Rafting on River Cetina


Rafting on Cetina river is the most popular adventure tour in Dalmatia. This summer, I went for another adrenaline rush with a few friends from Denmark. Although I tried it for several times, I am always excited about it.

The city of Omis offers quite a few companies that arrange rafting tours, canyoning and wild-water canoeing on the river Cetina. I always make sure to book my rafting tour with one of the companies who offer insurance and generally put the safety of the participants in the first spot.

TIP: The meeting point for rafting in our case was Radman Mills (Radmanove Mlinice) which is about 6 km up to the river from Omis. In alternative, it is also possible to meet with the organizers in Omis so make sure to check the meeting point.

Our itinerary:


Everybody gathered at the meeting point, in our case there were 37 people from Latvia and a few people from other nations. From the meeting point, we where transferred by bus to the starting point 9.5 km up river where we got our equipment, lifejacket, helmet and paddle and of course the obligatory safety instructions.


Everybody were in the boats and we started our adventure. The rafting tour on Cetina is divided into 3 parts, where the first and the third part are relatively easy parts and the second one is the part with wild water. Don’t worry: at the beginning, the guide will give precise instructions on how to react in different situations. After we learned to manoeuvre the raft and follow the commands given by our guide, we started with serious rafting as you can see on the pictures below.

INFO: At the middle of the trip, there is a passage with a waterfall and for safety reasons, we were required to leave the boat and follow the path for 200 meters to a pick point below the waterfall. 

Since my friends and myself are adventure lovers, we took the “extreme” route through the cave. To enter the cave we had to cross a small lake with seriously cold water, the temperature was 10 degrees. It was cold, but all of us managed to get to the other side and through the cave.

Rafting Cetina omis

When everybody was back in the rafts, we continued down the river. An expected situation happened there:  a Latvian lady who didn’t listen carefully to our guide and didn’t follow the instructions fell in the water like the rest of us too, luckily in both case nobody was injured.


We stopped for a swim and jumped into the water from rocks and later we continued to the finish point at Radman Mills where we arrived at 18:30

My friends experienced rafting for the first time were totally excited about it, they even ask me if we could do it again the next day. Personally, I think we had a great trip, not only because of the excitement but also because of beautiful nature you get to see.

Here is some general information’s about rafting:

  • Rafting on Cetina river is possible from April to October.
  • Water temperature is betwen 14 and 17 degrees celsius.
  • Minimum age is 8 years.
  • Rafting on Cetina river is category 2, it is medium difficulty.
  • Remember to bring extra clothes because you will get wet.
  • Wallet, mobile phones, camera etc, can be given to the guide who will store it in dry box on the raft.
  • Price for rafting depends on the agency but it is usually 30 euros.
  • There are numerous companies that offer online booking or booking inside the agency.
  • Pick up in Split is also possible (with addditional payment).
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  1. If you wanted to do this sort of thing while on holiday in Croatia, would you be covered by basic travel insurance if anything were to happen? It sounds like fun!

  2. Last week (date 2012 05 22) i also had a rafting on the river Cetina with company “Damatia raftind”.

    All the instructors and organization was wonder. I was with Latvian group, so all comands what to do they say in your language,for us in latvian. Its easy to understand what to do even for person who dont understand in english.

    For me it was great experience.

    • Hello Indre!
      Thanks for your very positive reaction; it’s so great to hear you enjoyed rafting with us!
      We always do our best to satisfy each guest, so this means really a lot to us.
      Best regards from the whole rafting crew!

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