National Park Risnjak

National park RisnjakWhat is useful to know if you want to visit the National Park Risnjak?

How to get to Risnjak

Risnjak is situated in north-west part of Gorski Kotar, in the vicinity of the town Rijeka.

You can get to National Park Risnjak if you are going by highway A6 (Rijeka – Zagreb). The administration building of the NP Risnjak is located in Crni Lug. It can be reached by asphalt roads: from the east via Delnice, from the west via Platak, from the south via Gornje Jelenje, and from the north via Gerovo.

Entrance fee

1 Adults 45,00 Kn (6 Euro)
2 Children and youth (till 18 years of age) 25,00 Kn (3 Euro)
3 Children bellow 7 years of age no fees
4 Mountaineers (with paid membership) 25,00 Kn (3 Euro)
Entrance tickets you can buy in pension National park Risnjak, mountain huts and other park objects.

Car entrances

Southern access route to the park

  • From the pass in Gornje Jelenje there is a forest road that leads towards the north to four entrances on the western part of the Park. These are Vilje,  Cajtige,  Lazac and Šegina.
  • From the south by a narrow asphalt road:
  • Zelin Crnoluški  –  Prezdana jama  –  the crossing Pjetlićev vrh  –  the crossing Jama or Risnik

National park Risnjak Croatia (6)Northern access route to the park

  • From Gerovo – Lazac
  • From the crossing Vrsićko krizanje in the north-east to Žauharova bajta – Šegina – Lazac

Western access route to the park

From via Platak –  Snježnik

Eastern access route to the park

  • From via Delnice – Crni Lug (12 km)
  • There are three main car entrances to the valley of the river Kupa: Razloge, Kupari and  Hrvatsko.

When is the best time to visit park

The NP Risnjak is beautiful place to visit in any part of year because of sun-bathed meadows, numerous springs, streams, magnificent hills and mountains and wonderful country sides all year around, and offers you various activities.

What to do in NP Risnjak

  • HIKING a walk along the educational path “Leska” (4200 meters long). The path leads from the administration building in Crni lug and it takes cca. 1 hour 45 minutes to complete.
  • a walk to the Kupa-source. The paths towards the Kupa-source you can find on tne official homepage of NP.
  • MOUNTAINEERING and TREKKING, the main destinations for most visitors who come to the national Park is the peak of Veliki Risnjak and Snjeznik.Routes towards Veliki Risnjakand Snjeznik, you can find on official homepage of NP.
  • Mountain biking – you can rent bikes including helmet
  • Skiiing
  • Recreational fishing– is allowed from  the beginning of April to the end of October. You need to pay an additional fee – 250,00 Kuna.
  • Watching animals

National park Risnjak Croatia (3)


The National Park Risnjak offers you accommodation in mountain huts, pension and resort.


Hotel Risnjak *** – 21 rooms (single, double and triple), hotel is situated in the centre of town Delnice (12km from NP).

Risnjak winter

Mountain huts, pansion and resorts:

  • Mountain hut DR J. Schlosser Klokovski (55 beds) is situated below the peak of Veliki Risnjak at 1418 m above sea-level. It is opened everyday (except Tuesday) from the beginning of May to the end of October; during other months you can use the winter room
  • Pansion NP Risnjak ** is situated in Crni Lug (5 double rooms)


There is currently no campsite in the area of National park Risnjak.

Private apartmetns

Closest place to find private accommodation units (rooms, apartments) is in Crni Lug.

Other things which might be useful to know

  • You need to bring good walking shoes.
  • It is forbidden to walk outside the marked paths
  • It is forbidden to pick or damage plants and to collect wild fruits.
  • It is forbidden to disturb, catch or kill birds and animals

Basically you can enter the national park with out buying a ticket, but as the maintenance of the park is mainly finances by ticket sales, we kindly ask all visitors to buy a ticket.

National park Risnjak Croatia (4)

Driving distance to Delnice (nearest town to NP Risnjak) from major towns

  • Sibenik  ——-Delnice                       KM     303      3 hours    30 minutes
  • Zadar ——— Delnice                       KM     249      3 hours     5 minutes
  • Spilt ———–Delnice                       KM     372      4 hours    20 minutes
  • Zagreb ——–Delnice                       KM     117      1 hour       40 minutes
  • Rijeka ———Delnice                       KM       45      1 hour
  • Dubrovnik — Delnice                       KM      570    8 hours    20 minutes

Address and contact information – National Park Risnjak

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  1. Hi, me and 3 friends will coming to risnjak in july.

    is the Mountain hut DR J. Schlosser Klokovski free? Do you need to book in advance? What are the food arrangements?

    Thanks Toby

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