If you are planning a holiday in Split, you might want to plan a head, what to see, which excursions to make, where to go out, which beaches to visit etc., so to make it easy for you we have made a list of 20 thinks we believe could be of interested.


Diocletian Palace: Visit the whole palace area during day time, spend the 25 Kuna entrance to see the basement area and spend the 15 kuna entrance fee to see the Cathedral of St Duje and the Temple of Jupiter, alternative you can join the Split walking tours which is a 2 hour guide tour trough the old town.

Museums: Visit the ethnographical museum in the old town, the archeological museum and the museum of the city of Split.

National theater: Split has some very skillful actresses and opera singers, so check out the schedule for upcoming performances.

City Park Marjan: rent a bike and take a ride to the city park Marjan, from the top spot you excellent view over the city and the islands, on the way down go for a coffee at cafe Vidilica (Cafe view – you will know why it has this name)

Markets: Visit the fish Market at Marmontova and the green market just outside of the west side of the Palace, on main market you can buy fresh fruit and vegetables, flowers, local cheese, olive oil and Rakija. – Markets are open from 6.30 in the morning.


Festivals and events: During summer Split has a number of recurring events like the Diocletian nights, where people dress up like Romans (in Togo) and eat and drink in the basement of the palace.

Other events to mention is the open theater at the Peristil, the Split summer festival , Split music Festival at the Prokurative and children festival also at the Prokurative and much more.

Salona: Visit the ruins of the ancient roman city Salona which was 3 times the size of Pompeii. Salona is situated a few Km outside of Split center and can easily be reached by bus. Entrance fee is 20 Kuna.

Restaurant: Top restaurants in Split are Apetit, situated in the old town, international menu, great salads and great cocktail, another good restaurant is Maslina situated at the end of Marmontova, great pizza, steaks and home made Gnocchi.


Fast food: Close to the Bačvice beach you can enjoy original Bosnian Čevapčići at the place called Ba-će, Čevapčići is spiced meat roles served in a bread with fresh onions and Kajmak, you can get Čevapčići in most fast food shops, but trust me the best ones you get at Ba-će.

Nightlife bars: An absolute MUST do, is to spend one evening hanging out in the old town, you would love the ambient of the bars Puls, Ghetto and Gaga just to mention a few, prices are fairly decent 20 kuna for a beer or long drink and 35 – 40 kuna for a good cocktail.

Nightlife Discotheques: Once you finish in the old town, you might want to continue the party in one of Splits discotheques, at Bačvice you have Club Tropic and Club Bačvice which is for the younger audience, close to Stadium you have Hemmingway and Vanilla, especially Hemmingway is a great looking place.

Beaches: Expect all Spit beaches to be crowded in July and August so get there early, here you can see the best Split beaches.

Split Diocletian palace Basements

Test you driving skills at splits go-cart track situated at the city center 1.

Rafting: Go for a 4 hour rafting tour on the river Cetina, tours are organized with pick up in Split or you can go to Omis with local bus line – prices for rafting is around 25-30 Euro, here you can find more details about Rafting on Cetina.

Klis: if you want some magnificent panorama pictures of split you should visit the 7th century fortress Klis, the fortress is one of the most beautiful ones in Croatia. The fortress is open form 9 am to 7 pm, entrance fee is 10 Kuna.

Trogir: Visit the UNESCO city Trogir, bus from Split takes about 30 minutes, return from Trogir with the split – Trogir transfer boat.

Brac: Take a one day trip to the island of Brac, rent a scooter in Supetar and explore the island, if you don’t fancy riding a scooter, take the local bus and go to see the city of Bol, plan to spend some hours on one of Croatia’s most famous beaches – Zlatni rat, the golden tongue.

Hvar: take a one day trip to the Island of Hvar

National park Krka. Take a one day trip to Krka one of the most beautiful national parks in Croatia, bring your swimsuit as you are actually allow to swim below the waterfalls.

National park Krka Beatiful Waterfalls

Shopping: Recently Split got is first real shopping mal, so if you are looking to do big time shopping you should visit the shopping center Joker, which is situated 15 minutes walk from the centre of the town.

Historical sailing boat: Take a trip with the Swan, a traditional Croatia sailing boat which do daily excursion to the Island of Ciovo, boat leaves from the middle of the Riva, you can not miss it.

I am sure I have forgotten to mention several things, which could be recommended to Split visitors, so if you have any think to add please feel free to leave a comment. – meanwhile you can have a look at some of our nice Split Photos

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  1. Congratulations on a fine, informative site and many thanks for sharing these handy tips for travelers. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed browsing and will be back for more 😉
    Regards from Cape Town,

  2. Hi there

    I am going to split for 6 days in July with 2 other people.

    We have booked 2 nights in the old town in split and would like to stay somewhere near a sandy beach for the rest of the time.

    We are looking for somewhere where there are things to do ie restaurants, clubs, bars, culture, day trips – plus the beach.

    Initially we were thinking of going to Hvar but I am finding it difficult to find good accommodation that isn’t too expensive.

    Also just realised there are no sandy beaches there.

    If you have any recommendations it would be greatly appreciated!!


    • Hi Hollie

      one option could be to stay in Spilt the whole period, you have one sandy beach in Split and you have sand beaches in Omis which is 30 minutes bus ride from Split. in terms of Restaurants, clubs, bars, culture and day trips, Split is an excellent base.

      Another place could be makarska Riviera, you although don’t have any sand beaches, but you have some very nice pebble beaches in the area.


  3. Hiya,

    Me and my partner will be flying to zadar next week and will be staying for 4 nights. just want to know is it better to book a stay in zadar or split. Also with one will be cheaper. i enjoy to include being served with breakfast, does it do much difference in price?


    • Both Zadar and Split are very nice cities, so i comes down to each person which one they find nicer.

      From price point of view there should not be much difference. My experience is that it is better to take care of breakfast your selves, you have plenty of bakeries and coffee bars around, if you although insist on having breakfast where you sleep, i would guess if would cost you 3-5 Euro extra per night.

  4. Hi
    A couple of friends and I are thinking of going to Split in the middle of May. What is the nightlife like at that time of the year? Are there a lot of clubbing opportunities? Are there any tourists?

    • Hi Hanna, May is the early part of the tourist season, you will for sure find Tourist here in Split and you would also have quite a few places to go out, but of course it can not be compared with the main season, I am working on a piece about the nightlife in Split, which is will publish next week; most of the bars I will mention in that post are open and well visited in May also

      Brgds, Morten

      • What about. nightlife in early June in Split? Also what are the temperatures during the day ? Is it warm enough to swim in the sea, etc? Thanks, great blog!

        • Hi Lisa,

          the nightlife in early June is normally quite ok, of course not like in July and August. Daily tempratures should be around 25 degrees celcius, and you can for sure swim in the sea.

          Brgds, Morten

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    Many Thanks
    Dario Jaramillo

  6. I am trying to find details of the Summer Festival for this year in July August 2010. What is in in Split and Dubrovinik during this time.


  7. Good place to start exploring for Split. Thanks.

    The rent a bike link is not working. Could you update it please?

  8. Hi,
    My question is about roasted lamb.. janjetina-if i’m not mistaken.
    Last year i had the best roasted lamb in Zagreb. Any recommendations for Split and Dubrovnik?
    Heidelberg, DE

    • Hi Herri, I am not a Lamb eater my selves, but i know that the lamb in Klis is very popular, also i would think that restaurant Kapitano in Ston (60 km before Dubrovnik) is a good address for Janjetina.


  9. Hi there, very nice work, congratulations,

    Can anyone tell me how to watch a benfica football game on TV in Split today?

    Thanks in advance

  10. hello there I am planing on going Croatia on jan for 4 days…is there alot to do in winter or..should i wait for summer season? thnx.

    • Hi Serhat,
      well there is winter here, especially in the central parts of Croatia, here there is lots of snow, if you go to the sounthern coastal region (Dalmatia) you will have no snow but it is still quite cold.

      I would recommend going in Spring e.g. April or May or of course in the summer months.

      brgds, Morten

  11. Hi Morten,

    Great blog, very informative.

    We fly out to Croatia in a week, to Split. staying at Hotel Sandra, do you know of it?

    Also wondered what a day trip to the islands cost approximately? and is it worth hiring a car to see Dubrovnik?

    Thanks so much.

    Will let everyone know my experiences here too.


    • Hi Nic, thanks 🙂

      I suppose you me house Sandra? is very close to centre i dont know about service and interrior, but in terms of location it is great pick.

      Trip to Island, you mean organized or on your own? you can “make” your own day trip to either Island Brac or Island Hvar, Brac is 45 minutes, Hvar +2 Hours with the ferry, must admit didnt have time to update all ferry schedules so I cant tell you exactly how you could arrange it, if you do your own trip, you can do return trip for less then 100 kn, if you join organized trip if will be 300 – 400 kuna (my guess).

      Dubrovnik, well the city is very beatiful and the view on the drive along the coast is stunning, so if you have the time i would for sure recommend you doing a day trip to Dubrovnik. be aware that you have 4-5 hours drive in each direction so you will have to leave early to have time to see wall and other sights in Dubrovnik.

      Brgds, Morten

  12. Hello,

    I am thinking of visiting split at the end of the month. However, as usual i am last minute in planning my vacation. Any recommendations for good affordable hotels? I am looking for something that is walking distance from the city’s main attractions

    Thank you for your help!

    • Hi Nicole,

      depends how you define affordable 🙂 Hotels in and around the city centre are quite expensive but of course extremly convinient.

      Best advice would be to browse the net and find a few hotels which have ok Rates, i can then give you my opinion on them.



  13. Dear Morten:

    Your articles are very informative. My husband and I are planning a 1 week trip to Croatia and Montenegro in September. We are thinking about staying 2 nights in Split, in the Old Town. Can you recommend an itinerary of sights and activities in Split? Do you suggest taking a ferry out to spend the day in Hvar or is it better to stay a night in Hvar? Considering we only have 2 days in the area, do you recommend visiting one of the other islands instead of Hvar?

    We are going crazy trying to fit everything in but of course we realize we cannot see it all. Any help would be very much appreciated.

    Thank you,

    • Hi Melissa, you can easily spend two days in Split i am sure you will enjoy. A one day trip to Hvar is quite a bit of traveling as you would have to take car ferry (2.5 hours) to Stari grad and then travel with bus to town Hvar which in total is abot 3.5 – 4 hours traveling, you then have 3-4 hours in Hvar (which is not much) before last catamaran leaves back to Split, better option is to go with catamaran in the afternoon from Split, stay one night in Hvar and then return next day with catamaran.

      Regardless if you choose Split or Hvar you will for sure enjoy. – if you should choose to stay in Split, you could consider take the Buraline (small boat) to Trogir, which is a very beatiful UNESCO site.

      Best, Morten

  14. Hi I am interested in visiting croatia for about 5 days for a small honeymoon in June….was looking at split. We like being at sea, restaurants nice walks, things to do as well as somewhere to relax. would this be a good choice? Is there particular places to see. I also like the idea of going to venice for the day but saw that it is a bit further up the coast….or is it possible to get there from somewhere near split? your help would be much apreciated

    • Hi Tanya, i think Split sounds to be the right place for you, of course the highlight is the old town / the diocletion palace. Venice is not possible on a day trip from Split, for getting to Venice you will have to go to Istria, which is +5 hours from Split. – what about visiting Mostar?

      Best, Morten

  15. Hi Morten,
    How are you???
    I’m an brazilian girl landing in Split in July. I will spend the first night in Split but in the next day I will need to get head to Pag, where I will meet up friends. I would like to know if there’s another way to get in Pag without being in a bus, as the travel is around 5 hours. I would apprecaite enjoy those 5 hours on a boat than in a bus :/

    Thank you anyway.

  16. Hi there

    Just discovered your sight which is wonderful. My husband and I are thinking about visiting Split for a 5 day break for our anniversary in May. I’m afraid I don’t know Split at all so would like to know which area in Split you would recommend which is within reasonable distance to the sights, old town etc and also a sandy beach. I note that you’ve said there is one sandy beach in Split – could you tell me where that is and perhaps a couple of hotels that are fairly close.

    Many thanks – Sue

    • Hi Sue,

      glad you like my page. My recommoddation would be that you stay either in the old town or in the city parts Radunica or Bacvice. If you stay in old town or Radonica, you will have majority of sights next door and the sandy beach Bacvice (Same name as the city part) is only about 15 minutes walk away. If you stay at Bacvice it would be visa versa :-).

      Considering you are celebrating your anniversary, then i would recommend you to stay at Hotel Luxe, the hotel is 5 minutes from old town and 12-15 minutes walk from the sandy beach. You can have a look at the hotel here

      Have a nice trip to Split



  17. hi there,
    since this review was written have the prices for food and drink increased much?

    we plan to visit mid August



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