Mobile Internet Stick in Croatia


If you bring your laptop in Croatia, you can use hot spots or Internet cafes to access the Internet, but you can also get an Internet USB stick. Here are a few guidelines of how it works in Croatia, where you can buy Internet starter packs and what the prices are.

NOTE IMPORTANT: if you wish to you your mobile phone with a foreign SIM card to surf on the internet, please read the following before doing so – Cost in Croatia

Operator 1 – VIP

Vipme Internet USB stick can be bought at a price of 149 Kuna with the same amount of money included in it. This amount is divided in the following way: 20 Kuna included on your account, 19 Kuna after the first transmission of data, 15 Kuna x 6 months but only if you refill your mobile surf stick with an amount of 50 Kuna each month, and 20 Kuna for the registration of your personal data. If you already have a stick, you have an option to buy only a SIM card for 20 Kuna with 20 Kuna included. These packs can be bought at VIP centres, VIP partners and via VIP web shop.

You can refill your surf stick in the following way: by buying a Vipme voucher which contains a 14-digit number to be registered via an SMS to the number 778 or on their webpage. VIPme vouchers can be bought at markets and supermarkets, ATM machines and VIP centres. you can refill your stick with the following vouchers:

  • 30 Kuna, valid 8 days
  • 35 Kuna, 10days
  • 50 Kuna, 75 days
  • 100 Kuna, 150 days
  • 150 Kuna, 180 days
  • 200 Kuna, 225 days
  • 400 Kuna, 300 days

The initial amount you get on your stick is valid 180 days.

A basic price of 1kuna per 1 MB is used, but you can activate other options or tariffs:

  • 50 MB/25 kn
  • 300 MB/ 91kn
  • 1 GB/ 191 kn

Each of the options is valid 30 days. These options are activated by sending an SMS containing “50”, “300” or “1GB” to number 799 from your internet SIM card, (you might receive SMS back with further instructions to complete the activation).

Operator 2 – T-Mobile

A T-Mobile Internet starter pack costs 198 Kuna with 500 MB included if you register your data at any T-Mobile center. If you already have an USB stick, you can buy a SIM card at a price of 20 Kuna with 20 included on your account.  The starter packs can be bought at T-Mobile centres.

T-Mobile has 5 Internet options included in its offer:

  • S (30 MB for 10 Kuna per month)
  • M (150 MB for 20 Kuna per month)
  • L (500 MB for 50 Kuna per month)
  • XL (1 GB for 75 Kuna per month)
  • Option “Dan” (10 Kuna per day/flat rate/ valid until 23.59 hours from the moment of activation)

These options are activated by sending an SMS containing “A” to number 3636*, by calling customer service or on the portal “Moj T-Mobile.” The options are valid 30 days. The stick can be refilled by buying a T-Mobile voucher (50 or 100 Kuna) which can be found in every market, supermarket or a kiosk, or buy buying an e-voucher (25, 50, 100 and 200 Kuna). The vouchers of 50/100 Kuna include 50/100 MB and are valid 90/180 days. The e-vouchers of 25/50/100/200 Kuna include 25/50/100/200 Mb and are valid 10/90/180/180 days. So a basic price of 1 Kuna per MB is used, unless one of the above mentioned options is activated.

Example how to activate the option „Dan“ 10 kuna day tariff.

  1. Send SMS to 3636 containing letter “A”
  2. You will receive SMS back from T-mobile with tariff options.
  3. Reply with SMS containing number “7” to activate “Dan” options
  4. You will receive another SMS from T-mobile asking you to confirm
  5. Reply on this SMS wit “Da”

Operator 3 – TELE 2

Tele 2 mobile internet (Starter pack) can be bought in Tele 2 centres, Super and Maxi Konzum markets, Tisak, Tisak media, iNovine and Slobodna Dalmacija stores as well as in stores with computer equipment.

Tele 2 mobile internet Starter pack costs 195 kn with 100 Kuna included on the account. This amount is divided in the following way: you get 20 Kuna immediately, and the next 8 months you get 10 Kuna per month but with an obligatory refill of 50 kuna each month.

When you buy a Starter pack a basic tariff will be activated which includes a price of 1kn per MB. If you refill your surf stick with 50/100 kn they will activate a tariff with a price of 0,50/0,25 kn per MB. This tariff is valid 30 days from the day of activation. After 30 days, you return to the basic tariff unless you refill your surf stick.

There is also another tariff which can be activated by sending an SMS containing PET to number 880. The activation costs 5 Kuna. In order to activate this tariff you must refill your surf stick with a minimum amount of 200 Kuna. Characteristics of this tariff are:

  • a basic price of 1kn per MB
  • if you refill it with a voucher of 25-49 Kuna, you activate a lower price of the transmission of data, that is, 0,10 kn per MB which is valid 24 hours
  • if you refill it with a voucher of 50-99 Kuna, you activate a lower price of the transmission of data, that is, 0,10 kn per MB which is valid 7 days
  • if you refill it with a voucher of 100-199 Kuna, you activate a lower price of the transmission of data, that is, 0,10 kn per MB which is valid 30 days
  • if you refill it with a voucher of 200 Kuna or more, you activate a lower price of the transmission of data, that is, 0,05 kn per MB which is valid 30days

How to refill your Tele2 Mobile surf stick?

  • by using Tele 2 Connect or Tele 2 Mobile Partner applications which allow you to enter a 13-digit number from your Tele 2 voucher
  • by paying/refilling directly at Tele 2 web shop
  • in Tele 2 centres

If you already have a surf stick, there is an option to buy only a SIM card which costs 20 Kuna with 20 Kuna included in it.

Document last updated: June 2011

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  1. I live here in zagreb and am looking at setting up a live feed for football games this spring for zagreb thunder. this information was very helpful on sharing what options exist here in croatia.

    very much appreciated!!

  2. Any idea which one has greatest coverage (e.g. islands like Vis) as well as offers the most stable broadband connection for high-quality Skype calls?

    • Hi Michael,

      my guess would be T-mobile or Vip, but also they do not have perfect coverage on the island, but if you are staying in the cities on the Island you should have fairly good connection. If not you can always go to one of the coffee bars, lots of them meanwhile have free WIFI.



  3. Would you please be able to tell me the best dongle to buy and where to buy it from when we are there for working on lap top in porec for a week.
    Thanks kindly

    • Hi Julie

      all of them meanwhile have new “summer offers”, so i think you can take any of the 3 provider would cost approximitly the same.

      In Porec, you also have WIFI almost everywhere, so should not be at problem to get on the internet

      Best, Morten

  4. Hi,
    Mr. Morten, Please would you able to Help me,
    How many Broad Band Provider in Croatia from this year, Internet Cafe & call shops are still working? Please give me.

    Thank you
    Mao Ming

    • Hi Mao Ming,

      I would guess there is about 5-7 broad band providers left in Croatia, the number of Callshop and Internet cafe’s has decreased a lot this year. Croatia is now member of EU, so the roaming costs has been reduced drastically, which of course means less costomers for callshops and Internet cafe’s.

      Brgds, Morten

  5. Very good information about internet options.
    I have used a 3g router Huawei E589 with a friends Vip sim card, worked fine. But the Vip sim card I bought got some issues, on a Saturday did I charge it with the 14 digits code. Vipme account balance showed me: daily internet tariff and 100 kuna. Internet access should be activated within 24 hours…. On Monday could I gain access of internet but after a while did I noticed that the tariff was changed to another option. Xx kuna/MB. Account almost empty.

    Later on bought I a ticket for 100 kuna, recharge my Vipme account, checked the balance, look greit “daily internet tariff ” but no internet.
    At both times did my web connections always be routed to Vipme page, Vip Web proxy did not send my web requests to the destibations. Called Vip support, everythings looks fine but didn’t work. Suddenly got I internet access, but with wrong tariff.

    What cold be wrong, How to troubleshoot. Common problem.
    If this happes others I think its best to buy a new Simcard

    • Hi Stefan, i must i have never used VIP, so i can’t help you solve that issue.

      I my selves only Tele2 and T-com, on t-com it is quite easy with a mobil stick and the 10 kuna day tarif.

      Best, Morten

  6. hello Morten.

    I will go to Croatia this summer.
    I read that Tele2 sell a Sim with Call&surf in the super market.
    Do you know something about (like if is tethering permitted)?
    Do you know if i will find that sim in Konzum?

  7. Hello Morten,

    I will be in Hvar for 8 days in August and I would like to know if exists in Croacia any device to put a sim card so I can have internet anywhere I go. In Portugal it exists!! It´s like a portable device that broadband wifi when we turn it on, in the beach, or in a travel by car.


    Best regards,

  8. Hi. I went to HVAR last month.
    After searching Tele2 sim in Konzum near Kupari (not found), decided to use WiFi of restaurants and cafe shops.
    In Hvar too (but there I also used camping Wifi).

    PS: in Hvar, the central Konzum had the brochures of Tele2 sim (surf & call), so I think they sell them.

  9. In Hvar town I walked from the port/harbour towards the bus stop/Konzum, turned left, passed the tourist office, next street did I turn left and walked another 300 meter. In the hardware store did they have several VIP internet options that were sold out in Trogir town where I started my sailing trip last week in May.
    I have also seen in Korcula town post office that they offer telephones and 3G routers.
    Based on trying to find domestic prepaid Internet sim card in several countries Croatia is at the edge regarding mobile Internet options/services.
    In Norway have I asked 3 different internet service providers for a pre-paid mobile internet sim cards, wasn’t possible to get.
    I love Croatia in many ways:-)

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