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Trogir, one of our favourite towns in Croatia, is located 27km north of Split. The town’s history goes back for more than 2000 years, as the Greeks founded a colony here in 3rd century BC. Thanks to its strategic geographical position between the mainland and the Island of Ciovo, Trogir was an important spot for all of the foregin conquerors of the Adriatic coast. It is no wonder that over the years Trogir belonged to the Greeks, Romans, Venetians and even French, and all of these cultures contributed to the cultural and historic heritage of Trogir.

Today Trogir consist of 3 parts, the mainland part, the Old Town Island and the Ciovo part of Trogir. In 1997 the Old Town of Trogir was inscribed in UNESCO World Heritage List. The Medieval core of the Old Town surrounded by stone walls also has one of the highest church densities in the world, as well as beautiful Romanesque, Renaissance and Baroque buildings.

Trogir Today

Trogir is a very popular tourist destination, with more than 20.000 beds, tourism is the most important economic factor in the Trogir region. Trogir was one of the first cities I visited here in Croatia. It is important to notice that Trogir municipality banned neon lights and posters from the Old Town so they wouldn’t ruin the atmosphere of this ‘museum town’. This seems to be a wise decison, considering that the income from tourism makes up more than 50% of the municipal budget. In the last few years Trogir had also been used as a location for several television productions, such as the British TV series Doctor Who, and the popular HBO series Game of Thrones which also helped the town’s popularity.

If you plan to visit Trogir in July and August you should book your accommodation in advance, since Trogir is a popular summer resort most of the hotels, hostels and appartments will be occupied.

What to see in Trogir

Of course the Medieval Old Town is the main sight in Trogir, and most of the attractions are located inside the town’s walls. The sights that you should not miss are the following:

    1. The newly renovated Romanesque-Gothic Cathedral of St. Lawrence (13th century), with the amazing portal made by Master Radovan. I highly recommend you to pay the 20 kuna (€ 3) entrance fee, so you can check out the Cathedral and the bell tower. The view from the top of the tower is enchanting. NOTE: The climb to the top of the tower is not for people who have problems with heights.
    2. The historical city core, with about 10 churches and numerous other buildings from the 13th century
    3. The Fortress Kamerlengo (15th century) is situated southwest part of the island. For a modest entrance fee of 15 kuna (€2) you can take a walk on the fortress walls, the main tower is accessed by a relative steep ladder from the fortress walls, but most people should be able to handle it. In the summer the fortress is also used for concerts, performances and other events.
    4. The Duke’s Palace (13th century), located right next to the Cathedral of St. Lawrence, is one of the few places in town where you can see an image of the Lion of St. Mark, a symbol of Venice
    5. The Green market is situated at the main land part, just across the old stone bridge, here you can find all kinds of fresh fruit and vegetables, and of course, don’t forget to buy local olive oil and rakija (local snaps)

Where to eat

The Old Town is dotted with numerous restaurants, mostly concetrated around the riva, main square and in the Blaženi Augustin Kažotić street (marked with a blue line on the map below). Although I visited a few restaurants I cannot recommend any particulary, except the restaurant Capo with its excellent ambient. But here are some other popular restaurants:

  1. Restaurant Queen Teuta serving  both local and international cuisine
  2. Restaurant Marijana with traditional and fresh fish and meat meals served on a lovely terrace
  3. Restaurant Royal that serves a wide range of meat, fish, pasta, pizza and salad dishes and also various Croatian wines
  4. Don Dio and its famous chef Ivan Pažanin remain loyal to local tastes

Also make sure that you don’t miss Đovani, a ice cream shop hidden in the centre of the Old Town, serving great gelato and cakes.

Parking in Trogir

Trogir has 4 paid parking areas, three of them are located on the mainland side and the fourth one is located just after you pass the bridge from the mainland, to your right. There are also a few parking spaces on the Ciovo site of the town.

Parking fees vary from 5 to 20 kuna (€1-3) a hour, the closer to the old town the more expensive it gets, I have marked all 4 parking places on the map below, my recommendation would be to take parking number 2 or 4 (8 kuna/hour), from there it is a short walk to the Old Town.

Beaches in Trogir

The most popular beach around Trogir visitor is the Okrug Beach on Ciovo island, aslo called Copacabana Okrug Beach. You can reach it easily from the Trogir centre by either car (5km) or a boat ferry, price is around 10 kuna (€1.40) (more info on the ferry here).

Pebble and sand beach Pantan is located 2km from the town center, in the direction towards Split. You can enjoy the short walk to the beach or take the bus nr. 37 and get out at the second stop. During the summer you can get your cold drinks at the beach bar Mosquito. The beach got its name from the Pantan river that recently became a nature reserve is noted as one of the last surviving marshlands on the east coast of the Adriatic. Near the beach you can find the Renaissance millhouse situated on the river. Today the millhouse, ‘Mlinice’ is a popular resort and a restaurant.

The Medena beach is also one of the more popular places, it is located 4-5km from Trogir in the direction of Primošten. You can reach the beach with any of the buses going from Trogir to Medena (lines 47,48 and 49). Medena is a larger resort area with hotel and apartments located in Seget. The beach and hotel Medena offer a great varity of sport activities, such as water slides and volleyball and soccer pitches.


And, of course, there are plenty of small “private” beaches around the Ciovo island, to reach most of them you would need to take a car. Althrough Slatine, a village on the island of Ciovo with another remarkable beach can be reached by bus. So, hop in your car or the local bus and try to find a little cove of your own!

Transport to and from Trogir

By Car: If you are driving to Trogir from the A1 Motorway exit the Motorway in Prgomet, from there you have around 15km to Trogir. Alternatively, when coming from North, you can exit the motorway in Šibenik and follow the coastal road to Trogir. This would take about one hour but it would give you a chance to enjoy the scenery or maybe visit another little town or two.

From Split to Trogir its is a 25-30 minute drive, during the summer it can take longer because of the traffic.

By Plane: The Split Airport in Kastel Stafilic is only 6km from the Trogir centre. If you wish to take a taxi to Trogir it would cost you about 100 kuna, but you could take the bus nr. 37, the one way ticket form the airport to Trogir costs 13 kuna (€1.80).

By Bus: The best way to get from Split to Trogir is to take a direct bus which leaves from the main bus station in Split (Autobusni Kolodvor opposite the ferry harbour). From 5 AM till midnight there is 1-3 buses leaving every hour and the journey lasts about 30 minutes.

If you are going from Trogir to Split and vice versa, avoid taking the local line nr. 37, as the ride usually lasts an hour and in the summer months even more. If you are taking the bus from Trogir, you can see the location of the main bus station in Trogir on our map below.

If maybe you are heading towards Primošten or Šibenik there are several buses leaving from the main station in Trogir.

By Boat: There is a ferry line (boat) that goes from Split to Slatine and then to Trogir. You can check the timetable here, the boat goes more often during the summer.

One way adult ticket from Split to Trogir or the other way around costs 30 kuna, and for children from 4 to 10 the ticket costs 15 kuna.

Riva Trogir

Excursions from Trogir

We recommend the following one day excursions:

Fish picnic: During the main tourist season a number of travel agencies offer different fish picnic day trips. You can book your trip on the riva and the excursion boats usually leave from there.

Trip to Split: Take ferry to Split in the morning and explore the old city. Enjoy your morning coffee on Split riva and make sure to explore the Diocletian’s Palace. Here you can find inspiration for your Split trip.

National park Krka: If you travel by highway it will take about 1 hour to get to Krka. There are also available excursions that you can book in Trogir. Here you can find our guide on the Krka Waterfalls National Park.

Coastal trip: Take a car drive along the coast and make sure that you stop by cities like Marina and especially Primošten. Here you can have lunch or go to the beach and then continue towards Šibenik where you can see UNESCO World Heritage Site, the St. James Cathedral.

Trogir Kamerlengo

Accommodation in Trogir

As I mentioned earlier there is around 20.000 beds available in the Trogir municipal. Before you book your accommodation there are some things you should know:

Accommodation in the Old Town is limited and usually the more expensive option.

Many of the hotels are located outside the Old Town and on the island of Ciovo. On the mainland there is plenty of accommodation options along the main road and in Seget, a nice little village just few kilometres from Trogir.

Most of  the accommodation options can be found on island of Ciovo, e.g. in Okrug Gornji and Arbanija, there are lots of new apartments houses, build in the last 10 years, and with the new bridge finally completed, getting to and from the island wont be a problem.

Camping around Trogir

There are 4 campsites in the Trogir area:

Campsite Vranjica Belvedere: Situated about 5km west of Trogir , you find the 4 star rated campsite Belvedere. The 451 pitches are located on terraced terrain with magnificent view of the sea. The camp is also well equipped with modern facilities, exchange office and they also offer a shuttle boat to Trogir riva.

Campsite Rožac: Located on the island of Ciovo, 2km in the direction of Okrug Gornji, this 3 star campsite is equipped with good facilities and most of the pitches are in dense shade of pine trees. Capacity of Campsite Rožac is around 550 people.

Campsite Labaduša: Labaduša campsite is situated in the southern bay of  the island of  Ciovo , close to Okrug Gornji. This 2 star rated campsite offers space for around 400 guests.

Campsite  Seget: Situated just 2km outside of Trogir, this 2 star rated camp has space for around 300 guests.

Map of Trogir

On the map below you can see all the places we mentioned. If you have any questions about Trogir, or vacation in the Trogir area, feel free to contact us for advice.

Show Trogir map.

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  1. Hi
    Love your first picture in this post. I guess it is taken from the tower of the Cathedral. I have an apartment outside Trogir (in Seget Vranjica), and I visited Trogir several times. We then agreed to “enter the tower” next summer, and so we will. I will of course bring my camera.

  2. Hi wondered if you can give us some help/advice

    We are bringing our two children aged 7 & 5 to stay in Ciovo. We would like to take them to Krka national park – do you know of any company we can use to arrange the trip. We will not have a car and I am not confident we could do it by bus, are there any tour operators?

    Do you have any advice on a company to use to get from the airport to our apartment in arbanija. We arrive at 9pm on a Sunday evening.

    Thank you for your help.

    • Hi Alison, I know my friend at Trogir Portal normally has Krka Waterfall trips, you can mail him at asking for schedule for this summer, his place is called Trogir Portal it is situated next to the Ciovo bridge on the Trogir side of the bridge, normally you would see lots of bikes and scooters outside his shop, so you cant miss it.

      Regarding the transfer from Airport to Arbanija, I think the easiest would be to take a taxi, which I would guess should be around 150 Kuna, I think it would be hard to find transfer company who, for such a short distance, would do it cheaper then that, and going with the bus would be to much a hassle at that time a day.

      PS: Did you ask your landlord if he would pick you up in the Airport?

      Kindest regards, Morten

  3. Thanks for your help.

    Our landlord would pick us up but would cost Euro 120 return! Are we ok to just jump in a taxi?


    • I have used Taxis from Split Airport to Trogir. I have also used hotel transport. I find the latter preferable. I don’t think there is any danger with the taxis [robbery etc] but they do drive erratically- That is very fast.

  4. Hi, thanks for this very useful information! Can you recommend a good fish market in Trogir or Ciovo please?

    • Hi Elena,

      i think there is only one fish market in Trogir, as far as i know it should be close to the big konzum (Bridge to Trogir island), it is only open in the morning maybe from 7 to 11 AM.

      As for Ciovo, i dont know if there is any fishmarket.


  5. Thanks very much for your help! I was looking for the main bus station on your map of Trogir, but I don’t think it’s marked there.. Could you tell me whereabout it is? I’ll be going to Trogir soon and plan to take the bus 37 from the airport, so was trying to find out where I’d actually arrive in Trogir.

    • Hi Elena,

      the bus station is on the left hand side, app. 100 meter before the bridge between Mainland and Trogir island (When you arrive from Split), from there, you have maybe 3 minutes walk to the old town.


  6. hello morten

    firstly thank you for putting this very useful web site together

    We are coming to trogir area in the first week of june we are renting 6.25 meter speed boat and a apartment in the slatine area. I was wondering about day mooring (places to leave the boat) during the day when we wanted to head into town (trogir, split or anywhere else you can recommend) we plan on usinf the boat to go to as many harbors in diffrent town as possible

    what are the availability of public moorings and are they free or do you have to pay for them, if soo how much are they……… and were can i find information on there locations

    thank you very much

    • Hi Daniel, sorry i cant help you on that question as i simply dont know enough about it, but maybe somebody with knowledge about it will read your question.

      Best, Morten

    • @Gareth, you mean directly? not that i am aware of, normally you will have to take Catemaran from Bol to Split and then continue with Bus or Boat to Trogir

  7. Hi Morten,

    Two questions:
    Is it possible to find excursion to Plitvice from Trogir?
    and how to reach Okrug beach by bus?



    • Hi Rimas, i think it is possible to find and excursion to Plitvice, try to ask by the agency Portal in Trogir. There is busses going to Okrug, but i dont know the schedule, you are aware about the boat from the Riva in Trogir to Okrug beach?

      best, Morten

  8. Hello,
    Could you tell me what the area is like in October. We will traveling through Trogir, Split and on to Dubrovnik.Are there many tourist,are things still open, hows the weather. Thanks in advance for your response.

    • Hi Don,

      well in October, season is for sure not at its peak, but you still sea tourist and most shops, restaurants etc .. are still open.

      Weather in October, can be anything between heavy rain and 25 degrees and sunshine 🙂

      Best, Morten

  9. Hi, and thank you for a splendid web-site.
    My familiy and I are planning a holiday in Croatia for 2013, and will most likely stay on Ciovo island. We will probably not want to rent a car, so I wonder about bus or boat services between the following places:
    Okrug Gornji – Trogir
    Okrug Donji -Trogir
    Slatine -Trogir
    Arbanija – Trogir

    Any info here will be most helpful in deciding where to stay at the island.

    Thanks a lot in advance.
    Bets regards

    • Hi Øistein (Er du Norsk?)

      I know there is a bus running on the island as far as i know i goes to all the cities you mention, but i have never been able to find an official schedule for that one. What i can say for sure, is that you have boat from the marina in Okrug Gornji to Trogir, in main season i think boat sail every 30 minutes during whole day. From Slatina you also have boat to Trogir 3 or 4 times a day.

      I will check at the bus station in Trogir next time i am there, to see if i can find an official scheduel for the island bus.

      Best regards,


  10. Thank you, Morten.

    Do you happen to know from where in Okrug Gornji the boat to Trogir leaves? Is it from what seems like a small harbour, with a man-made jetty?

    Mvh/Best regards

  11. Splendid, Morten!
    Much appreciated 😀

    Seems like it’s where we might wanna stay, as it is close to restaurants as well? 😀

    Best regards

      • Hi Oisten

        Do you know what time the first boat departs Okrug Gornji to Trogir. Just looking at booking a flight leaving Split at 10.00 am and wondering whether catching boat and then a bus from Trogir to airport would work. I am planning trip next year in June 2013

        • Hi Sharon, according to the photo i posted first departure is 8 am, so that might be to late when you leave at 10 am. But according to the bus scheduel Oisten posted, you have early buses from Okrug Gornji,

          Best Morten

  12. Hi Øistein, Do you know what time the ferries from Trogir to split depart in June, how much they are (for an adult and a 6 year old child) and how long they take.



  13. Hi Morton,
    I’m am organising a trip to Croatia for a group of 5 ladies and we are coming out in May and I am looking at two areas, Rozac just east of the campsite and from the map I’ve been looking at the other place looks to be marginally east of Okrug Gornji – it says very close to Copacabana beach in the advert for the apt.
    What I would be like to know is which of those two places is the livelier bearing in mind we are talking May which is out of season and we are not hiring a car, so will be relying on walking or public transport to get around.
    We are self catering so will need access to a supermarket to stock up on essentials but we also like eating out so would like to be close to bars and restaurants.
    By the looks of things Trogir is within walking distance of Rozac am I correct in thinking that and is it feasible to walk to Trogir from Okrug Gornji or would we need to catch a bus or a boat ? That’s if the boats run in May.
    Many thanks for any advice,

    • Hi Sue,

      There will probably not be to much going on in May in Rogaz and Okrug Gornji, but you will for sure find eating places and bars which are open. Of course you will have much more happing in Trogir. You can walk there which is about 2 km. I am not sure if the boats are running, i would assume there is a few departures from Marina Okrug, which is 1 km in the opposite direction (from Rogaz). Buses will for sure be running.

      Brgds, Morten

  14. hi!
    we are 2 families , with 5 children in the age group 18 to 23.
    we are visiting Croatia in june end and july.
    we start from Dubrovnik ( 2 days) and then drive to Hvar (2 days) via the ferry and then onward to split or trogir (2 nights)and plitvice.
    can you please advise if we should stay in trogir or split for the 2 nights?

    • Well, both places are very nice, and at that time of the year there should be plenty of activities in both places.

      If the children wants to go out you should pick Split as there is more stuff hapening,

      Brgds, Morten

  15. Hi, we are flying to Split and returning ten days later from Zadar in August. I know it will be hot and crowded and we will just have to visit sites early in morning. We are in our 50s and son is 13. We like heritage sites, eating, wine, and we also want to do exploring swimming snorkelling boat trips etc for our son.None of us like very noisy nightlife but like people watching etc. We don’t want to rent a car and are used to finding buses etc.

    I thought rather than Split we should stay in Trogir which looks beautiful and possibly slightly quieter and vist Split for the day (must see Diocletians palace area). Ive seen an apartment just over the bridge on Ciovo with pool.
    I need advice really. We are thinking to stay a few nights in Trogir and maybe a couple of nights in Brac maybe Bol or Sutivan. We would then go to Skradin by bus and visit Krka falls perhaps two nights there and then Zadar for last days.
    I gather the plane flights etc over Trogir can be noisy and thought 2 nights on Brac (apt with a pool) might be quieter and we could go swimming etc . Or will it really not be that different/quieter at that time of year and we should just visit Brac for the day.

    Or would it be better to be based in Trogir for 5 nights then Zadar for 5 nights and do everything else as day trips on buses or boat. I want to balance noise and crowds really with some relaxation. Please help Croatia looks so beautiful and I want to get the best out of a time of year we would not normally have chosen (school holidays). thank you

    • Hi Julie,

      In August there is quite a lot of people here, no matter where you go, but on the islands it is usually less hectic and noicy.

      Trogir a great pick, you should not worry that much about noise from the airport, you course can hear the planes, but i do not find the noise level annoying in anyway. Split you should for sure visit. If you decide to go to Brac, Sutivan is a more quite spot then Bol, but Bol has more to offer.

      If you decide for the 5 nights Trogir, 5 Nights Zadar, you can still go to see lots of place, even with public bus, so that option should also work out.



      • Thank you for helping Morten. We have ended up booking Trogir for 5 nights (Guest House Bakica) and then Skradin for 1 night so that we can either see the waterfalls late afternoon or early morning depending on transport. Then the rest of the time in Zadar.
        As you say there are plenty of day trips we can do.
        re the waterfalls at Krka if we go in the afternoon to avoid some of the excesses of crowds at 3.30 by boat from Skradin, the next boat back seems to be around 4.30 or 5 so we wouldnt have very long there. Is there another way we could get back to Skradin from Skradinski Buk if we miss the last boat. Im thinking public bus or taxi but can’t seem to find timetable or know where to get bus from coming back.Don’t know if you can help with that one.
        thank you

  16. I was reading your valuable comme ts on parking in Trogir, but unfortunately I could not see the map where the location of these parking lots, there is an empty space but no map. Do you have any suggestions or could you give us an exact address of a couple of parking places so we could drive in from Zadar directly unto the parking lot? We need to leave a lot of luggage inside because we will visit a few hours on our way to Split and we don’t like to leave the car just on the street with all the stuff. Thank you so much!

    • HI Alexandra,

      you have drive to one of the following parkings, just paste the GPS codes into Google maps or your navigation and you will easily find it

      1. 43.518289, 16.252664 this one is on the main land 500 metres from the old town (Price i would guess 8 kn an hour)
      2. 43.518126, 16.248206 this one is just opposite to the old town, connected with a wooden walking bridge (Price 10-12 kn an hour)

      If you leave your luggage at the trunk of the car, you should not have any problem on those parking spots.

      Brgds, Morten

  17. Hi again Morten,
    well our holiday starts in Trogir in 3 days. I cannot wait! Thank you for your previous help. Do you know if there are any nice local festivals on while we are in Trogir? Food/wine or music art or historical/religious fiesta. We usually manage to find something but I have not found anything on google for the time we are staying 19th- 24th,then Zadar 25-29.
    Do you know of any nice little festivals we could enjoy. Thank you we are so looking forward to arriving on wednesday. Also would you know how easy it is to Kayak from the Ciovo side up to the river at Plantana? (Im no expert!!) than you Julie

    • Hi Julie

      i am not aware of any festival taking place during the period you mention, as you can see from the “town” calendar here, there seams to be mainly concerts on the schedule.

      I would ask the local tourist board once there, they should know if there is something happening.

      With Plantana, do you mean the Pantan mill just south of Trogir? if so going there from Ciovo by Kayak, should not be to complicated as it is not far, the only thing is that they are currently constructing the new bridge between Ciovo and the mainland, i am not sure if that would be and obstical.

      Brgds, Morten

      • Thanks for that Morten. I’ll try and find the Tourist office once we are there. I’m sure it will be nice though just to soak up the atmosphere of Trogir. Yes I got the name of the river wrong i do mean the Pantan Mill. Interesting that a new bridge is being built. Well we will find out how it is affected in two days time! You have a great very informative web site, it must be a full time job answering all the comments.
        We expect to do our trip to Split on Thursday or Friday so will look forward to seeing your beauiful adopted city.
        thank you

        • Your welcome Julie,

          The tourist board has office on the square next to the Cathedral, so you can easily find it.

          When you go to Split, remember the option to take the boat from Trogir Bura line, is a quite nice trips if the weather is great, and in Split, you get of the boat at the Riva which is in the center of town.

          Hope you will have a great trip,

          brgds, Morten

  18. Visiting Split in September. Would like to do a dinner evening visit to Trogir. Nice idea… or maybe not. Ferries take too long roundtrip to make this possible. Are there water taxis Split-Trogir? If so what is the cost? Otherwise is this possible with car? Thank you for your helpful site.

    • Hi Julene,

      There are water taxis in Split, but they are quite expensive (+100 euro), so i would recommend you go by car, which you can easily do, takes about 20 minutes.

      Brgds, Morten

  19. Hi we are going to be in Croatia in July and was going to stay two nights in split but the ultra festival is on and our travel agent has suggested we stay in trigor. We have being in the thick of things and are worried that trigor will be to quite. We have a car and we are coming from hvar to split on the car ferry to either stay in split or trigor then we are off to zadar. What do you recommend?? How hard is it to get split from trigor??

    • Hi Kim,

      Trogir is of course more quite than Split during the Ultra days, but also plenty of stuff happening there e.g. you have a nice seaside Riva full with restaurants and coffee bars, some of them have live music and party atmosphere in the evening.

      If you are driving to Split from Trogir it will take you about 20-30 minutes depending on Traffic, you also have frequent buses and a boat line between the cities.

      Brgds, Morten

  20. Hi Morten, My family and I will be on holiday in Trogir on 15 August. I understand that is a big holiday. What is open/closed on that day? Many thanks.

    • Hi Jodi,

      I can say for sure what exactly will be closed, but some shops might be, but you will not have any problems finding an open supermarket, also cafe’s and restaurants will be open.

      Brgds, Morten

  21. Hi,

    I visited Trogir last summer, and loved being in the historical city centre on Friday nights when the big ships came into port. When exactly do the big ships come into port like this? [Is it May-to-August, or only July-to-August, etc.?]


    • You mean the Gulets (Mini Cruiseships) or the large Yachts?

      If you refer to the Gulets i think the season starts from Easter and goes till October, of course in July and August, you will see bigger number of them. Yachts basically come in all the summer season.

      Best regards


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