Island Pag


Our visit to Island of Pag, which is about 30 minutes from Zadar, along the road you have wine fields and agricultural land, but once you reach the island of Pag, the landscape completely changes, the photos below are taken by the bride Paski most leading to Pag Island, as you can see I looks like a moon landscape!

panoramapag-island-by-paski-most-left-side panorama-pag-island-by-paski-most-right-side

During the homeland war this bridge was the only connection between northern and southern part of Croatia, (as I mention in our story from Zadar, the JNA force was position a few km outside of the city) a friend of mine from Split, told me that during the war he used 12-14 hours to drive from his hometown Mostar to Zagreb for supplies. The bridge was close to collapsing in 1993 do to the heavy traffic, but luckily a second north – south connection was opened to take most of the traffic before that happened. Postwar the bridge has been completely renovated and enforced.

Pag Island is well known for at least 4 things, the first of them you meet (or at least their parents) just after crossing the bridge! Paski lamb is consider to be one of the best lambs you can get in Croatia, if not even in Europe, do to the high concentration of salt on the Island, the sheep’s diet consisting of grass and wild herbs gives the lam from here a very special taste.

The second thing which Pag is known for is the Paski Sir, which is a cheese made from sheep milk, again the sheep’s diet place an important role in terms of generating a very special taste, but also the facts that the cheese is rubbed in olive oil before maturing are said to have great impact on the taste. When you drive around on the island, you see signs with “Paski Sir” available here everywhere

The third thing which Pag is known for is salt, the last 7-8 km before you reach Pag city, (following the road 106 Paski most – Pag) you will on you left hand side see a large area of strange looking flat fields, this is the production area of the company Salona Pag, who is the main salt producer in Croatia, so if you have bought salt in the supermarket down here, you have for sure tried there product.


Besides regular table salt, Salona also produce sea salt and several special salts for cooking like garlic salt or meat salt, the two later I highly recommend you to try, they are excellent for a barbecue.

After you have past the salt fields you will reach grad Pag (Pag city), Pag city has a nice old town with streets constructed in squares, in the old town you can also find the last remaining tower from the prior fortification, several old churched and the duke´s palace from the 15th century.

Pag is popular tourist city, so you can easily find private accommodation on Pag, in the city there is also a few hotels, unfortunately there is no camp outside the city, but with in a range of 20 km you have 3 camps available, Camp Šimuni, Camp Košljun and Camp Dinjiška.

Camping Village Simuni is located between the tows of Pag and Novalja on a beautiful coastline of bays and beaches.

Camping Strasko is located only one kilometer from Novalja. The beach inside camping is 2 kilometers long, so it is the perfect holiday destination for families with small children.

From Grad Pag, we continue on our Pag excursion to our next stop Novalja, which is 25 km from Pag city, on the way we have to cross a small mountain, and saw the following welcome message in a serpentine? (We assumed this was related to 4th thing which Pag is known for).

After 40 minutes drive on curve road, we reached Novalja. Novalja city is properly the most well know tourist destination on the island, main reason for that is a the forth thing which Island Pag is know for, a beach called Zrce, situated 3 km outside the town. Zrce beach is one of the biggest party places in Croatia during summer, as you can see on this preseason photo the area is quite big and as far as I have heard it is crowded here in the main season!!

Of course Novalja, Is not only for young people parting as you can see on the photos here, the city in also a really nice place for a nice family holiday.

From Novalja we went all the way to the peak of the island in Tovrnele, before turning the car for a 2 hour drive back to Zadar. We all had a great day, with lots of impression, so we will for sure return to Island Pag another time.

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  1. hi, i am looking for information regarding travelling from Split airport to Novalja? Is there a ferry? thanks

    • Hi Jessica

      there is no ferry from Split to Novalja, so the easiest way would be to take the bus, from Trogir (6 km from Split Airport) to Zadar, in Zadar main bus station you can find buses which would take you to Novalja. As far as i remember you have bus at 8 Am and 5.30 PM from Trogir, which from a time point of view fits with the Zadar -Novalja bus, travel time is about 4.5 hours.

      brgds, Morten

    • Hi Amanda

      to my knowledge there is no ferry between pag island and Hvar? For where did you get that information?

      I think you best option would to take the bus to Zadar, their you take a second bus to Split, from Split you then have several options to get to Hvar.


  2. In August 2010 I will going to Novalja on Pag Island from Budapest; next I wiil go to Hvar and then to Prague. I’m very confused about the the best and fastest way to travel in Croatia. Is there a flight to an airport from Pag to Hvar?

    • Hi Blair, i think best and easiest way is to take bus from Novalja to Zadar, from there you take a fast bus to Split, and In Split you take the Catamaran to Hvar town. Other alternative would be to rent a car e.g. in Zadar on the way to Pag and give it back in Split. There is now flight between Pag and Hvar.

      Regards, Morten

  3. Would anyone please recommend the fastest way to get from Dubrovnik to Navalja, OR the other way around. My wife & I will be flying from Zurich this summer and want to visit both islands. Its seems like they are very far from each other, but we don’t want to miss out on either one. Any recommendation would be much appreciated.


    • Hi Clyde, the fastest way from Dubrovnik to Novalja is by car, which should take you 5 to 6 hours, if you go by bus you most properly will need around 8 hours. May i ask why you specifically want to visit Pag island? you have beautiful Island like Korcula, Hvar and Brac which are all much closer to Dubrovnik?

      Regards, Morten

  4. Croatia Expert,

    I am traveling to croatia from london on the 4th July 2010.
    We are booking a hotel in Novalja. Is it easier to travel to zadar airport or split airport?

    Also, what is the average price for transfers? I have been quoted 150euro each way from zadar to novalja for 3 people which seems a little extreme.

    Looking forward to your response.



    • Hi Simona,

      For sure Zadar airport is the one to travel to, but if you can get cheaper tickets to split and are willing to rent a car, this could be the cheapest solution. (From Split Airport you have about 2.5-3 hours drive to Novalja).

      The transfer quote you got seams very high, normally you pay around a 1 Euro per Km for transfer, which would mean 90 Euro each way from Zadar Airport to Novalja. From Who did you get the 150 Euro Offer? Get quote from a few other companies, mail me if you cant find any in the area, then i will see if i can come up with a few alternatives.

      Brgds, Morten

  5. Hi Morten,

    Thank you for your prompt reply.

    Would you happen to know at what time the last bus leaves Zadar airport to go to Novalja?
    We arrive at Zadar airport at 8.35pm.

    I got the previous quote for the transfer from the website:



    • Hi Simona,

      There is no bus from the airport to Novalja, you will have to go to main bus station in Zadar first, but i am afraid that the last bus from Zadar to Novalja already left when you arrive.

      We contacted some transfer companies as well as the local taxi central in Zadar when we did this information page about the Airport, it seams like taxi might even be the cheapest version, i will mail you a few web-pages which you can try to contact for an offer.

      Brgds, Morten

  6. Hi Morten

    I am currently planning a trip to Pag Island in September 2010.

    What is the best way to get from Budapest to Novalja?

    Also, we will then be travelling from Novalja to Venice – can you recommend the best way for this leg of the trip?

    We are not fussed how we travel and are looking for the quickest and most efficient route.

    Many thanks

    • Hi Sarah

      Well Novalja is what I would characterize as a hart to reach destination (:

      From Budapest to Novalja, the fast way is properly to rent a car, second option is bus, go from Budapest to Zagreb, according to current schedule (Not summer Schedule) there is bus from Zagreb to Novalja leaving 11.30 (arrival 17:00) and 15:30 (arrival 19:30)

      From Novalja to Venica, I guess the fastest way is with Venezialine leaving from several Istrian towns, from Novalja to the Istrian cities should take you about 4 hours, there is several daily departures.

      Brgds, Morten

  7. Hi,

    I’m am travelling on the Croatian coast in July this year. I hope to be travelling from Split, to Novalja (pag island), then to Hvar, then to Dubrovnik.

    What I have gathered is that I need to go back to the mainland between the two islands… is that correct?

  8. Hi,

    I will be travelling to Pag island in July 2010…Would you recommend a hotel for us….having a hard time figuring out where to live.

    We basically want to be as close as possible to where the nightlife is


  9. Hi Croatia Expert,

    I am planning a trip with friends this summer and have decided that Island hopping around croatia would be fun. So far we have decided to either fly to zagreb or zadar stay over for 1/2 nights then I go to pag island (i believe by coach.) After there we were planning to go to split- can you get a straight coach from pag to split? then from split to maybe brac then fly home from dubrovnik. Can I get from split to brac to dubrovnik – if not looking for a suggestion of another island that we could visit in between split and dubrovnik. (we are 25 so looking for somewhere that is relaxing but at the same time lots too.) Also we are all on a budget so wondering if you could help estimate the cost of the travel between the places. Also would it be better to fly to zagreb or zadar? Planning to fit this into approx 2 weeks.

    Thanks for your help

    • Hi Kayleigh

      Zadar is closer to Pag, from there you have a few daily buses to Pag (I assume you are going to Novalja?) I don’t know the exact prices, bus travelling in Croatia is quite affordable, if you check out this info you have rough idea about the prices.

      From Pag to Split you first go to Zadar and then take bus or ferry from Zadar to Split.

      If you plan to Island hop from Split to Dubrovnik, you should not go to Brac, but to Hvar or Korcula Island.

      Brgds, Morten

  10. Hello,

    Visiting Croatia from 15th to 19th May 2010. 5 guys on a lads hol!! Flying into Zadar but have no idea where to go!! Where is the most livly area to stay within a 2hour drive??? Pag? Split? or Zadar??

    Would really appreciate any help!!! Thanks a lot!!

    Barry, Ireland.

  11. Hello there,
    Me and 3 friends are planning to come to Novalja in July 2010.
    This will be the 4th time I’ll be in Novalja, but the first time I’ll come by plane.
    We live in Belgium and we have two options: fly to Zadar or fly to Rijeka.
    But the problem is: how to get from the airport to Novalja? (No taxi, that’s to expensive I think).

    I’ve seen that ‘Antonio Tours’-busses drive from Zadar to Novalja, but does the bus leaves at the airport
    or in the center of Zadar?

    From Rijeka there’s a catamaran(boat) to Novalja, but that in the porto of Rijeka. So how to get from Rijeka airport to the leaving point of the boat?

    Please help us,
    Kisses from Belgium

    • Hi Esse,

      I would recommend you to go to Zadar, from the airport you have an Airport bus (info Zadar Airport), to the city centre and to the main bus station, from there you have 5 or 6 daily buses to Novalja. Airport bus cost 25 Kuna / Person, I would guess the bus from Zadar to Novalja is about 70-80 kuna, so round about 100 kuna / person in total, a taxi from Zadar Airport to Novalja, should be around 800-900 Kuna.

      The Airport in Rijeka is actually on the Island Krk, I am not sure if there is an airport bus to the city center? I would guess that a taxi from the Airport to the city center of Rijeka would cost about 350 Kuna.

      Enjoy Novalja(-:


  12. Hay croatia expert:) im coming to novalia this summer, im mooking for a Nice beaches aroud, i ve Sean Somers pictures and it seems strange as a climat there.. Différent from beaches around split. Could u recommand me Nice areas on a pag Island please? :))

  13. hello croatia expert!
    My friend and i are planning to visit Pag Island on the 8th August for 5 nights. Ideally we would like to stay in Novalja. We have not booked any accommodation, will we be able to find a guesthouse, private accommodation or a cheap hostel on the day we arrive or do you recommend booking ahead?
    thanks in advance!

    • Hi Jimmy

      at that time of year it is hard to say if you can find anything onside, if i where you I would at least see what is available on the internet.

      Brgds, Morten

    • Hi James,

      well first you will have to take the airport bus to Zadar, which is about 20 minutes ride, from Zadar main bus station you can then catch the buses to Novalja, the trip to Novalja takes about 1 hour 45 minutes.


  14. Hello Mr Expert :),

    Me and a few friends are traveling in Croatia from august 20 to august 29. We want to travel to pag island i would like to know if the beach bars are still open during this time of year and if its still busy and worth going?.


    Jess. xxx

    • Hi Jess,

      To be sure you would have to ask someone from Novalja t, my assumption would be that bars are still open as we still have main Season, if next week is same as this week in terms of tourist there should be plenty of party on the beaches up there.


  15. Hi, i’m from brazil and I’ll going to croatia in july,
    i’d like to stay in Zrce beach, how can I go to zrce beach, I need to go to split first and them take a car to novalja??? firs i’ll going to berlin, and them …. what did i do?

    sorry about my english…


    • Hi Rodrigo, the closes airport is the one in Zadar, from there it is possible to go by bus to Novalja (Zrce), if you are in Berlin you can book directly flight to Zadar, with

      If you go to Split first, you can go by car, or you can go by bus to Zadar etc.

      Kindest regards,


  16. Hi Morten…

    ok, but i can go from split to pag (zrce) ?? how long by car? and can i rent a car in split or have bus to pag departure from split??

    thank you very much


    • @Rodrigo,

      yes, you can go from Split to Zrce, from Split you have about 2.5 hours drive, from the Airport maybe 20 minutes less. you can rent car many places in Split and at the Split airport. If you take bus, you first go from Split to Zadar – (lost of daily connections), in Zadar you have to change bus to get to Novalja, the daily departures to Novalja (Zrce) is although very limited, i think last year there was only 2 or 3 daily.

      Brgds, Morten

  17. Hi Morten

    Thanks for your informations, I’ll rent a car in split and go!!! 🙂
    in zrce beach have good hotels or house for 5 guests? do you know thw name ?


  18. Hi, My huband (70 years) and I will be visiting Dubrovnik in May 2011. We would also like to visit some/one of the islands. Have you any suggestions an where can I find out about ferry/transport prices. We would love to stay on a dinner/bed/breakfast basis – not too expensive as we are pensions.

    • Hi Paulini,

      You can relativly easy reach the Island Mljet from Dubrovnik, i am sure if ferry schedule is public yet, you might have to wait until April for that one, price for ferry is not very high, i can recommend you any bed and Breakfast, but you should for sure be able to find something which is not to expensive.

      Brgds, Morten

  19. Hi Croat Expert!

    We are going to croatia in June to a festival. It is on Zcre beach. Do you know of any beach huts near to this beach that we could hire.

    Or suggest a good place to stay? There will be 2 couples.

    Hope you can help.

    Many Thanks

  20. Hi there! I am staying at a place called Camp site Straško on island Pag, i was wondering how far it is from Zrce beach as i am going to a festival there! Also i was wondering how much prices of food, alcohol, cigarettes etc are? Are shops local and convinient? I was also wondering if you know how long this camp site is from Zrce beach! Thanks!!

  21. Hello,

    Would you happen to know a rough bus price from Split to Zadar this summer??



  22. Hi Croatia Expert,

    When do you think would be the best time for a group for friends to go to Novalja/Zrce for our senior trip this summer? We originally wanted to go from the 10th to 20th of June but I’m worrying that we will get there and it will be empty.

    Thanks for your time!

    • Hi Valerie, i am really not sure how many people you will find at Zrce in June, but guess would be that is best to go end of July / beginning of August.


  23. RE: Valerie
    Hi Croatia Expert,

    When do you think would be the best time for a group for friends to go to Novalja/Zrce for our senior trip this summer? We originally wanted to go from the 10th to 20th of June but I’m worrying that we will get there and it will be empty.

    Thanks for your time!
    Hey Valerie, there is a festival going on from the 1st of July, alot of people are going if your into house music. If you would like to know more feel free to email me!

  24. Hello Croatia Expert,
    My friends and i will be in Croatia for a total of 7 days in August. We fly in to split, spend one night in split the two nights in Hvar. How far is Hvar from Split and what is the best way to get there. After Hvar we decided to go to Zrce. I found it hard to get a lot of information on ways of transport to Zrce. Our main problem is that our flight out of croatia in in Dubrovnick. What is the best way to get from either Split or Hvar to Zrce and then from Zrce back to Dubrovnick.

    Thanks in advance

  25. Hi Croatia Expert,

    I will be going to Pag Island in May. What sort of weather can I expect?


    • Hi Jess, in May you normally have nice spring weather, meaning you can wear Shorts and t-shirt almost every day, of there is also rainy days in May, but the nice ones are in the majority.



  26. hiya croatia expert

    I’m going to Zadar at the beginning of April, do you know what weather I should expect? and also I hear Novalja/zrce is quite a fun place to go, but will the bars be open in April or is it to early in the year? If you have any suggestions of fun things to do in and around Zadar in April any recommendations would be greatly appreciated.


    • Hi Taff,

      In April the weather is still a bit unstable, so you can expect everything from heavy rain, to 15-20 degrees and beautiful sunshine. Novalja / Zrce is as far as I know not open in April, even if it was you would not find many people there, at this time a year. Fun stuff around Zadar in April? Well that is a hard one for me to answer, as it is early season I think only place would be in Zadar, where you might find a bit of party, if you have a car at your disposal you could go and see the etno village and the falconer center close to Sibenik, also you could visit National park Krka.

      Kindest regards, Morten

  27. Hello Croatia Expert,

    We, a group of 4 friends, are flying to Zadar the second week-end of May 2011. We will stay there for 4 days.

    It is the birthday of one of us and we are looking to party and have fun. Do you know good places at this period of the year to party near or in Zadar?

    If not, do we have to go to Pag, Hvar or Split?

    In addition to parties, what MUST we visit in the region?

    LAst but not least, do you know a good hotel (clean and good quality/price deal) near the place you will advise?

    Thanks in advance for your (always) wise advices!

    Best regards,


    • Hi Johnny, I am not familar with nightlife in Zadar, but i just asked my friend who runs this page, he should know, once he reply i will let you know if Split is a better option, in that case you can check out my guide to nightlife in split, Pag and Hvar you can forget in May.

      Visit: I would recommend National park Krka if you have rented car you should do day trip to Split, drive along the coastal road, stop in Primosten and Trogir on the way to Split.

      Hotel, well depends on your prefrences, if you just need a bed i would say Hotel Porto, if you want to be closer to the center or want more facilities, price will increase quite a bit. did you consider apartment?

      Brgds, Morten

    • @Johnny, i now checked with my friend and his brother who used to live in Zader, the told me that nightlife is limited in Zadar, to bars they recommend is Arsanal in the old town and Meduza by Hotel Kolovare. On Fridays most cafe bars in the old town has barbecue on the street normally there is lots of people in town that evening, If you want reall party they said Split is better options.



  28. Hi..Im from egypt and i would like to travel to croatia in july.

    I want to visit Pag, Hvar and Dubrovnik. Could you please tell me which one to visit first? and what airport? and how to get from dubrovnik and hvar to pag? or other way.


    • Hi Farida, well getting between the 3 places in not so easy.

      If you fly into Split airport, you can visit Island Pag with rented car or with public transport, the latter been a bit complicated. From Pag you can head back to Split and then take ferry or Catemaran to Hvar and from there you can take ferry to Dubrovnik. Getting back to Split is possible with Bus, which is a 5 hours ride.

      Other alternative is to fly in to Dubrovnik, then do Hvar and finally Island Pag



  29. Hi,

    I will be in Pag until the 4th of July,I would like to go to Split and Hvar island from there. However my flight home departs from Zadar on the 9th July.

    In order for me to get to Split, do I have to return to Zadar? Also do u think this is a lot of travel for five day?!


    • Hi Julia, you will have to take bus from Pag to Zadar, and from Zadar to Split, from Split you have to go with Ferry or Catamaran to Hvar.

      for a five days trip that is quite a bit of traveling, you will for sure not manage to get to Hvar and back in one day.



  30. Hi,

    Myself and friends are coming to Croatia in in July after Exit Festival in Serbia. We are planning to arrive in Pag on the morning of the 12th July. We are then flying back on the morning of the 21st from Dubrovnik. As of yet, we don’t know what the plan is! Thinking of 4days in pag, then a few days in split and a few days in dubrovnik before flying back. What would you recommend? and is the travel easy and cheap between these places?

    Thank you!


    • Hi Lauren, i assume you are going to Novalja on Pag? the travel from there in dircection to Split, is possible with bus, first you have to go to Zadar and then from there on to Split, between Novalja and Zadar there is only a few daily departures. Getting from Split to Dubrovnik, is possible by bus (Frequent) or ferry. if you have time i would recommend you to do the 9 hour ferry trip, runs twice a week. Buses are fairly cheap, also the ferry ticket is not expensive

      If you rent a car, you should visit NP krka on the way to Split and also Trogir is a must see.


  31. Hi Croatian Guy,

    My friend and I will arrive in Dubrovnik on a Friday afternoon in July.We want to immediately go to either Pag or Hvar. What is the best and fastest way to do this? Which is closer to Dubrovnik?
    How far are Pag and Hvar from one another? How can we get there? Please help!

    • Hi Stephanie, Hvar is closest to Dubrovnik and can be reach with ferry twice a week. alternative you can take bus to Split and then ferry / catamaran from there to Island Hvar. Is you want to go to Pag you will have to take bus Dubrovnik – Split – Zadar – Pag.

      Brgds, MOrten

  32. Thanks for the quick reply.
    We arrive in Dubrovnik early morning and have that day plus two more days to split between HVAR and Pag. Which do you think is the best/fastest route to take? Should we go to Hvar first of Pag? Do you think three days is enough to see Pag and Hvar plus travelling between?
    Where can we view a ferry and bus schedule??



    • Hi Stephanie, if you only have 2 days to Split between Hvar and Pag, you will be spending those two days mainly on traveling is you insist on seening both places, so i would advice you to focus one of the places.


  33. Hi Croatia Guy,

    Here is our itinerary, let us know if you think it will work:

    Fri July 22nd- Arrive in Dubrovnik at 12:30. Take Bus/ferry to Hvar.

    Satursday July 23- Enjoy Hvar.Depart Hvar for PAG. Arrive Pag late evening. (Should we take the ferry to Split?)

    Sunday July 24- Enjoy Pag.
    Monday July 25- Pag to Dubrovnik by bus.
    Tuesday July 26- Enjoy Dubrovnik.

    Is the only way from Hvar to Pag by ferry through Split?
    Please let me know of any suggestions. Is it possible to take private taxis? How much?

    • Hi Stephanie, i think you plan is possible, but you will spend lots of time on bus travel.

      Only way to Pag, is ferry trough Split, from Split it is possible to arrange pre-booked transfer but it is quite expensive



  34. Hi,

    How much is a bus journey from Novalja to Split airport? We are staying on the island of Pag near Novalja for a week in July, and we need to be at Split airport at 12o’clock midday on a Thursday – Do we need to book a bus journey? How long does it normally take?

    Also do you know how much the ferry is from Rijeka to Novalja?

    Thankyou in advance, Emma

    • Hi Emma, i dont know exact price, but here you can roughly calculated price of bus in Croatia

      You will have to take bus Novalja Zadar, and then from Zadar to Split (Trogir), make sure the bus passes by the Airport.

      You can not book the bus.

      For the ferry i am sure

      Brgds, Morten

  35. hi,

    me and 3 of my friends are coming to croatia on 30th June and we arrive at 2.25pm to zagreb, we need to get to novalja, I understand that this is very far away but was wondering how we would go about doing this?
    my main concern is getting back to zagreb from novalja as our flight is at 3pm and i have been told we can get a bus that picks us up at 8.30am drops us off at zagreb city centre around 12.30pm then we must get a shuttle/taxi to the airport which takes 30 minutes, im not sure if this will be enough time at the airport for our flight.
    i have looked on buses but a lot have no prices and apparently a lot of the locals get priority which isnt ideal for us when we have a party that night!
    and then i also looked on taxi transfers and these are far too exoensive at around 700euros!
    if you could let me know that would be great!

    • Hi Jade,

      I assume you will be going home at the 7th of July, i justed checked by Croatia airlines, you have plain at 12pm from Zadar arrival 12.40 in Zagreb, the have 3 seets left for 281 Kune (40 Euro) and additional seats for 50 Euro, if you book these flights you can easly catch your flight from Zagreb, then you just have to check how to get from from Novalja to Zadar, in the morning

      Brgds, Morten

  36. Hey jade I take it ur goen to hideout too! They have put on coaches to take people to novalja frm zagreb! Mine cost 70 pound ish for a return coach!! Here’s my email if ur stuck!

  37. Hi Morten,

    This really is a great site, I have found out so much useful information and it is very kind of you to answer everyone’s questions.

    I am flying from London to Split and arrive at 8:20pm on sat 25th June, I am booked to check in to a hotel in Hvar the same day… from what I have found online it doesn’t look like this is possible. I have tried looking on the ferry routes section of this site but the links to the tables do not work. On another site it said the only ferry from Split to Hvar is at 5pm and coming back the only one is 7:40am, is this true? I’m checking out of Hvar on 28th so if this is the case I’ll miss my first night and only have one full day in Hvar. Do you know where i can find more accurate information on ferries and what time the last one is? Also any recommendations for the best thing to do with one day in Hvar will be appreciated.

    I’m then booked in a hostel on 28th and 29th in Split. From the articles on this site one thing i must do is the rafting on Cetina! On the 30th i need to travel to Pag. From the above comments i can see the best way is by bus. Do you know where i can find timetable information to travel from split to Novalja? I need to know what times, cost and how long the journey takes.

    Again i must say this site is great, the national park Krka looks like another thing i must do! I’m in Pag till 4th July then i have four days of my itinerary unplanned until i fly home from Split on the 9th



    • Hi Dave,

      Getting to Hvar that late in the evening with ferry or Catamaran is not possible, last ferry is 20:30 pm from Split. for the 28th you have 4 catamarans going from Hvar (Hvar city) to Split, first is about 6.30Am last one about 3Pm. What to do in Hvar? well you can easly spend a full day in town hvar, it is so beatiful a place.

      If you only have 28th and 29th in Spilt, i would recommend you just to spend those two days in Split, in “discover” the city.

      Getting from Split to Novalja, i cant tell you price or timetables, i would recommend you to check out the schedule when you arrive in Split. (what i can tell is that it is not that easy to get to Novalja).

      Best, Morten

  38. Hi! I am heading to Pag later this month am trying to coordinate the fastest possible means of transportation to get from Pag to the airport in Split or Zagreb. Are there other means of doing this besides a bus? I was hoping someone would know of a helicopter company or perhaps a fast private boat to Split?

    Any help, ideas or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you!

    Jason –

    • @Jason, i dont think there is any Helicopter company, fast boat although might be possible, you will have to ask in Novalja on Pag. Last option is that you book a private transfer.


  39. Hi Morten,

    I am flying to Split from Scotland with a group of girls at the start of August and we have accomodation booked just next to Zrce Beach however I am having great difficulty finding the quickest and cheapest way to get from Split Airport to Zrce Beach. Then later on in the week we are heading back to Split city centre for a few nights and finally back to split airport.

    Could you possibly give me any information on the best was to get to and from all these places?

    Your website is very useful!
    Thank you


    • Hi Ruth,

      getting to Zrce from Split Airport is not an EASY task, you basically have two option (Assuming you wish to use public transport).

      1. Take airport bus to centre of Split, from there you take semi fast bus to Zadar, and from here go to Novalja (Zrce)
      2. take local bus to trogir from mainroad in front of Airport, from here take bus to Zadar — and then to Novalja.

      be aware there is only few daily buses between Zadar and Novalja, so depending on arrival time it might not be possible to go there by publich transport.

      Both options are by no means fast, but should be fairly cheap (my guess would be 130-150 kn a person).

      If you are a larger group you should consider booking a bus, will be more expensive, but will be faster and much easier.

      Best, Morten

  40. Hi Croatia expert.
    Myself and a few friends are wanting to go to Pag to party on Zrce beach. Flying to Zadar on the 31st August and returning 3rd September. Will there still be parties on or is season finished? Thanks!

  41. Hi Morten,

    I am travelling into Split on the 31st of July (early) and wanted to go to Novalja for the first 3 nights. I understand that its quite a task to get there, 2 buses, zadar then novalja? How long will this approximately take?

    So far I have not found any cheap hostels/hotels/apartments available for those dates. Is it easy to find accomodation once we’re out there? Or should I keep looking online?

    Many Thanks,

    • Hi Laura, there are plenty of buses between Split and Zadar, problem is Zadar to Novalja, in best case you would need about 4 hours in worst case a lot more.

      For apartments you should keep looking online, is possible you can find something when you get there, but i would not count on, considering this is absolute peak season.

      Best, MOrten

  42. Hi Morten,

    A few friends and I (5 in total) are flying to Rijeka airport on Monday, and then planning on going to Pag.

    I have seen somewhere that there is a ferry from Rijeka port to Novalja. In your opinion is this the best way to get to Novalja from the airport, or is a bus/train/taxi a better option?

    Many thanks


    • Hi Thonners, i think the ferry from Rijeka to Novalja is good option, it takes 2.5 hours, i hardly think you can get there faster by other means of transport. Only obstacle is that there is only on daily departure, i think around 5 pm.

      Best, Morten

  43. Croatian Expert:

    How long does it take to get to Pag from Hvar? As well as Pag to Dubrovnik?

    • Stephanie, depens on mean of transport, if you take publich transport i would guess around 8-10 hours depend on where you travel from on Pag. If yuo rent a car you can get to Split in about 3 hours and then take catamaran to Hvar which is another hour.


  44. Our flights were booked with us landing in zagreb.
    our time is limited in croatia knowing that we have to depart the country 6 days later in zagreb as well.

    We want to see Hvar and the Pag island. Is it too much to try and do the two knowing that after your previous comments it will sound like will be spending more time on a bus-train than anything.

    as always renting a car is the superior option however is train or bus quicker?

    • Hi Mark

      lots of traveling if you pick these two island, why dont you consider Brac + Hvar or Korcula + Hvar instead. (Pag is very nice, but in terms of beaty Brac and Korcula are at least on the same level)

      If you rent a car it becomes a lot easier but also more expensive

      Best, Morten

  45. hello there
    I am wondering if September(first ten days) is a good time for coastal cities and islands such as Pag, Hvar and Dubrovnik
    is it doable to swim ? we’re renting a car and driving from Zagreb and then flying back from Dubrovnik to Zagreb
    is it too many kilo meters to cover in a short time ?

    • @Saad

      In September it is for sure possible to swim, (Is personally my favourite month, water is warm and it is not too crowded).

      As you have 10 days and a rented car it should for sure be possible so sea the coast, In terms of kilometres trip is actually not long, but the (coastal) roads have lots of curves so average travelling speed is low 🙂

  46. thank you really for your fast reply
    I just would like to hear from your advice
    what are the destinations you recommend for guys (late 20s) during the period i just mentioned (September 1-10) ?
    okay we are interested in seeing all those nature scenic islands and all
    but we’re also looking for some night life and crowd action 🙂
    thanks again

    • Hi Saad

      Well in September I would recommend you Split, alternatives like novalja on island Pag already peak at that time, therefore Split is better simply do to the size of the city.

      You might want to read my Split nightlife guide, maybe that would convince you!

      Best, Morten

  47. Hi

    Me and a large group of girls are looking to go to pag in early September but I wanted to check is the nightlife still good or at least open at that time of year or will the season have already finished?

    Thanks in advance


  48. Hi

    Do you know how long it takes to drive from Zagreb to Novalja and if it is possible to rent a car at Zagreb airport and drop it off in Novalja at all? Also we are planning to drive from Novalja to Split- how long does this take?



    • Hi George,

      my guess would be it would take you about 3.5-4 hours from Zagreb to Novalja, i am not sure regaring the car rental, alternatively you have bus from Zagreb. the trip from Novalja to Split takes about 2.5 hours with car.



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