island Hvar and if you want see go toĆ

    • Help is always appreciated, you are welcome to contact me on mail

      I have been to Hvar many times, I have a friend which parents grows olives, limon, oranges and other stuff on the island. I actually was think about writing a longer or several stories about Hvar, so if you would help me on that i would be glad.


  4. MY WIFE AND i ARE coming to croatia on vac. in early September, Ive been looking at renting a villa around Dubr. and renting a car to do day trips. What ivs seen on villas the price isnt too bad. But what Im wondering is it better to just rent a car and travel around and stay in hotels along the coast ect ect? Any advice would be great as weve never been there. thank you, jim

    • Personally I would prefer the second option, there is so many beautiful spots in Dalmatia, and if you go up the coast there is no reason why you shouldn’t also stay in hotels there, instead of having to spend time on returning to Dubrovnik every day.

      You didn’t mention how many days you are going to stay here?

      If you have a week I could recommend the following program, stay 2 first days in Dubrovnik, third day go to Island of Mljet with the Ferry from Dubrovnik or take a day trip to Montenegro.

      On 4th day, take car and go to Orebic on the peninsula Pelješac and take ferry to island Korcula, stay in Korcula town. On 5th cross the island to Vela Luka, from where you take ferry to Split, spend rest of the 5th day and the 6th day in Split, go to Trogir if you have time, (Assuming you have flight from Dubrovnik) you should leave split on 7th day in the morning, head back to Dubrovnik following the coastal road.

      If this doesn’t, seam interesting, let me know what you would like to see and do and I will make you suggestion based on that.

      Brgds, Morten

  5. Dear Jim second option is better because from Dubrovnik you can see not only island Korčula ,Mljet but also and island Hvar.You go from Dubrovnik to Makarska ,there is place name Drvenik.In Drvenik you buy ticket for Sućuraj and you are in the island Hvar and you can visit Jelsa,place araund Jelsa,eate in konoba “Duboković” in place Pitve,and visit town Hvar .From island Hvar you can visit Split,and after that you can visit Trogir or island Brač.For island Brač you must buy ticket for ferryboat in Split

  6. I like your ideas. Our trip starts in Prague where we will arrive from san diego. We”ve never been in this part of Europe so any and all suggestions are great. I guess we”ll spend 2-3 days in Prague, then move on to Budapest by train for 2-3 days, then train it to Split. I think we will be leaving from Split on the way home. When we get to Split we still have a week left. So what do ya think? Any ideas about Prague or Budapest? We are planning this trip for the second wk of September 2010. Ive heard things are a bit cheaper than. Were both in our 50″s age wise so were not looking to party like the kids do, but want to have fun too. We love to travel and it sure looks pretty there. OK, hopefully Ill talk to ya soon. thanks, Jim

    • Hi Jim

      for Prague and Budapest i cant give you any advice, but for Croatia you can pick some of the spots I and also Dragana mentioned.

      September is for sure cheaper then main season, at that time a year you can also negotiate the prices in many places, as most hotel are only half full.

      I wish you a great trip down here, I am sure you will enjoy it.


  7. I just wanted to thank everyone for their ideas. Im sure Ill be asking more questions as time goes on, so thanks a million. thanks jim

  8. Hi,

    we are planning to visit croatia nect weekend and we have option to book place in Iz-Mali Iz, I want to know more about this place and whether it is worth to stay there for two weeks

    we will be travelling in group of 8 people via car from Poland and renting an apartment.


  9. Thanks Morten for your prompt reply. I would like to say that your site is indeed very informative.

    after checking on the internet i found out that Iz is close to zadar.
    but we would like to see dubrovnik as well on our trip. i guess we have to go to zadar and from there to dubrovnik.

    can you suggest some other places to see in croatia, we will staying for two weeks on Mali Iz

    Thanks and best regards,

    • Hi Naveen

      Sorry I couldn’t help you with info on Iz.

      Do you mean a one day trip to Dubrovnik? That would be lots of driving in one day.

      If you have more days for you trip towards Dubrovnik you should do the following, drive from Zadar to Trogir on the highway. You should visit the old town in Trogir, from there you should continue to Split and see the Diocletian palace, then you should follow the coastal road towards Dubrovnik. This Trip should take you about 10-12 hours.

      On the way back, you could consider visiting island Korcula, from there is also a ferry back to Zadar, which is quite a beautiful trip.



  10. Hi, could someone out there help? We are driving over to Vela Luka from the UK in a minibus at the end of May and am after information on the ferry prices from Ploce to Trpanj and from Orebic to Korcula. I’ve also noticed it is Corpus Christie Day on the day we arrive (28 May), will this affect the running of the ferries?
    Thank you.

  11. My husband are planning trip to Croatia end of Sept. 2011. We plan 7 or 8 days there. There is a Maris Freighter Co. running a reconfigured delivery ship along coast. Have you heard of it. If so, what is quality? How do I grade hotels in Croatia?

    • Hi Phyl, no i havent heard about the Maris Freighter so i can give you any info on that one!

      Grading of Hotels in Croatia, well that is not so easy, sometimes it seams that the stars has been randomly distributed, best option is to read reviews, or even better ask in forums if people have experince with specific hotels.

      I have stayed in quite a few hotels, so you may of course also ask me 🙂

      Best, Morten

  12. Hi,

    I will be visiting Dubrovnik and Hvar for five days total. Our hostels are booked. We just need to worry about food, entertainment and ferries. How much money on average do you think a person will need? Are Euros accepted?



  13. Hi Stephanie, considering you picked too of the most expensive spots in croatia i would say you would need a daily budget of about 50 euro. Euros are not accepted (Legally).

  14. Hi,

    We’re 4 persons of Belgium(all of us between 20 and 22) who’ll go (with Ryanair) to Croatia in September (from 19th to 26th/27th). As we’re still young and adventurous, we were thinking about buying a tent in Croatia (to prevent having any issues with Ryanair)and renting a car there (as we think we’ll have it cheaper if we look for it in Croatia itself due to local concurrention, instead of buying from internet). With the car and tent, we’ll start making our way from Pula (where we arrive in Croatia) to the south. We were thinking about going to zadar (travelling alongside the beaches and sea), then split. Then one day to the first island with ferry (Supetar) and driving around there, looking for cool places, and another day taking the ferry to Hvar, as we here a lot you can go out there pretty good.
    We were planning to do Dubrovnic as well, and maybe Mostar( in Bosnia) too. Do you have any suggestions for good carcompagnies, good restaurants, good places to go out, and beautifull cities or small villages? We’re open for everything, as we’ll try to enjoy our trip to the fullest.

    yours sincerely,

    • Hi Thomas

      you can buy smaller tents (2 Persons) in some of the larger supermarkets and in Sportshops, but there are not many to chooce between, if you need larger tent you would have to go to Zagreb. (Price for two person tent was about 50 Euro last time i looked, but they might be on sale now)

      For car rental you should check on the internet, price change constantly.

      Visiting Zadar, Island Brac, Dubrovnik and Mostar sounds like good plan if possible you should also visit Split and Trogir

      Best, Morten

  15. Hi, I wonder if you can help me. I am a UK citizen and have a Croatian boyfriend. I have been to Croatia many times and want to drive my boyfriends car whilst I am there. He owns the car and has his own car insurance and I have a UK driving license. Can I drive my boyfriends car? Thank you so much, great website!!!

    • Well with a UK drivning license you should be able to drive a car in Croatia, but there might be some insurance issues, so i would suggest that you have your boyfriend check with his Insurance company, just to be 100% clear.


  16. Hello! Morten is nice to know this page is a good info
    well and I have few questions???…
    we will travel from Czech Rep. to Croatia( firts week of september 2adults and 1child (3years old) by car,from 10 or 14 days (if the money will be good ofcourse) I would like to know where is the cheap places we will start from ZAGREB… we like to go to the beaches with sand and with stones too where do you think is the best places to go ..? we need just a place to sleep and take shower most of the time we want to enjoy in the beach or walking around nice places …
    thanks for you advise

    • Hi Sylvia,

      you could consider Crekvenica, which is not that far a drive, if you would like to go further south Omis might be good options specially when you have smaller kid. In both cities you should be able to find accommodation for a good price

      Best, Morten

  17. Hi,
    I am currently residing in New Zealand but have Croatian heritage. I am planning to move to Croatia in the next 12-24 months and am wondering how easy it is going to be to get residency and how I am going to have to go about it to apply. I am planning to study in Zagreb and am going to be looking for a place that is fairly central to University of Zagreb and at not a very price, can you suggest any suburbs?
    I absolutely love Croatia, and am picking up the language through classes offered in New Zealand.
    If there is any other information you could include to make my move to Croatia any easier that would be greatly appreciated.

    Regards Tyler.

  18. i am a bangladeshi student. if i get student visa without any interview then how i will understand that,this visa is genuine? is there any website to check genuine(CROATION) visa?

  19. Hello! i am from Albania and i am loved with Croatia. i saw your site. please you are in the Facebook

  20. Hi wé are travelling to split 9th september 2015 for tel weeks basés in private accomadation for duration gris Will be our first visit could oui advise things to do and see. Wé would like to island hop stay few nights on some of them. West couple in our thirties wondering on ferry prices good food and nice places To go visit and see many thanks

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