National Park Plitvice Lakes


What is useful to know if you want to visit the National Park Plitvice Lakes?

Plitvice Lakes
Plitvice Lakes

Entrance fee

January, February, March, November, Decembre April, May, June, Septembre, Octobre July, August
Adults 55 kn 110 kn 180 kn
Children 7 – 18 years 35 kn 55 kn 80 kn

Entrance and Parking

The park has two entrances with large parking areas (fee 7 kuna/hour), at the entrances you find maps with predefined tour/routes which you can follow: (See entrance on map below)

Entrance 1 is starting point for program A, B, C and K (which is the largest tour).

  • A (2-3h) is lower parts of national park, only walking
  • B (3-4h) is lower part of national park including sailing on lake Kozjak
  • C (4-6h) Walking, bus to upper parts of national park and sailing on lake Kozjak
  • K (6-8h) Walking around Whole national park.

Entrance 2 is starting point for program E, H, F and K.

  • E (2-3h) Upper parts of national park, only walking
  • F (3-4h) Like B tour. Only different starting point
  • H (4-6h) Like C tour. Only different starting point
  • K (6-8h) Walking around Whole national park.


When is the best time to visit park

National Park Plitvice Lakes is a beautiful sight whole year, so I can’t really recommend best time to visit, in the summer the park has around 11.000 visitors a day so I can get a bit crowded, so I personally prefer to visit the park at other times of the year.

Here you can see our summer photos of the park: Plitvice Summer photos

Here you can see some autumn photos of the Park Plitvice Autumn and  you can see photos from our Winter visit to Plitvice here

Getting to Plitvice Lakes

The easist way of getting to Plitvice is with car, alternative you have direct buses from Zagreb, Split and Zadar. From more or less any coastal city you have organized bus daytrips to the national park. (see map below)

Staying overnight at Plitvice


plitvice-my-taking-fotosThe park runs a number of hotels which are situated by the entrances to the park, so by staying overnight here you have the National park at your “doorstep”. – But you also pay for that!!


6 km north of entrance in the city/area Korana you have a large campsite. With 42 “bungalows”, 550 camping units on a land plot of 35 hectares.

Private accommodation and hostels

The cheapest option for an overnight stay is private accommodation or hostel, in the area around National Park Plitvice Lakes, there are plenty of private accommodations to choose between; personally I like to stay in Korona which is beautiful area 6 km from entrance nr.1, here you have pure nature, small waterfalls outside the window and here you might ending up looking first hand at a bear!!!

Here is where we stayed at our last sommer visit to National Park Plitvice Lakes:

You can contact owner at info(at), his name is Ivica.


Other thinks which might be useful to know

  • No need to say you need to bring some good walking shoes, around the park you will walk on wooden paths, with lots of short steps, so good footwear is a must.
  • Bring plenty of water and consider bringing your own lunch; you can buy food and drinks at the park, but prices are relatively high and in summer I can get crowded at the park restaurants.
  • Notice the park is very clean, so do yours to keep it that way, there are plenty of garbage dumpsters.
  • Stay at that marked paths, mind you are in park with wild animals, like bears, wolves and 19 different kinds of snakes.

Map Plivice, entrances and bus stops:

View Plitvice in a larger map

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  1. Planning a trip in September with our 3 kids. Was thinking to book 3 nights. Do you think we should book a shorter stay or there is things to do in 2 days. Thanks

  2. Hi..I am planning to go to Zagreb from 23rd December to 26th December. Is the park open on the 24th Dec? A day before Christmas? if it is open, will it be easy to find bus during that period of time?

    • Hi Khalil, i am not sure about the 24th of Dec, but as far as i recall the park should be open. Buses are also driving at that time a year to Plitvice, so you should have no problem getting there.

      Brgds, Morten

  3. Hello,
    I am planning a trip in April.
    I need to know if i can take the bus from stop St2 to St4 and return with the bus from St4 to St2. I meen to take the bus for 2 directions.
    Thank you,

  4. Hi,
    I will go to there this October.
    And will stay one night at Plitvice hotel then go to Zagreb
    The bus stop is at entrance1(Entrance 1(ZG)>Slunj).
    The distance from hotel to the bus stop is long.
    How can i go to there from the hotel?

    Thank you

  5. Hello Morten,

    Thanks for such informative article.
    We will be there at Plitvice end of September, hope there won’t be much crowd. Planned our one overnight stay at Korona. And we will be having one second half of the day and next first half of the day to cover the whole park. We are interested in photography and would love to get some good views and shots.

    What do you suggest would be the best approach to cover the whole park in this time? We would be willing to cover more on the first day second half and keep the remaining for the next day first half before driving back to Trogir.

    Thank you so much and kind regards,

  6. Hello Morten,

    thx for all the info on the park. I have a specific question….
    For best photography I want the subject – like waterfalls – to be in the sun, not shade. So, which areas should be visited in the morning, and which in the afternoon?
    This would be very helpful in planning our visit.
    many thanks

    • Hi Peter,

      for the biggest waterfall by entrance one morning is the time to be there, as the rest of the park is lakes, where you can walk on both sides, you will decide when you are there.

      Best, Morten

  7. Hi Morten
    We are a group of 38 visiting Plitvice in early September, may I ask you for a walking plan from 7.00 am to around 5.00pm, we are all strong walkers. Also must we have a guide? If we are at ticket box at 7.00am can we purchase entry without a long wait? We are staying in Kornica.
    Cheers, Barry

    • Hi Barry,

      if you have time from 7 Am to 5 pm you can see the whole park, i would advice that you start at entrance 1 and then just follow the “K” trail, which is probably 6 hours walk in your case. Just after you pass the entrance, there is a board showing the route, and as far as i recall, you also get at flyer at the entrance with information about the possible trails to follow. You do not need a guide.

      Which you a great visit to Plitvice!

      Cheers, Morten

  8. If we stay in an apartment in the national forest coming from split we have no car how can we get into the park to the apartment?

    • Hi Amy, if you have no car, my advice would be to check carefully the location of the apartment before booking, also it is maybe good idea to ask the apartment owner, i bet some of them would be willing to arrange the transportation for you

      Best regards


    • Hi Nicola,

      that’s a bit hard to answer, as “hard” can be defined differently, personally i did the K route from entrance 1 a couple of times and i am not in super shape, but it is quite a bit of hiking 🙂



  9. I have seen references to start the walk/hike at Lower Lakes, but it’s unclear which entrance this is. Can you help ? We plan to spend 2 nights in early July, so can split the park into 2 days if needed. Its vacation, so no hurry.

    Thank you,

  10. Hi I’m on my way to the park by coach and I know you can’t swim there but have heard that the village of Korana is nice to go into the river. Do you know if you can take a bus there? I will be staying in Plitvička Jezera. Thank you in advance for your help.

    Kind regards

  11. Hi Morten – great article. Looking forward to our visit. What’s your favourite trail? I’m driving early morning from Split and once we’re done at Plitvice, we’re heading to Zagreb for the night. What would you recommend to see the most and still have time for dinner in Zagreb the same day?

    • Hi Caitlin,

      if you arrive at Plitvice lakes around 10-11 AM you can stay at the park till 4 PM and manage to get to Zagreb for dinner. with 5-6 hours you can take one of the longer trail C or even K which means you can see basically the whole park. As you did not write when you are going, i just want to point out that the upper parts of the lake are closed during winter.

      Have a nice day at Plitvice


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