National Park Sjeverni Velebit

nationalpark velebitWhat is useful to know if you want to visit the National Park Sjeverni Velebit?

How to get to Sjeverni Velebit

The most frequently used path is the one from the town of Otočac. You can reach Otočac by using the Zagreb-Split highway, or the old road Josipdol-Senj, over the Kapela mountain pass. When you take off the highway, take the road to Krasno, where the park’s administration building is. 

The other way is the asphalt road to Štirovača, which is in the south-eastern part of the park. The park can be also accessed from the coast, using the road from Jablanac, but that path is not recommended because of the road’s narrowness. If you use it anyway, you’ll enter the park from the south-west, at the Alan mountain hut.

Except of these access roads, park can be reached by macadam roads from the directions of Mrkvište, Ledena draga, Begovača and Štirovača. You can also enter the park by using mountain trails from the coastal side – direction of Brisnice and Gornja Klada.

Entrance fee:

Entrance prices national park Velebit

*Discount is for individuals and groups who choose both – half-day or a full day trip program together with the multi medial presentation. For example, if you choose a half-day trip guidance with the multi medial presentation, the total price is 300 kn instead of 350, or 500 kn instead of 550 for the full-day guidance.


moutaineers, by presenting their mountaineer’s ID-s
– pensioners, by presenting their pension receits
– elderly persons (65 yers and more), by presenting their ID
– children up to 7 years of age

When is the best time to visit park:

NP Sjeverni Velebit is opened from May to October or November. During these months, every mountaineer, hiker and everyone who wish, can enjoy in this authentic natural beauty. You can be the witness of a magnificent view on the Adriatic Sea which the numerous peaks in the surroundings offer you.

What to see in NP Sjeverni Velebit:

  • The Hajdučki and Rožanski kukovi Strict Reserve The Rozanska group is somewhat larger and more accessible than the difficult karst terrain of Hajducki Kukovi. It is wild and inaccessible with plenty of areas that have remained out of human reach, thus giving it an aura of the unexplored and unknown. A speleological object of imposing dimensions – Lukina Jama, has been discovered there in 1993.  It is 1,392 metres deep – the deepest pit in southeast Europe and the eighth deepest one in the world.
  • Big Lubenovac lea – beautiful area near The Hajdučki and Rožanski kukovi Strict Reserve
  • The Premužić’s trail – the path runs through the most beautiful and the most interesting parts of the park.
  • The Visibaba botanical reserve
  • The Zavižan-Balinovac-Velika kosa botanical reserve -there is a widely known Velebit Botany Garden
  • The Borov vrh forest reserve

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The National Park Sjeverni Velebit offers half-day and whole-day excursion programs for groups of visitors.


  • arrival at the park’s administration building in Krasno
  • short rest (20 min.)
  • Power Point presentation (20–30 min.)
  • departure to Zavižan (app. 45 min.)
  • visit to the alpine weather station (app. 20-30 min.)
  • rest (app. 30-60 min)
  • visit to the Velebit Botany Garden – on foot (app. 1,5 hours)
  • modifications of schedule are possible according to the arrangement

Program’s duration: app. 4-5 hours

Price: ticket: 20,00 kn per person, expert guidance: 200,00 kn per group


  • arrival at the park’s administration building in Krasno
  • short rest (app. 15-20 min.)
  • Power Point presentation (20–30 min.)
  • departure to Zavižan (app. 45 min.)
  • visit to the Alpine Weather Station (app. 20-30 min.)
  • rest (app. 30-60 min)
  • visit to the Velebit Botany Garden – on foot (app. 1,5 hours)
  • visit to the Premužić trail – hiking to the Rossi’s hut and back (app. 4-5 sati)
  • modifications of schedule are possible according to the arrangement

Program’s duration: app. 8 hours

Price: ticket: 20,00 kn per person,expertal guidance: 400,00 kn per group

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Interesting events are:

    • International Mountain Day – is held on 11 December.
    • Celebration of the International Day For Biological Diversity is held on 22 May.


The National Park Sjeverni Velebit offers you accommodation in mountain huts and in town of Krasno you can find hotel and private accommodation.


THE SANCTUARY OF ST. MARY OF KRASNO (35 rooms -single, double and triple)

Mountain huts:

MOUNTAIN HUT ZAVIŽAN (20 beds) – There you can sleep, and lesser catering services are also available (i.e. tea, coffee, beer and simple food).During the tourist season, horse riding is also a part of the tourist offer.

MOUNTAINEERS’ HOME ALAN (46 beds- 5 rooms)- It is situated in the south-western part of the park. It can be easily accessed either on foot, descending from the Premužić trail, or by car, approaching from the coastal side from Jablanac. In the Alan mountain hut visitors can prepare food, rest and prepare for descent towards the coast, or proceed with their trip on the Premužić trail. Onća_Alan you can find detailed information.

ROSSI’S HUT It is situated approximately half way between the Zavižan and Alan mountain huts, on the Premužić trail. It faces the sea, and inside you can find a couple of basic needs as well as firewood, water and two large wooden ledges, big enough to accomodate up to eight people.

Accommodation at  “CROATIAN FORESTS”

Foresters’ House – 33 beds – three apartments and 11 twin-beded rooms.)
Forestry Museum – 13 beds – two apartments and two twin-beded rooms.

Bear in Velebit

Private accommodation:

JURE  TAVERN (single, double and triple rooms) is situated in Krasno

  • APARTMENTS DUDA – are located in a small hamlet Glavaši, on the road towards Senj.
  • KRASNA HOUSE (4 rooms)

Other things which might be useful to know

  • The weather shifts quickly in the park, so we suggest the visitors to take the necessary clothing and shoes with them (wind-jackets, long-sleaved sweaters, warm trousers, high boots…)
  • The path towards the Zavižan mountain lodge is a macadam road, 17 km long.
  • There are no hotels, restaurants or similar objects inside the park, which should be taken into consideration. We suggest the visitors to bring all the necessary food and beverages with them. Some lesser catering services are available at the Zavižan mountain hut (i.e. coffee, tea, beer and similar).
  • Dogs are allowed in the park, but should be kept on a lash.
  • It is forbidden: hunting or any other means of disturbing, hurting or endangering of wild, as well as domestic animals; paragliding and dragon flying; camping, except on the places which are clearly marked.
  • Be sure to always make enough noise while threading the park (not too much, of course) in order to chase away snakes and wild animals, giving them enough time to get out of your way.
  • In case you meet a bear, wait – it should run away from you, if it’s not a mother bear with cubs. If that is the case, try to be as silent as possible and go around her in a large arc.
  • IMPORTANT: by the entrance to the park, remember to ask for a copy of the park rules and the current security recommodations.

Driving distance to park from major towns:

  • Sibenik –NP  Velebit                     KM       230      Time 3 hours 20 minutes
  • Zadar –NP Velebit                        KM       175       Time 2 hours 55 minutes
  • Split – NP Velebit                           KM       298        Time 4 hours 10 minutes
  • Zagreb –NP Velebit                     KM        186      Time 2 hours 55 minutes
  • Rijeka –NP Velebit                       KM         99      Time 2 hours 35 minutes
  • Dubrovnik – NP Velebit               KM       496      Time 8 hours 10 minutes

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