Photos Plitvice Lakes

Here you can see our summer and autumn photos from National park Plitvice lakes, as you can see the park has some amazing nature.

Before visiting the park you might want to read our Plitvice Guide, which has lots of information about the National park.

Plitvice  waterfalls from plane Plitvice wild berries Plitvice Waterfall

Plitvice upper lake Plitvice nature frog Plitvice waterfall airphoto

Plitvice Lakes mirror Plitvice Lakes photo from the air Plitvice lakes map

Plitvice lakes impressions (5) Plitvice lakes impressions (4) Plitvice lakes impressions (3)

Plitvice lakes impressions (2) Plitvice lakes impressions Plitvice Lakes blue water

Plitvice lake boat Plitvice in the waterfall Plitvice flowers

We also visited National park Plitvice lakes in October, the autumn colour makes the park an amazing sight, I would say it is even more beautiful at that time a year.

Plitvice algae San Korana 6 km south of Plitvice Plitvice waterfall in the woods

Plitvice water disappering in a hole Plitvice view on the largest waterfall Plitvice upper lakes

Plitvice transportation Plitvice lakes water running down Plitvice Lakes October

Plitvice in the fall Plitvice upper lake Plitvice in autumn colors

Plitvice boats on the lake Plitvice autumn mirror Plitvice autumn colors

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  1. Hi ,
    Congratulations This is a very useful site, I have been researching Croatia for some time now and I always do a lot of virtual traveling before our trips.It is one of the best I have seen.
    So my question about Plitvice Lakes is when we visit at the end of April will we be able to circulate about easily without doing a lot of walking? (My wife is a bit handicapped and cannot really walk hilly areas or up and down stairs) Are bus and boat rides easy to access from the car?

    • Hi Andrew, the whole area around the Plitvice lakes has walking paths but large part of them is up or down hill, so if you wife has problem walking you will for sure not be able to see the whole park. The bus stops fairly close to the parking as far as recall parking number 2, but i am not 100% sure, anyway the bus just travel between several areas of the park, it is not a “sightseeing bus” which will take you around to see the whole park.


  2. We plan to Plitvice lakes for the autumn scene in October,
    I wish to know which days in October that the Autumn scene will
    more colorful ?

    Thank you !


    • Hi Steve,

      I can’t say for sure, which days are the best as it obviusly depends on the weather, as far as i recall i took my Autumn picture in the middle of October.

      Brgds, Morten

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