National Park Paklenica

National park PaklenicaWhat is useful to know if you want to visit the National Park Paklenica?

How to get to Paklenica

The National Park Paklenicastretches on the littoral slope of South Velebit,  in the backdrop of Starigrad. You can reach Paklenica:

  • By car –  You  can  arrive  from  several  directions by car.  The quickest way to come from Zagreb is to take the Zagreb – Split highway. The  exit  from  the highway  is  at  Maslenica junction,  after  which  you  should  take  the road to Rijeka for another 15 km.   If you are coming from direction Rijeka, use the Jadranska Magistrala – national road D8 or the Rijeka (A6) – Maslenica (A1) highway. The quickest way to get here from direction Split is to take the Split – Dugopolje (A1) –Maslenica (A1) highway.
    If you are traveling by bus,  the Bus Terminal in Zadar is well connected, with  all  Croatian and major European cities.  It takes a further 55 minutes to get from Zadar to Paklenica.
  • By plane – Zadar Airport Zemunik (ZAD) is well connected with all major Croatian and European cities, and is only about a half hour’s ride from Starigrad – Paklenica.

Entrance fee:


[box type=”info” size=”large” style=”rounded”]*Smaller groups (up to 20 persons), in the days when the Manita peć cave is not open regularly, have to hire guide. Price for guide in the cave is 400,00 kn.[/box]

When is the best time to visit park:

Although the National park Paklenica is the most visited climbing center in Croatia, the closeness of seawater gives this area a special charm, because you can combine climbing and water sports. There are so many activities so no matter when you come here you will be delighted.Speleologists, alpinists, hikers and herb pickers can enjoy the Velebit and Paklenica Massifs and their many trails.

Np Paklenica spring flora in the park

What to do in National park Paklenica:

Educational and biking track

-Velika Paklenica Educational TrackThe most visited track in the park leading from Velika Paklenica Canyon to the Mountain Hut. The track has 10 educational boards providing information on the natural features of NP Paklenica and cultural features of the area.

-Paklarić Educational Track with a belvedere It begins with the old, renovated Paklenica Mill and leads to the Paklarić Fort at an elevation of 121 m, and the belvedere providing a panoramic view.

Educational Track “A Short Journey through History” and the Starigrad – Reljani BikeTrackThe eight-kilometers-long bike & pedestrian track leads from the center of Starigrad – Paklenica to the reception in Velika Paklenica, through old villages all the way to Seline.

Manita Peć Cave – It is 175m long. Tours of the cave are only allowed with a guide. Opening hours of the Cave:

April: on Saturdays 10.00 am – 1.00 pm
May: on Wednesday and Saturday 10.00 am – 1.00 pm
June, October: on Monday, Wednesday and Saturday 10.00 am – 1.00 pm
July, August, September: every day 10.00 am – 1.00 pm
From November to March smaller groups (up to 20 persons), can visit caves only with prior announcement and they have to hire a guide (price for guide in the cave is 400,00 kn).

Paklenica Cave

Lugarnica forest cottage – Climbing on the main trail through Velika Paklenica Canyon for about 2 hours after you leave the parking lot, you will reach the Lugarnica forest cottage, providing simple catering services.

Marasovići ethno house – The ethno house contains a small ethno layout consisting of some preserved household, farming and other tools and furniture, depicting the way of life, customs and beliefs of this area’s residents. The house also contains a small info-center with a souvenir shop, and a tavern offering traditional food of the area.

Paklenica mill

Mala Paklenica educational center

MOUNTAINEERING and CLIMBING Hiking is the only way to really get to know Paklenica. The Park area contains 150-200 km of trails and paths, some of paths are intended for tourists, like the one leading from Velika Paklenica Canyon to Manita peć cave, Lugarnica forest cottage and the mountain hut, the paths, leading to the highest peaks of Velebit are intended for the mountaineers. These trails i are marked with boards and mountaineering signs.

The most popular trails in NP Paklenica and advice for mountaineers and climbers you can see on official homepage of the National Park.

NP paklenica on of the inhabitors


The NP Paklenica offers half-day and daylong excursion programs. Each program has three types of excursions.

  • · Half-day excursionsPaklenica Canyon
  1. Meeting the guide at the reception of Paklenica National Park, followed by a short tour of the Paklenica Mill, and departure for the parking lot in Velika Paklenica Canyon. Further walking to Anića luka and than to the Manita peć cave (the climb on a narrow trail takes around 40 minutes); a tour of the cave with the guide takes around 20 minutes. Return. Excursion duration: 3.5 – 4 hours.
  2. A tour of thePaklenica Mill, a climb on the educational track to the archeological site and belvedere Paklarić. Return from Paklarić followed by a ride to Velika Paklenica Canyon. A walk on the main trail to Anića luka and further to the Lugarnica forest cottage, where a simple picnic can be arranged.
  3. A tour of the Paklenica Mill, a climb on the educational track to the archeological site and belvedere Paklarić. Return to the reception, followed by a light hiking tour of the old villages: Škiljići – Jurline – Jusupi – Bucići, descent to Jadranska Magistrala in Seline, where your bus will be waiting for the group. The tour takes around 3 hours; vertical drop: 150 m; trail length: around 8 km.

Price: basic entranceTicket (each person) + 400 Kn per group

  • · Daylong mountaineering excursions
  1. A ride by bus to the parking lot in Velika Paklenica Canyon (2 km). Hiking through the canyon with a short stop in Anića luka – departure for the Manita peć cave. After the return to the main trail, the tour continues toward the Lugarnica forest cottage, where a picnic can be arranged. The tour takes around 8 hours and is medium-demanding; trail length: around 20 km. (The version of this tour without the visit to the Manita peć cave takes 2 hours less and is less demanding).
  2. A ride by bus to the parking lot in Velika Paklenica Canyon (2 km). Hiking through the canyon with a short stop in Anića luka. Taking a turn over the stream and walking on a quite steep trail toward Grabove doline (old villages of Škiljići and Jurline), a break for picnic (lunch box), further hiking toward Crni vrh (1110m). It takes around 4 hours to get to Crni vrh. Descent from Crni vrh  to the main trail, arrival at the Lugranica forest cottage, possibly staying there for a while and having some refreshing drinks.
  3. Departure by bus to Mala Paklenica (Seline) – hiking through Mala Paklenica Canyon, the dry riverbed, toward Njive Lekine and Grabove doline;  a break for picnic (lunch box) and continue to descent toward Anića luka and Velika Paklenica Canyon. The tour takes around 7 hours and is quite demanding, especially the canyon part through Mala Paklenica.

Price: basic entranceTicket (each person) + 800 Kn per group

Uniqui natur at National park Paklenica

Interesting events are:

The Big Wall Speed Climbing is a climbing competition at the beginning of May. This is combination of speed climbing and big wall climbing and the first competition of its kind in the world. It comprises a roped alpine ascent following all the normal climbing rules but in the shortest time possible.

Cro Challenge Paklenicais adventure race. Laps and routes of the race change every year. Disciplines: kayaking, mountain biking, climbing and descending with the help of ropes, hiking, climbing through the waterfalls.


The National Park Paklenica offers you accommodation in mountain hut, shelters and campsite. In Starigrad (town and harbour on the coast of the Velebit Canal) you can find hotels and private accommodation.


BLUESUN HOTEL ALAN*** – 139 rooms and 24 suites

It is situated only a kilometer from the entrance to the National Park Paklenica.

Mountain huts:


It takes a two hours’ walk from Velika Paklenica Canyon to get here. From June to September, the mountain hut is open every day, and the rest of the year on weekends. We suggest you bring a sleeping bag if you plan to spend sleep over in the hut.


Detailed information about shelters you can find on official homepage of NP.


CAMP NATIONAL PARK It is situated next to the Park’s administrative building and has a capacity for around 100 persons. It is open from 15 March to 15 November.

Nationalpark Paklenica Kroatien

Other things which might be useful to know:

  • Children younger than 7 years accompanied by an adult, invalid persons, Croatian army and Ministry of interior members on duty, Croatian Mountain Rescue Service members which are willing to be at disposal in the case of emergency and journalists who write or take the photographs (with an announcement) can visit the Park free of charge.
    For groups over 20, the guide is granted entry free of charge.
    Discount on travel agencies’ vouchers – 5%.
  • Organized group visits must be registered no less than 7 days prior to the visit, cancellations of a guided tour, projection or picnic must be made at least 24 hours prior to the set time, or expenses incurred will be charged.
  • Excursionists should wear footwear suitable for daylong walking and appropriate clothing (hat as protection against sun/wind, spare shirt, waterproof jacket in case of rain, etc.). We also recommend you bring drinking water with you.
  • You need to bring appropriate equipment if you plan to sleep over in a shelter and to obtain information on availability of water or take some with you. For mountaineering in NP Paklenica, we recommend the NP Paklenica Tourist Map and NP Paklenica Mountaineering Map.
  • In the case of an emergency call 112!

Paklenica in the winther

 Driving distance to park from major towns:

Sibenik – National park Paklenica                    KM       100      Time 1 hour 20 minutes
Zadar – National park Paklenica                      KM         45      Time 55 minutes
Split – National park Paklenica                        KM       169       Time  2 hours 10 minutes
Zagreb – National park Paklenica                    KM       265      Time 3 hours
Rijeka – National park  Paklenica                     KM       221      Time 3 hours 35 minutes

Contact details for National Park:

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  1. I am looking for hiking maps for the Paklenica National Park. Any suggestions? Also – is ‘wild’ camping permitted…may we set up a tent off of a trail?

    Thank you –


    • Hi Thomas

      I am affraid i cant help you with the hiking maps, you will have to ask when you get to the park. Wild camp is not permitted anywhere in Croatia, so i am pretty sure the national park Paklenica is no exception from that rule.



  2. Hi Morten,

    Firstly, thank you for creating a real wealth of information on your blog. We are planning a stay near Paklenica National Park in June and would like to visit the place that you show in your top photograph with the small pool and interesting rock formations (and again two images below the mouse picture). Are you able to describe where this is and how to get there?

    Thanks and kind regards

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