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Public holidays in Croatia


Being a Catholic country most of the public holidays in Croatia are related to religious celebrations, like e.g. Christmas, Easter and Assumption of Mary.

Spilt celebration saint duje

In addition to those days we also have non religious public holidays like the Independence Day, .the homeland thanksgiving day, and of course the Labour Day.

Locally there might be additional days e.g. they celebrate the Saint Blaise in Dubrovnik on the 3rd of February, Saint Duje in Split on the 7th of May.

Often there are local celebration and traditions connected to the public holidays, so if you are visiting during one of the dates you see in the calendar below, you should ask at the local tourist board about special events / happenings on the specific day.

Public Holidays in Croatia 2014

Wednesday 01/01/2014 New Year
Monday 06/01/2014 Epiphany
Sunday 20/04/2014 Easter
Monday 21/04/2014 Easter Monday
Thursday 01/05/2014 Labour Day
Thursday 19/06/2014 Corpus Christi
Sunday 22/06/2014 Anti-Fascist Struggle Day
Wednesday 25/06/2014 Statehood Day Croatia
Tuesday 05/08/2014 Victory and Homeland Thanksgiving Day
Friday 15/08/2014 Assumption of Mary
Wednesday 08/10/2014 Independence Day Croatia
Saturday 01/11/2014 All Saints
Thursday 25/12/2014 Christmas
Friday 26/12/2014 St. Stephen´s Day

Public Holidays in Croatia 2015

Wednesday 01/01/2015 New Year
Monday 06/01/2015 Epiphany
Sunday 05/04/2015 Easter
Monday 06/04/2015 Easter Monday
Thursday 01/05/2015 Labour Day
Thursday 04/06/2015 Corpus Christi
Sunday 22/06/2015 Anti-Fascist Struggle Day
Wednesday 25/06/2015 Statehood Day Croatia
Tuesday 05/08/2015 Victory and Homeland Thanksgiving Day
Friday 15/08/2015 Assumption of Mary
Wednesday 08/10/2015 Independence Day Croatia
Saturday 01/11/2015 All Saints
Thursday 25/12/2015 Christmas
Friday 26/12/2015 St. Stephen´s Day

cathedral saint duje

Public Holidays in Croatia 2016

Wednesday 01/01/2016 New Year
Monday 06/01/2016 Epiphany
Sunday 27/03/2016 Easter
Monday 28/03/2016 Easter Monday
Thursday 01/05/2016 Labour Day
Thursday 25/05/2016 Corpus Christi
Sunday 22/06/2016 Anti-Fascist Struggle Day
Wednesday 25/06/2016 Statehood Day Croatia
Tuesday 05/08/2016 Victory and Homeland Thanksgiving Day
Friday 15/08/2016 Assumption of Mary
Wednesday 08/10/2016 Independence Day Croatia
Saturday 01/11/2016 All Saints
Thursday 25/12/2016 Christmas
Friday 26/12/2016 St. Stephen´s Day

Public Holidays in Croatia 2017

Wednesday 01/01/2017 New Year
Monday 06/01/2017 Epiphany
Sunday 16/04/2017 Easter
Monday 17/04/2017 Easter Monday
Thursday 01/05/2017 Labour Day
Thursday 15/06/2017 Corpus Christi
Sunday 22/06/2017 Anti-Fascist Struggle Day
Wednesday 25/06/2017 Statehood Day Croatia
Tuesday 05/08/2017 Victory and Homeland Thanksgiving Day
Friday 15/08/2017 Assumption of Mary
Wednesday 08/10/2017 Independence Day Croatia
Saturday 01/11/2017 All Saints
Thursday 25/12/2017 Christmas
Friday 26/12/2017 St. Stephen´s Day

Public Holidays in Croatia 2018

Wednesday 01/01/2018 New Year
Monday 06/01/2018 Epiphany
Sunday 21/04/2018 Easter
Monday 22/04/2018 Easter Monday
Thursday 01/05/2018 Labour Day
Thursday 31/05/2018 Corpus Christi
Sunday 22/06/2018 Anti-Fascist Struggle Day
Wednesday 25/06/2018 Statehood Day Croatia
Tuesday 05/08/2018 Victory and Homeland Thanksgiving Day
Friday 15/08/2018 Assumption of Mary
Wednesday 08/10/2018 Independence Day Croatia
Saturday 01/11/2018 All Saints
Thursday 25/12/2018 Christmas
Friday 26/12/2018 St. Stephen´s Day
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