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The Zadar airport is situated about 11 km from the city centre, and about 10 km from the A1 Motorway, where you would have to exit at Zadar 1. The airport has the recent years, seen a rapid increase in the number of passengers, mainly do to new international routes operated by low cost airlines, in terms of domestic flight there is routes to Zagreb and Pula.

Terminal airport zadar

Inside the terminal, there is a kiosk, a restaurant, several ATM machines and Car rental companies, passengers flying international has access to the small duty free shop.

List of companies flying to airport

Croatian Airlines, Austrian Airlines, Intersky, Eurowings, Ryanair, Danube wings, Air Alps, Wizz air. During winter time there are no international flights.

Distance to cities in the Area:

Distance from Zadar airport to the center of the city is 11 kilometers and it will take you about 16 minutes to get there.

Zadar airport→Biograd; 27 km; 26 minutes
Zadar airport→Šibenik; 80 km; 53 minutes

Price of taxi to these cities

If you take a taxi, you will have to pay 25 kuna for the start and 8 kuna for each kilometer. The price for baggage is 3 kuna per piece. So from the airport to the center of Zadar you would have to pay around 120 kuna.

Car rental:

If you need to rent a car from Zadar airport, you can find a large selection of affordable car rental offers from Zadar airport if you click here:

Airport bus Zadar

Transfer of passengers from the Airport to the city centre (Zadar) and vice versa is organised by “Liburnija” buses. Buses to the airport leave from the old bus station, close to the city walls and 5 minutes later from the main bus station, the bus leave 1 hour before departure of domestic flights and 2 hours before departure of international flights. Buses from the Airport, to the city leave shortly after the landing of any plane. A one-way ticket costs 25 kuna. More information about the airport bus you can find here.

Airportbus Zadar

Public bus to the Airport.

There is no public bus to the airport.

Airport transfer – companies offering Airport transfer

There are several companies offering airport transfer which has to be pre-booked. The transport is done by different vehicles depending on the number of persons.

Price for transfer to cities mentioned above

Approximate prices: from Zadar airport to Zadar center the price is 20 Euros, from Zadar airport to Biograd 50 Euros and from Zadar airport to Šibenik 80 Euros. For further information, you can check prices to many destinations here

The Airport Codes

  • Identification code: ZAD
  • SITA code: ZADAPXH
  • ICAO classification: 4E

Parking at the airport

At Zadar Airport there is an open space parking lot with 577 parking spaces available to you. You check in at the entrance ramp by pressing a button on the ticket machine. You will receive a ticket marking the time of entrance and then park your car. On leaving Zadar Airport you will insert the ticket into the machine for paying parking fee. After completed payment you will get the same ticket back which you insert into the machine at the exit ramp with the bar code facing upwards.

Parking airport

First 15 minutes at the parking are free of charge, the price for the first three hours is 10 kuna an hour. price for additional hour is 3 kuna. In case you loose the parking ticket you will have to pay 700 kuna. You can also subscribe for one year parking which will cost you 5000 kuna.

Address and contact details (phone number, website etc)

-“Zračna luka Zadar” P.P. 367, HR-23000 ZADAR, HRVATSKA
– telephone number: +385(0)23 205 800; +385(0)23 205 832;
– fax:  +385(0)23 205 831
– web site:

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  1. Hi there,
    I noticed you said there is a flight you can get from Hvar to Pag. What website would I go to so as to make this booking? Thank you

    • Hi Veronika, I can’t remember seeing a ATM for EURO and $ dispenser, in the Split Airport, so I would guess there is also non in the Zadar Airport.

      Brgds, Morten

  2. Dear sir, madam,

    Who can I contact regarding transfers from Zadar Airport to the island Murter (aci Jazera, near Tisno)?

    Kind regards,

  3. Hi,
    Me and one other friend will be arriving in Zadar on Monday 11th of July at 14.30 and we want to get to Novalja the cheapest way possible, could you please advise us on how to do this? We would then want to get from Novalja to Sibenik on the 16th of July? Thanks for all your help!

    Helena Crawshaw

    • Hi Helena, Novalja is not so easy to reach, first you will have to take bus from Airport to Zadar bus station, here you need to take bus to Island Pag, as far as i remember there is only a few daily busses to Novalja.

      To Sibenik you go same way back to Zadar, and take bus to Sibenik



  4. Hi, fly into Zadar airport at 2200hrs on Thursday 7th July.

    Could you tell me (roughly) how much a taxi ride to Petrcane would be?

  5. hi myself my girlfriend and her daughter will be landing at zadar airport on wednesday 16th May 2012 at 2030 could you please tell me the easiest and/or the cheapest way to get to the borik campsites near zadar, thanks

    • Hi Jon,

      two options, 1. take the Airport bus to main bus station or to old town in Zadar, from there you take city bus to Borik, price per person around 40 kuna, total 120.

      2. Taxi from the Airport to Borik, as Borik is on opposite site of town compared to airport, i think you should count on price slightly less then 200 kuna, but as the taxi driver when you get there.

      Best, Morten

  6. Bonjour,

    Nous arrivons à Zadar aéroport, le 19 mai .
    Nous nous sommes renseigné sur les prix des taxi et les compagnies nous annonces 40 € pour aller jusque ZATON HOLIDAY RESSORT.

    Le prix vous semble raisonnable? Y a t’il un moyen de transport moins cher ( bus?navette?)

    Merci d’avance


  7. Hi.. I’m traveling from zadar airport to split, so it’s with a bus right? But where to find the bus farm zadar til split and what is the price ?

  8. Hi, I’m arriving into Zadar airport at 9pm on 26 July. I need to get to Sibenik straight away. Can you tell me the best way besides a taxi?



  9. Howdy Hi Hi,

    Will be landing in Zadar in August.Our flight gets in at 20.30.We were hoping to rent a car.
    However it appears that the time for the latest car rental pick up is 20.30.Obviously this wont be possible by the time we get off the plane and bags collect etc..

    Is this the case for all car rentals?Its 50 50 with online car rental companies.Some are saying it closes at 21.00hrs and last pick up is 20.30 and other appear to be allowing to book.

    Slightly confused.

    Many Thanks in advance


  10. i there, I will arrive in Zadar airport on wednesday at 8.30PM, I want to go to Novalja. What is the cheapest way to do that ? Shall I take a taxi ?

    • Hi Marlene

      unfortunaltly you will not be able to catch a bus to Novalja at that time of day, so you will have to take a taxi or arrange for a pre booked transfer. Make sure to get a fix price for the trip.



  11. Hello,

    We are arriving from Berlin at 1915 to Zadar and are wondering if the airport bus service is operating into the centre, can you please let us know the timetable and costs

  12. hi
    from everywhere i read the buses only connect with croatian airlines flights… they now connect with ryanair flights and would i be able to get a bus early sunday morning flight at 10am
    many thanks

    • Hi John,

      Meanwhile the have quite a few daily connection, on sunday there should be one at 11:05 which should fit quite well with you plane.



  13. hi, me and a few friends (total being 7) are coming to croatia in august.
    we are flying to zadar airport and are staying in the town of biograd. we were wondering what is the best/cheapest way of getting there.

    • Hi Jake,

      The proberly cheapest option is to take airport bus to Zadar and then catch a local bus to Biograd from the main bus station. As you are 7 you could also consider prebook transfer, would be a bit more expencive, but it the easist way of travelling.

      Best, Morten

  14. We travel to Zadar airport with Ryanair at 11.00am 15 April. How do we reach Starigrad? We return from Starigrad on Sat 20 April to stay at Hotel Donat, how do we get there? And what time are buses?

    • Hi Mary,

      first you have to take the airport bus to Zadar main bus station, from there you have a handfull of daily buses, there shold be one at 1.30 pm which you should be able to catch.

      For the return take bus back to Zadar main station, and take a city bus to where Hotel Donat is. City bus drive all day, so just check in Starigrad, when the bus to Zadar leaves.

      Kindest regards, Morten

  15. Hello,

    My wife and I are landing at Zadar Airport and are staying in the Zadar city center. What is the best way to get there? Taxi or shuttle or etc.. What would the approximate cost be? And do we need to make any type of reservation for that?

    Thanks for your time,
    Zachary H

  16. Hi,

    We are flying into Dubrovnik and out of Zadar, We will have 3/4 nights for an Island stop after Hvar and would like if possible to take a ferry/catamaran from Hvar to this island (Paj? or one not too far from Zadar)?

    Any suggestions?



    • Hi Louise, there is no ferry from Hvar to Island Pag, you will have to go back to Split, and then take bus Split – Zadar – Pag.

      Other options is Islands Ugljan or Pasman, which are reachable with ferry from Zadar.

      Brgds, Morten

      • Ok thanks so is there nowhere Nice I can get to from hvar which would be en route to Zadar without going back to the mainland?

  17. Hi!

    I am flying to Zadar and staying in Novalja. Decided that the easiest way to get to Novalja is via a bus, but for getting back I am a bit stuck!

    The problem is we are flying from Zadar back home at 6:30 in the morning, therefore need to be at the airport for around 5am, from Novalja this isn’t the easiest!

    What is the best method to make this trip?


    • Hi Matthew,

      well it really isn’t the easiest! The only thing you could do is take a taxi but this will cost you around 100 euros; also, you could go to Zadar one day earlier, spend a night there and then go to the airport. There is no other solution, unfortunately.


  18. Hi Morten
    Im flying to zadar in august and my arrival time is 19:30 and i must heading to novalja!
    what you think ?can i reach the last bus or no ?can u help me ?
    thank you

    • Hi ReZz,

      I think that is going to be more or less impossible, unless your plane arrive early. With at taxi from the airport it will take you 15-20 minutes to get to the bus station.

      Brgds, Morten

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