Dog hotels in Croatia


Dog hotels in the world are no surprise any more, but the situation in Croatia is a little bit different. People in Croatia are becoming more and more aware of the necessity of proper pet care on vacation, but they still fall behind with regard to most other countries.

So, everybody who wants to spend their vacation in Croatia and wants their pet to be treated properly, here you will find a list and a little description of dog hotels in Croatia.

Dog hotel house4dogs

The most luxurious dog hotel in Croatia, House4Dogs, is situated in Velika Gorica, near Zagreb. The hotel stretches on a surface of 2500 m2 where dogs really don’t miss anything. There is a limited number of dogs that can be accommodated and it is important that dogs are sociable and well trained. The hotel is air-conditioned, the dogs sleep on leather pillows, bathe in a special dog tub, run on a treadmill and even watch animal shows on a big screen. If you want to leave your dog here you will have to book a few days in advance. The owners are planning to expand the offer and make a wellness centre and a playground for dogs.

Monthy’s Dog Hotel is situated in Mali Dol, 13 km from Crikvenica in direction north. This hotel has several packages for your dogs to choose between. During the night, your dog will stay in an air-conditioned building, in one of the 10 accommodation units where they can rest and sleep. They also have a living room for watching TV and listening to the music. During the day, dogs are taken for a walk near the lake and they sometimes go the pet friendly beach in Crikvenica. Dogs can also play in the garden with a small pool. The hotel offers the pickmeup service which means that you can have your dog picked up and returned at a desired place and time.

Dog hotel Monty

Green Heaven dog hotel is situated in Mavrinci, 10 km from Rijeka. Your dog here will be accommodated in its own little house and enjoy the yard in front of its house. Dogs can play and interact on a meadow with toys and a pool. Dogs are also taken for walks and each of them is paid a special attention. The hotel has its vet who makes sure that your dog will be taken care of if any treatment is needed.

Doghil dog hotel is situated in Samobor, 20 km from Zagreb. This hotel provides your dogs with accommodation in heated, alpine style houses. Each house has its yard with a pool, a special place for relax and a 1000 m2 grass area for playing and running, a bed and a TV and audio system. Those who want can have a CD with recordings of your pet during his stay.

Dog hotel and school, Karly, is situted in Zagreb. Each dog has its own private 50 m2 area and is taken three times a day at least for running and playing with other dogs. During the summer, dogs can enjoy in the shade of the trees and in the winter they are accommodated in heated rooms.

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