Split Airport, bus and transfer


The Split Airport is situated in 23 km outside of the town, in a small city called Kaštela, the airport is not among the biggest in the world but at least it is open whole year, in the winter month it handles about 30000 passengers, in the peak month August about 220.000.

In the airport the following facilities are available, Newspaper kiosk, A bank, a post office, numerous ATM machines, a restaurant and a large number of car rental companies. For international flights there is a duty free shop, offering the regular duty free product like e.g. alcohol, cigarettes, chocolate and local produced gift products.

List of companies flying to Split airport

During summer season (April to October) there are numerous companies flying to the Split airport here are some of them: Croatia Airlines, German Wings,  Easyjet, Aeroflot, Air Méditerrané, Norwegian, Hamburg International, Ukraine International Airlines, SAS, Dubrovnik Airline, Austria Airlines, Malév Hungarian Airlines, Malmö Aviation, Thomas Cook Airlines and many more. During winter, the only companies flying to the airport is Croatia Airlines and Eurowings.

Distance from Split Airport to Major Cities in the Area

Distance from Split airport to the Split centre is 23.3 km and it takes about 25 minutes to get there.

  • Split Airport →Trogir – 5 km; 7 minutes
  • Split Airport →Omiš – 40 km; 50 minutes

entrance Split airport

Price of taxi to these cities

Taxi prices vary depending of time of the day, if you take a taxi e.g. to Split centre, you will pay 20 kuna for the start and 10-14 kuna for each kilometre, which gives you a total fare price of 260 – 350 kuna. Price for taxi to Trogir is about 80-120 kuna.

IMPORTANT – Airport bus rules, prices etc, and how does it operate:

Transfer of passengers from the Airport to the city centre (Split) is organised by “Pleso – Prijevoz” buses. Bus transfer from the airport to the city of Split is in accordance with arrival of scheduled flights. The Airport bus leaves app. 30 minutes after arrival of any scheduled flight, no matter if it is national or international.

From Split centre the airport bus leave app. 90 minutes before scheduled flight time, of any flight, to not miss the bus, it can although be recommended to show up 2 hours before scheduled departure in the main season.

Bus transfer between Split and the Split airport is also organized for passengers flying with companies other than Croatia Airlines. For further information you can call 021/203119.

Price for the Airport bus is 30 kuna / person for a one way ticket. More information about the airport bus you can find here.

Public bus to / from the Airport:

Bus number 37, which drives on the old road between Split to Trogir and vice versa, you can get on the bus, if you go to the main road outside the airport parking lot, the bus leaves every 20 minutes from 5 in the morning till 7 in the evening, after 7 PM, it leaves every 30 minutes, last bus is around midnight. On Sundays buses drive every 30 minutes. A ticket from Split Airport to Split costs 20 kuna in one direction. The ticket Split airport – Trogir cost 10 kuna.

Car rental companies at the Airport:

If you need to rent a car from Split airport, you can find a large selection of car rental offers if you click here.

Airport transfer – companies offering Airport transfer

There are several companies offering airport transfer which has to be pre-booked. The transport is done by different vehicles depending on the number of persons.

Departure terminal airport Split

Price examples for a Pre-booked airport transfer

From Split airport to Split centre the approximate prices for an airport transfer is like this. Transport of 1-3 persons is 36 Euros, for 4-8 persons the price is 40 Euros. If you go some place further away you can calculate that the cost for up to 8 persons will be around 1-1.5 euro/kilometer. (Dubrovnik 230 km should be around 250 Euro). The price is depended on distance and the day of travelling, Saturday is the busy day, so book in do time. If you have larger groups, you are welcome to contact us for arrangement of the Split Airport transfer.

The Airport Codes:

  • Identification code: SPU
  • SITA code: SPUAPXH
  • ICAO classification: 4 E

Parking at the airport:

When you come to the airport, take a parking ticket at the parking entrance, remember to bring it with you to the terminal as you would have to pay and stamp it here before leaving, this is also the case (stamping) if you stay less the 15 minutes, which is free of charge.

Price of parking:

  • First 15 minutes is free
  • 1 hour parking is 7 kuna
  • If you want to leave the car at the airport for a longer period it will cost you 49 kuna a day the first three days, after three days the price is 45 kuna/day.

Address and contact details (phone number, website etc):

  • ZRAČNA LUKA SPLIT -, Cesta dr. Franje Tuđmana 96, P.P.2 21210 Kaštela, Croatia.
  • Telephone: ++385 (0)21 203 555; Fax: ++385 (0)21 203 422; Telex: 26150 AERST RH
  • Website:
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  1. Thanks again for the wonderful and informative site! I’ve been looking around to book a transfer from Split airport to Okrug Gornji, but the quotes I’m getting are much higher than the examples you give in this post. The quotes I got from different transfer companies range from 28 euros to 45 euros one way for 1-4 people. This is pretty much the price range you said is to go to Split city center, and more than twice of what you say a taxi should cost from airport to Trogir. Considering Trogir/Ciovo is a about a third of the distance to Split, I don’t understand why it’s so expensive to get a transfer.. Have prices more than doubled in the past year, or are the tranfer companies just trying to rip off silly tourists?

    • Hi Elena,

      I forgot to put that in my post, for short distances taxi is almost always the cheaper options

      Why are the transfer companies so expensive? Well most of them are based in Split so when you order a transfer from Trogir to Okrug Gornji, they first have to go to the Airport and then wait there for you, taking into consideration that your plain could be late, then they have to do the transfer and drive back to Split, based on this I think their prices are quite realistic and for sure not a rip off, simply pure cost calculation.


  2. Thanks Morten! I will just try getting a taxi from the airport then. I’ve found in other holiday destinations that booking transfer in advance was usually cheaper than hopping into a taxi, but I guess Croatia is different. Thanks again for your help!

  3. Hi. Can you help me to find a transfer from Split ariport to Baska Voda ? I have tried to find it out on the internet. Is any public transfer to Baska Voda or is it only taxi ?
    Thank you,

    • Hi Olina

      well you basically have 3 options!

      1. Take the Airport bus from Split Airport to Split city center, from here you have 300 meters to main bus station where buses leaving for Baska Voda – cost of trip, 30 kuna for Airport bus + app. 50 kuna from Split to Baska Voda.
      2. Take a taxi – i am not sure about price but i would guess something like 600-800 Kuna (100 Euro)
      3. book a private airport transfer, where the company has driver waiting for you in the Airport, is cheaper then taxi, but of course much more expensive then the bus.

      Hope that helps you a bit


  4. Hello,

    I wrote that but nr 37 is going from Split tot Okrug Gornji. Het also stops at the airport Split?

    Hope to hear from you, thanks, Joanna

  5. Sorry, something went wrong. Bursnr 37 also stops in Okrug Gornji as well as at Split Airport. Is this correct?

    thanks again. Joanna

    • Hi Joanna, no as far as i am aware of, Bus nr 37 does not go to Okrug Gornji on island Ciovo, but there is a bus going from Trogir to Ciovo, but i dont know the number.

      Brgds, Morten

  6. There is no direct bus from Split airport to Okrug Gornji, at least there wasn’t one last August. So you can either take the Bus 37 to Trogir bus station and then make your way to Okrug Gornji or you take a taxi from the airport straight away. The bus between Trogir bus station and Okrug Gornji is very infrequent, it goes about once every 2-3 hours, so you may have to wait for a long time. You can take a boat from Trogir old town to Ciovo island, which goes more frequently, but convinience of this depends on whether your accomodation is close to the boat stop or not. If you’re thinking of taking a bus to Trogir and then a taxi over to Okrug Gornji, it’s not worth it – I tried that last August and was charged 200 kuna for what was less than a 10 minute drive. And it’s the same price you’d be charged for the whole way from the airpot to Okrug Gornji. It’s a rip off, but because it’s quite difficult to get to Okrug Gornji by public transport (with suitcases, etc), the taxi drivers take advantage of it.

  7. I am traveling to Malena hotel and apartments by I think Senget outside Trogir. I was told there is a bus that goes from the airport past this location. Can you confirm this and any idea of the cost?

    • Hi Pete, i am not sure if number 37 goes to Seget, but worst case you will have to change bus in Trogir. cost should not be much more then 20 kuna as trip is fairly short


  8. Hello,

    I will be coming to Split Airport and I am staying at the Villa Pinocchio. Which is little far from the airport. Is there any transportation that I can use beside the taxi services.

    Villa Pinocchio is located on Grljevacka 26 21312 Podstrana.

    If someone can help me with this. I would be much appreciated.

    Thank you,

  9. Hi,

    I am arriving at Split airport & need to find out how i would get to Split bus Station where i am catching a bus to Dubrovnik from the airport?


    • Hi Alan, just take the airport bus to the centre of Split, from there you have 300-400 by foot along the water, to the main bus station, where you find the busses leaving for Dubrovnik.

      Brgds, Morten

    • Hi Alan, bus number 37 is on option, but there is an actual airport bus, which wait just autoside the terminal, that is then one i would recommend. Number 37 is a local bus stopping on main road in front of airport, and what is important to notice is that bus number 37 has end station in Split quit far away from the main bus station.

  10. Hi Morten,

    I’m arriving in split at 9am on a Thursday and i’m looking for the airport bus timetable. Do you know how often they run? Is it every hour or more?

    Also, is the drop off point far from Preradovicevo setaliste? As that is where i’m staying.

    • Hi Mat, i dont remember exatly when it runs but i think it is by arrival of Croatia airlines plain. i would guess about every second hour or so.

      As far as i can see you are staying at Bacvice which is about 15 minutes walk from drop off point.



  11. Hi Morten,

    We will arrive Split Airport on Saturday 16/7 around 12:30 and we will stay in Trogir Rivieran.
    Can we take bus 37 all the way?
    and if we take the airport bus into split I suppose we have to shift bus in split to get to Trogir Rivieran? what bus no?

    And finally – what will a taxi cost in Eur?


    • Hi Karin, from Airport you can take number 37 to bus station in Trogir (center). (No need to Split first)

      Taxi to Trogir centre should be around 100 kuna (13 Euro)

      Best, Morten

  12. Hi Morten

    Sorry if this seems like a blonde question 😉 I was just wondering with the airport transfer bus is for people only flying on Croatian Airlines? I notice that you’ve put a contact number if people are flying on other airlines, do I need to ring and book a seat? I’m arriving on a Malev Airlines flight.
    Are you able to tell me the street name where the bus stops in Split? I’m just trying to work out how to get from there to my hotel

    Thank you very much 🙂 🙂

    • Hi Leisa, you can also go with bus is you travel with other airlines, but the schedule is normally addapted to arrival of Croatian airlines flights. You do not need to reserve, in fact you can not reserve a seat on the bus.

      The Airport bus stops at the end of the Riva in Split, which is straight in the centre. if you have a look at the at the map in this nightlife guide, the bus stops by the taxi stand (the right one)


  13. Hi Morten,

    I came to Croatia 3 years ago, please can you refresh my memory.

    When i arrive at Split airport I need to take a bus to the ferry to can catch one to the Island of Brac, which bus do i take and how long will it take plus cost. Also, when returning my flight is at 10.30am, will the earlier ferry plus bus get me to the airport in time .

    • Hi Nicole,

      from the airport you take the airport bus to Split centre, price 30 kuna / person – travelling time app. 30 minutes.

      I think you shold be able to catch the early bus, but check when you get out in Split what time it departures in the morning.


  14. Hi there,

    My fiancee and I will be landing at Split Airport at around 10am on thursday morning (18th). We don’t want to pay private transfer prices, but instead would like to use public transport. I believe we can get the 37 bus from outside the airport for 20 Kuna each, which takes us to Split Bus Station. My question is what to do next? Can you please tell me what bus route takes us from Split to Omis? And also if we need to pre-order tickets? We’ve read in a few books that it’s advisable to reserve seats, is this true? Do you know how much it will cost to get from Split to Omis?

    We will try to speak as much of the language as possible, but I have to admit my knowledge is not great. Is it easy enough for an englishman to get around? Do the bus drivers speak english generally?

    Thank you for your assistance.

    Kind regards, Liam

  15. Hi Morten,
    We are arriving to the Split airport on the 15th of September. Could you please give us detail information about how it would be better to get Baska Voda using public tranport (there will be five of us – 4 aduls + child). And how much time it will take?

    Could you also give us the price guidance on bus tickets?

    Thanks in advance,

    • Hi Inna,

      first you take airport bus to Split Riva, (Centre of town) 30 kuna Person, from there you walk direction ferry terminal (You cant miss it) 100 meter before ferry terminal you see a lot of bus on your left hand side. Bus to Baska Voda will be leaving from here, there should be plenty of departure, i am not sure of about price, but my guess would be around 50 kuna a Person

      Best, Morten

      • Hi Morten,
        Thank you for your reply. Thank you for this site and for you assistance in arranging of peoples’ trips to Croatia.
        I have one more question. Visiting Croatia I would also like to take a one day trip to Italy by ferry.
        Would it be possible to go there (any place) from Split or Baska Voda? Or I should go to Porec first and then to Venice only?

        Best regards,

        • Hi Inna, you are welcome

          in relation to visiting Italy, i think only options would be from Porec, although i am not 100% sure.

          From Split it would only be possible if you take night ferry from Split to Ancona, i think it arrives there about 7 Am, the returning Catamaran (SNAV) leaves about noon from Ancona, so it will be a lot of travelling for a few hours stay.

          Best, Morten

  16. Hi Morten,

    Thank you for your site it is very well done.

    I will certainly got to Crotia in May, staying at the Ravi Hotel in Hvar.
    I don’t know yet the time of the flight, but what is the best way for the transferts from Split Airport to this Hotel (The hotel is located in the port of Hvar)?

    Can you specify how many departure of buses and ferries you have for this destination?

    Many thanks for your help.

    • Hi Julien

      the best (cheapest) way to get from the Airport to the center of Split is to take the airportbus, as i mention in the text bus leaves after arrival of croatian airlines flights, I do not have any official schedule so i can’t tell you exact departure time. From split you have Catamaran which goes to the port of Hvar, schedule for Catamaran to Hvar you can find here

      Brgds, Morten

      • Hi Morten,

        Thank you very much for your reply. I know now the time of my arrival at the Split airport: 1:40pm.

        I understand that a bus will be there of Croatia airlines, but then looking at the Catamaran to Hvar, I have the feeling that there is only one Catamaran which goes to Hvar during the low season…at 2pm so too early for us.
        Do I read the schedule properly? Or are there other departure time i did not see?

        Many thanks in advance.
        Kind regards


  17. Sorry i wrote the post via my mobile so there are typos, i would say: now that i saw your pictures i can’t wait going there 😉


  18. Hei

    We are comming to Split AirPort saturday in the evening, 20.00 and are going to Okrug Gornji. How much will it cost us for a taxi? 2 adults and 2 cildren. And how far is it from Split AirPort to Okrug Gornji?
    What valuta is used in Croatia? Euro?


    • Hi Kjersti, my guess would be around 20-25 Euro for the trip, which is about 150-200 kn (Kuna). Kuna is the official currency in Croatia, right now the exchange rate between NKR and Kuna is almost 1 to 1, so it should be pretty easy for you down here :-). you can exchange money at the Airport or withdraw money from ATM machine.


  19. I want to come to Croatia from Ancona, Ferry. 2 adults and 2 13year olds. For 5 days in July I have no idea where to start looking for accommodation etc. Main priority is accessible beach and swimming.Can you recommend a starting off point?

  20. Hi Morten,
    First off, thank you for putting this website together. It is very well done and just reading through the posts have helped me acclimate to Croatian travel.

    My fiance and I are flying into Split Airport and arriving at 15:30 and would like to catch the 17:00 catamaran to HVAR town. Do you think we will have enough time, assuming the flight is not delayed, to collect baggage, clear customs, travel approximately 30 minutes and get to the boat on time?

    If you think we are being too aggressive, do you have any other advice on getting to Hvar Town from Split leaving later in the evening? Worst case, are there water taxis available?

    Thanks so much for your help!

    Best Regards,

    • Hi Josh, well your schedule is a bit tight, if you are out of the airport before 16 you should be able to make it, provided you take a taxi from the airport to Split, but be aware you could be unlucky that the Catamaran is sold out. Water taxis are available from Split but they are quite expensive. Other alternative is to take the car ferry from Split to Starigrad on Hvar, last departure is 20:30, whit arrival at 23.00 from there you have 20 minutes to town Hvar.

      Best, Morten

  21. Hi,

    Its been so helpful reading all your advice so far Morten! Thank you.

    I am currently in Hvar, leaving tomorrow on the catamaran to split and leaving split on Saturday morning to fly home 🙁

    Problem is our flight is at 10.30 and only bus i can see is 5.30 am! Do you know of any others that are direct? I caught the public bus last year and it was a horrendous experience!!

    Failing that, is there any other couples reading this who are getting the same flight and want to share a taxi?!

    Thank you in advance,


    • Hi Beth, i went to look yesterday to see if there was new schedule at the departure point of the airportbus, unfortunatly that was not the case, so i cant give you any information then the one you already have.

  22. Hi Morten (and everyone reading this!)

    Thanks for getting back to me.

    Just to let you and any others that this applies to know….there is more than one bus that runs to Split Airport from Split town.

    There is a Croatia airlines bus (this is the timetable we’ve all been seeing), another company of which I never found out the name and then the Zele Bus Company.

    You can collect their timetable from the Tourist Office on the promenade. The buses run almost every 90 mins or so but services are a bit more sparse at the weekend so its worth checking out the timetable in advance. We had a 10.15am flight out of Split and caught the bus at 8am which worked out great.

    Tickets cost 30kn and you buy these on board.

    Hope this helps!

  23. Hi All,

    I am planning to visit split and possibly stay on an island off the coast of split, can anybody tell me the best island to visit with good beaches, which city or town to depart from to the island (Split, Trogir), the cheapest way to get to it, and recommend a hotel to stay at.

    Also is it possible to fly from Split to St Petersburg in Russia, if so which airline

    thankyou in advance

    • Hi Nigel,

      good beach Island close to Split would be Brac, have a look at the city Bol. ferry ticket is about 4 or 5 euro, as far as i remember. Hotel you can find here

      I am not sure if there is any direct flight from St. Petersburg, but i doubt there is.



  24. Hi Morten,

    How are you? Can you please help me? Im flying to Split 11.8. on Saturday around 1 pm. I need to get to town Krk. Im not sure whats easier, to take ferry to rijeka and then bus or is there any other option?

    Thanks so much

    • Hi Lada,

      well getting from Split to Krk is quit a bit of travelling, i would think that best way is to take bus up the cost, you most proberly can find bus to Krk from Crikvenica, which is south of Rijeka, i am although not 100% sure about that, if not from Rijeka it will for sure work.



  25. Hi Morten
    I would love some advice on catching a car ferry to Brac from Split. My flight from Denmark lands at 8.30. We need to collect bags, clear customs, collect rental car and drive to the ferry port. Do you think we will make it on the 10.15am ferry? I understand the drive from the airport takes about 30 minutes. How much time before the ferry departs do you need to be at the port to buy a ticket and drive onto the boat? Writing this now makes me think we’ll have no hope! I’m concerned that I’ll waste a night’s accommodate on Korcula if we miss the boat so I’m really not sure what to do. A second opinion would be greatly appreciated.
    Best, Keri

    • Hi Keri

      you write that you want to catch a ferry from Split to Brac, well it that is the case you should have no worries, the ferries are frequent, so even if you miss the 10.15 departure you will have a second ferry shortly after. I am not sure i understand the part with Korcula you mention, i dont see how that fits into the picture?

      Depending on day of departure you might need 1/2 hour at the ferry port, on other days you need 1.5 hours, you can really not put up a general rule for that.



  26. Greetings!

    I am so happy to find this website, thank you for keeping it going.

    We are arriving in Split by ferry from Hvar on Sunday mid-September and have a 6:15 flight to Paris the next morning. We will not have a car and I haven’t figured out the ferry time yet.

    Considering price and convenience, would it be better to stay in Split or Trogir? I was thinking we would take a bus to the airport but I believe I read the first bus isn’t until 5:00.

    What would you recommend?

    Thank you!

    • Hi Kathleen,

      I am not sure if the 5am bus would be ok for catching your flight, normally i would say yes (trip takes about 30 minutes), but you will not have must time left in case bus is late for some reason whatever, If you are of with that i would say you should stay in Split.



  27. Send my previous post I found the local bus website and as of June the 37 bus leaves at 4:00 and 4:30 in the morning. Do you know if that would continue until the end of September? I’d prefer staying in Trogir since it’s closer to the airport at that early hour.

    Thank you again,

    • Hi Kathleen

      sorry i did not see your second comment before replying 🙂 anyway, yes i think the schedule is valid also for september also.



  28. Hi ,

    I am coming on Saturday evening to Split airport.
    What is the best way to transport 3 people to ACI marina at that time of the day?

    Thank in advance for the replay


    • Hi Zbig, you can take the airport bus, but then you will have to walk about 1 km or so to get to the marina, it you have luaggage maybe taxi is better options.

      Best, Morten

  29. Hi,

    I’m planning to travel to Croatia in September and need to book a flight back from Split on the 23rd. This flight is at 6:15 in the morning, is there a way to get from the old town to the airport early enough to make this flight? I don’t have a car so need to make sure I’ll be able to get there, but don’t want to have to spend a lot on a taxi!


    • Hi Charlotte,

      i think the first airport bus leaves about 5 or 5.10 from the Riva in Split, which does not leave you with much time at the airport, so if i where you i would go to the Croatian Airlines office at the Riva in Split and ask if they think that taking the airport bus should be ok, considering your departure time.



    • Charlotte, from my times in Split I have never found a bus that leaves that early. Its a good 30 min journey on bus so even if you managed to find an early enough bus.’d be pushing it. Sometimes split airport is almost empty. ..last time I went out had a 50 min queue just to get through security! Taxi shouldn’t cost more than £25!


  30. Dear Morten,

    We are arriving in Split this Sat and staying on Vir Island .
    Car hire is expensive and we wondered would it be possible to get a bus from the airport to Split to hire a moped or would you suggest a bus to Vir island ?
    Many thanks Joy

    • Hi Joy,

      Vir, well that is a bit far from Split!

      From Airport take the bus to Trogir (departure on main road in front of airport), in Trogir catch a bus to Zadar from Zadar bus station you should have local buses to Vir. whole trip will cost you app. 100-120 kuna person (best guess).

      Moped opitons? i don’t thing that one is possible

      Best, Morten

  31. Hi Morten,

    we will be going to Split by plane and need to go to Ruskamen from the airport. By now, I figured out one way: First take Bus 37 to Split. From there local buses 9 oder 10 to the ferry port and then bus to Ruskamen.

    Is the pleso-prijevoz-bus from the airport to split stopping at the ferry port?

    Thanks, Oliver

    • Hi Oliver, if you arrive during the daytime it is best to take the airport bus, stopping point of the airport bus is withing walking distance (3-400 m) from where the buses are leaving in direction Ruskamen, more or less any bus going to Makarska, would drop you off in Ruskamen – (ask when you buy the ticket).

      Best, Morten

  32. Hi, I will be arriving in Split at 09:15 on 11th September and need to get to Supetar on Brac, can you please advise of the options for making this journey and what the costs would be.

    When I return home I need to get from Brac to Split in time for a 10:20 flight on 18th September, once again what are my options and the costs please?

    We are not booking a car, so will be foot passengers.

    Many thanks

  33. Hi,

    i fly into Split in September. i am staying there for one night before catching a bus down to Dubrovnik. Where do we catch this bus from? is it from within the centre of Split or back at the airport?


      • Thanks Morten.
        just a little confused still.
        is it the City Bus Hub or the Main Bus Station in Split or a different one?
        sorry if that’s a stupid question.

        Also, is it easy enough to turn up to the station and book a ticket on the day?


        • Hi Brenton, you have city bus hub and the main bus station are two different location, but they are within walking distance.

          From where the Airport bus droppes you off, you have about 300-400 meter to the main bus station, which is situated next to the sea, between the ferry terminal and the main train station.

          Yes, it is no problem to show up at the station on the day of departure to buy a ticket



  34. Hi Morten,

    In 2 weeks I will be going to a villa at Stjepana Radica in Podstrana about 8 km out of Split.

    I asked the people there how to get there from Split airport and they offert me a shuttle for 50 euros but I was hoping to get there a bit cheaper with public transport.

    Do you have an advice for me on how to do that?

    Thanks in advance!


    • Hi Edgar

      if you take the airport bus from Airport to Split center and then change to either local bus number 60 heading for Omis or any intercity bus heading for Omis / Makarska, you should have a total cost of 50 kuna / person. you can find information about airport bus Split etc here

      In Podstrana you can exit the bus at the main road passing trough Podstrana, so might have to walk a bit to the Villa?

      Kindest regards,


  35. Hello!
    How often does the nr37 bus split-trogir stops? And where are the bus stops? Where is the kastel luksic bus stop?

    • Hi Mathias,

      quite often. I can´t say exactly where it stops in Kastel Luksic, but i am sure, you will not have to long a walking distance regardless of where you are staying in Kastel Luksic.

      Brgds, Morten

  36. Hi Morten

    We are going to Vis island in August. We need to get a bus to the Ferry pick up point in Split. Please advise.

    Regards Leon

    • Hi Leon,

      Just catch the airport bus in front of the airport you can not avoid seeing it when you get out of the terminal building. In Split the airport bus stops basically next to where the Catamaran to Vis leaves, and only a few hundred meters from where the Ferry to Vis leaves.

      best regards, Morten

  37. Hi Morten,
    We are arriving at the Split airport in July 2013. We are staying at the Meridien Lav in Podstrana. I have an elderly person with me that cannot walk long distances. How do we get from the airport to Podstrana? A bus from the airport to the center and then a cab? A round-trip cab? What’s best? What is the bus number from the airport to Split? Is there one that goes to Podstrana? Thanks so much for your help.

    • Hi Styliani,

      You could take the airport bus to Split centre, you can’t miss it, is waiting outside the terminal (right side) at the Split airport. Less than 100 meters from the drop off point in Split, you have bus number 60 going to Omis, as far as I recall, the bus stop closest to Lav, is about 4-500 meter from the Hotel. Price per person end to end would be around 50 kn. If you want door to door transportation you should order a pre booked transfer, price should be around 40 Euro for up to 4 persons. Taxi is more expensive.

      Let me know if you have further quesions.

      Kindest regards, Morten

  38. Hi,

    Arriving to Croatia for the first time in the beginning of June 2013, and should go from Split airport to Baska Voda. Checked from the internet that this Jam Transfer -company offers taxi at a price of 72 euros one-way from Split airport to Baska Voda (for 4 passengers).. Do you know if this company is reliable?

    • Hi Sanna, i havent used Jam transfer personally, but friends of mine have without any problems. And they have base close to Split, so i think they should be pretty reliable here.

      Best, Morten

      • Hello Morten!

        We are also going to Baska Voda in June 2013 and I wonder if the airport busses stops where the bus to Baska Voda lives? Is the busstation in the harbor? How often are the buses going? After a week in Baska Voda we are going to Hvar for a week. Can we take a ferry from there or must we go back to Split to take a ferry?

        Best regards Karin

        • Hi Karin,

          The airport bus stops only a few hundred meters from where bus to Baska Voda leaves (Yes, Bustation is at the harbor), just ask the driver, he will tell you which direction to go.

          Buses to Baska Voda are quite frequent, there is at least on bus every hour during day time.

          There is no ferry connection from Baska Voda to Hvar, so it will proberly be the easist to go back to Split and then take Catamaran / Car ferry from there.

          Kindest regards,


  39. Hi

    I have just booked a deal to split croatia but have now seen that we are staying in Havr
    What is the cheapest way to get there from split airport – we land at 9.40am
    however our plane back to UK from split airport is at 10.00 in the morning can we get back in time for this?


    • Hi Leah,

      the cheapest way is to take the airport bus to the centre of Split, from there you have catamaran to Hvar, total travel price should be around 90 kuna (12 Euro/person)

      Where are you staying on Hvar? in town Hvar, or in Jelsa or Starigrad?

      When are you travelling, ferry and catamaran schedule vary depending on which month you travel.

      Brgds, Morten

      • Hi
        We are staying on Stari Grad

        Will we be able to get back to the airport on the morning that we fly by 7.30am??

        We are travelling out on the 12th of May and leave the morning of the 16th of May

        thanks for your help


  40. thanks for this!

    Is it ok to get the car ferry without a car?

    And do we book from here is that easiest?


    • Hi Leah,

      yes you can without problem enter the car ferry with out a car.

      You can not book or reserver tickets for domestic ferries, but it will not be a problem to get at ticket and get on the ferry.

      From Stari grad centre you have a few km walk to the ferry port, ask at your hotel if they have some kind of shuttle service to the ferry.


  41. hi,

    gone through the site..its really good. We are going to stay in Livanjska Split,(reaching 4th evening to Split) so looks only taxi is the good option to go there from airport .
    Also , i am trying to look for nearest ferry port to the place of stay to go for BRAC island on 5th May ’13. Can you help .


    • Hi Utkarsh,

      What time do you arrive on the 4th? last bus from airport is 21:30. from main road you also have regular reginal buses running til about midnight.

      I assume you mean you are staying at the Livanjska Ulica Split, if you manage to get the bus to Split, you maybe have about 1 km to the street from where the bus stops in Split.

      The ferry ports in Split, is at the main harbour, which is close to where the airport bus stops, you really cant miss, just walk direction centre and Sea from where you are staying.

      Let me know if you need further informaiton.

      Kindst regards, Morten

  42. Hi Morten,
    The information you have is great. Just a quick question. Is the ferry port close to Split Centre?
    We are planning on staying in Hvar, arriving on june 3 (via Zagreb on Turkish Airlines) at 1:45pm and departing on the 6th at 1:15pm on an international flight (should we get there extra early) on German Wing airlines.
    What would you recomend? Thank you in advance for all your help. Also if you know any information regarding money exchange. Are euros easily accepted? Airport exchange places usually don’t offer the best deals but if it is too hard to exchange money somewhere else it might be our only option.
    Thank you again!

    • Hi Daniela,

      As June is still not the absolute main season I would think that you need to be at the airport about 1.5 hour before your departure. I think Germanwings states that you have to be there 2 hours before, but i have often arrived later with out any problems. If you arrive there much earlier you can check in your suitcase, and go to the beach which is only 10 minutes from the airport terminal.

      Officially you need Kuna to pay in cash, you can easily exchange at the airport, so you can start exchanging a few Euros there, the rest you can then change in an exchange office in Split or on Hvar, there is several of them so should not be a problem.

      Here is a photo from this Sunday, taken from the Riva in Split looking towards the ferry port, walking distance is maybe 800 meter.

      Ferry port Split seen from Riva

      Best, Morten

  43. hi ,

    thanks a lot…we are arriving nearly 18:30 hours through Jet flight from Manchester . And will be staying in Split for 4 to 6 and then we will go to Dubronvik from where our departure flight is there on 7th.

    Just wondering, we have a plan for day trip to Plitvice lake for 6th. any thing else you can suggest for 5th of June.

    Utkarsh Rastogi

    • Hi Utkarsh

      Considering you will not have much time on the 4th to see Split, i would spend some time on this the 5th. What i can also recommend, is a visit to Trogir, best way to go there, is to take the buraline, which departures at 9:45 or 13:00, somewhere in the area of the harbourmasters office (Seaside promenade). You can also get back with that boat last departure is 18:30, alternative you can take the bus which takes about 30 minutes.

      Kindest regards,


  44. Hi Morten,
    Thanks for a very informative site – love it! We are arriving Split airport from Venice 25.09 at approx 19:30 hrs. We have accomodation booked at Hvar the same day and I´m worried we will not make the last ferry to Hvar. To me it looks like the last ferry departs from the port of Split to Stari Grad at 20:30 hrs. Is this correct? If so – there is no way we will make it in time. Do we have any other options? What do you suggest.

    Thank you

    • Hi Marit,

      As far as i can see 20:30 is correct, which would make it difficult to catch the ferry but not impossible, if you have your luggage before 20:00, you could manage to get to the ferry port with a taxi, Traffic is not so dense in September.

      Well only other option would be to charter a fast boat, but that is quite expensive.

      If you can get from Venice to Ancona faster, you have a ferry leaving from Anconea 20:30 which goes to Split via Hvar.

      Kindest regards, Morten

  45. hi,

    thanks again. We have a departure flight from Dubrovnik and we are staying in split and come to know while going BUS from split to Dubrovnik, have to cross the Bosnia and that may cause problem.IS it so? Can you please help me on this if is to, whats the other way of going there . We have flight on 7th May.


    • Hi Utkarsh,

      I dont think you should have any problems, the way trough Bosnia is transit, which normally works without any problems.

      You can go around, but i am pretty sure there is no need for that. You could check with a Croatian embassey close to you, but i am pretty sure they will give you similar answer.

      Kindest regards,


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