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Cevapi (or cevapcici) are well known in all parts of the former Yugoslavia which was under Turkish Empire but the recipe for cevapi is not the same in all regions. The difference is in the meat which is used for the preparation of cevapi – in some areas they use veal, pork and beef or […]
Pasticada with gnocchi (beef pot roast dish from Dalmatia)  is a typical Dalmatian dish which has traditionally been served on special occasions and it was considered a real festive meal that could be served only by wealthy families on special occasions. Even today, this dish is considered to be the pearl of Croatian gastronomy and […]
From the spicy sausages of Slavonia to the seafood from Dalmatia, Croatian food and Croatian cuisine are different from one region to another. For a small country such as Croatia, it is unusual to see such a rich culinary tradition, but geographical position and historical events have left an impact on the country’s cuisine and […]
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