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Makarska is not really the shopping centre of Croatia but you can for sure find everything you need for your everyday life during your vacation in this beautiful coastal town. Supermarkets in Makarska Besides many small shops where you can buy groceries there are also a few bigger supermarkets in Makarska. There is a big Lidl in Makarska as well as several Konzum supermarkets, Tommy supermarkets and Studenac supermarkets.

What is the best supermarket in Makarska? Well that is hard to say, personally I like to do my shopping of daily goods by LIDL, I find the ratio between  price and quality good and prices are fair.

Other shopping options in Makarska

There is also a mall in Makarska, the Merces mall which is located in the city centre. It is quite small, but you can find several shops with clothes, gadgets, cosmetics, a drug store, a supermarket and a bank. If you get tired you can also visit Makarska most famous Café in the basement of the mall and eat a piece of cake there. In Makarska you can, like in most Dalmatian cities, also find a great green market. Loads of fresh fruit and vegetable can be found here. There is also an excellent fish market in Makarska. The special thing about this fish market is that it’s not open only during the morning, as it is usual in other cities, but it’s open whole day. However, during the morning hours the offer is much better.

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  1. I am very sorry, but the fish market is not working the whole day. In fact it is not even open right now. I was happy to read that it would be open all day long, do the néctar morning I arrived, aí went there to check. There was a sign on the door showing 27/6, and just a lady inside the place, but she could not speak English. I presumed that date referred to the day when it would be finally opened. To my misfortune, when I hot there this morning there was another sign on the door showing 30/6. Unfortunately I would have gone by then. The alternative is the boat on the Riva which selos some fish, but you need to get there very early to buy fish!

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