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On most beaches in Croatia dogs are prohibited, and the owner can get fined if he ignores this, especially if the beach is full of people. Meanwhile several communities have noticed that there are a considerable number of tourists which would like to bring their dog to Croatia. As not everybody likes to be swimming […]
The island of Hvar, the sunniest place in whole Croatia, is one of the places we always love to visit, especially the town of Hvar which is, in our opinion, among the most beautiful towns in Croatia. Of course we are not the only ones who fancy the town and the island in general. During the last […]
Rakija is that ace in the sleeve, that secret weapon against all that is enemy to common man. It will destroy bacteria, relieve you of stomach and muscle pain, annihilate any virus and disinfect a wound instantly. In fact, it used to be called «aqua vitae». Other than its evident medicinal use, it goes down […]
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