Krka Waterfalls winter


This Sunday, our Australian friends and us went to visit the National park Krka to see the waterfalls and although we have been there several times, it was our first trip during the winter season. Krka is the second most visited national park in Croatia- We went to Skradin, which is the southern entrance to the park. Our plan was actually to have lunch in a winery recommended by our friends  from Split but unfortunately, the place was closed. Don’t get discouraged, there are still several places where you can grab some lunch.

Krka waterfalls

In the summer season, there is a boat from Skradin that goes to the lowest point of waterfalls and at this time of the year, options are by foot or by car. We strolled along the blue bridge, located just outside of Skradin, from where a road leads to the lower end of the waterfalls. At the gate, the young man was so kind to inform us that it was actually much easier to go to a different entrance, to Lozovac that is situated 7 km from Skradin.

In Lozovac, you would usually have to park you car app. 1 km from the waterfalls and take the bus or walk down to the small village inside the park but during winter, you can go by your own car. After paying 30 kn of entrance fee for adults and 20 kn for children (you can check their pricelist here) we did so.

Krka is often overshadowed by Plitvice Lakes National Park but I assure you there is no reason for that. Especially during the winter, Krka NP is easily accessible from the coast, the weather is nice and the boardwalk is almost completely empty so you have the Park for yourself. There is also Ethno village, which in summer works as a museum with blacksmith and as a weavery, and the museum explain a bit of Croatia’s history. From the village you can take a nice walk along the beautiful, laid out walking paths. You will be amazed by the waterfalls that pour into crystal clear emerald green lakes. Compared to our last visit this summer, we could clearly see the difference in the amount of water going down the falls, which made everything look much more wild. Check it out yourself!


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  1. Hello,

    we are planing for 4days 3nights trip to croatia in middle of April. We plan to visit Krka and Plitvice national park.

    – Do you think it is the right period to visit?
    – Is it possible to swim in the waterfall of Krka?
    – How to reach both national park by the public transport?
    – Do you have any recommended hotel near the national park?

    Thank you

    • Hi Hellopear.

      here my answers.

      1. The national parks are beatiuful spots ot visit all year long, so there is not right or wrong period.
      2. Swim, well yes it should be, but water is still very cold, so i would not recommend it.
      3. To get to Krka, you first have to travel to Sibenik, from there you have local bus to Skradin, from where you have boats to the park.
      4. look for accomodation in Skradin when you visit Krka, in Plivice you have official park hotels, you can find hotels here

      Kindest regards, Morten

  2. Hello!
    I’m considering a trip to Croatia in the winter next year and I’m wondering… between January and February what would be the best month to go to the parks or are they pretty much the same?

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