Prices in Croatia


market-in-split-2Tourist often, before their arrival, ask us about prices here in Croatia, especially after the global crises started, lots of people  have been asking about this, so to some work replying to e-mails, I thought it was easier to finally post the information on our blogs!

As prices vary a lot inside Croatia (depending on the location), I will indicate a price range, the highest prices you can expect to find in the top tourist areas, like Istria, Dubrovnik and the islands, the cheapest prices are found on the mainland, and in the smaller Dalmatian cities.

If you have anything to add, like extremely good offers found here, or other stuff which could be helpful to other tourist, please fell free to add a comment at the bottom of the page.


The Hotel prices in Croatia, does not seem to have been  effected by the global crises, so I still find them too high: (price is per person in double room)

Categorie From (low/high season) To (low/high season)
* – ** 15/30 Euro 30/60 Euro
*** 25/50 Euro 60/100 Euro
**** 40/80 Euro 80/150 Euro
***** 80/120 Euro 100/250 Euro

Accommodation (Private)

I talked with many private owners, most of them are complaining about the low number of bookings, I told them maybe they should lower their price or invest some more in marketing, their general reply was no, but I have although noticed, that some of them have started lowering their prices, so this year you can make a good deal. (price per person/day in a full 2-4 persons Unit).

Categorie From (low/high season) To (low/high season)
* – ** 8/12 Euro 12/16 Euro
*** 12/16 Euro 16/25 Euro
**** 20/30 Euro 25/40 Euro
***** 30/40 Euro 40/? Euro

*Like hotels also private accommodation is rated with stars here in Croatia.

Eating out: (restaurants and coffee bars)

Like everywhere else in the world, there is two things which seems to mainly determine the prices in a restaurant or a cafe – location and location. So if you like to eat in the best locations you will pay for it, if you on the other hand only are interested in getting some good food, eating out in Croatia is not expensive at all . We (2 adults, 2 kids) normally pay around 35-40 for an evening meal, including soda for the kids and wine for the adults. (this is the price in a regular restaurant).

Product Normal Top tourist areas
Pizza 4-6 Euro +20-40%
Pasta dish 4-6 Euro +20-40%
Salat 2-3 Euro +20-40%
Dessert 2-3 Euro +20-40%
1/2L local beer >=2 Euro +20-60%
1/2L Local wine 4-6 Euro +20-60%
Cappucino From 1 Euro up to 3 Euro’s

Drinking out!

In the late evening hours, you might want to visit the local disco or a bar, here you need to know the following, vodka, gin, rum etc. are normally available in two variations, the global brands, like Smirnoff, Gardens and Bacardi, but you can also ask for local variations of this, called Domaci rum, Domaci gin etc., if you do so, your drink will cost half the price, but the effect will be the same 🙂

Product Normal Top tourist areas
1/2 local beer >=2 Euro +20-60%
Long dring (domaci) >=2 Euro +30-60%
Long drink 3 Euro +30-60%
Coke >=2 Euro +20-40%

Shopping – daily goods!

There are plenty of supermarkets in Croatia, prices are in general similar to the rest of Europe, although you should know that, imported goods (brands you know from home), most properly have a higher price than you are used to, local brands on the other hand are normally quite cheap.

Our personal preference is to shop at Lidl as we find them having good leverage between price and quality of their products.

Shopping other goods and service:

Global brands (imported goods) will cost you almost the same as in your home country, Be aware! If you find global brand products at a bargain price, it might be a copy, so don’t bring it to Italy on your way home 🙂

Dentist service and other service related to health care, are competitive with most European countries, and the service standard is normally very good.

As Croatia is still not in the EU, (not regulated by EU law) you could have high rates for using your Mobile phone, so if you want to be on the safe side, you should buy a calling card, which can be found on the local post office, and in kiosk like Slobodna Dalmacija or Glas Istra.

Other prices / cost which might be of interest:

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  1. Hi morten,
    greetins from ireland ,thanking you in advance ,its very helpful for people.
    now for the question ! if you can answer? .we are heading to the old town in dubrovnik for the last weekend in april. firstly is the weather nice end april start of may / can you swim in the sea ? how much would a bottle of local beer or bottle of wine cost in supermarket in comparison to bar prices , and can you reccommend a local wine thats good .
    and maybe a couple of places worth seeing that you can recommend .
    but please answer my alcohol question if you can .

    • Hi Addo g,

      in the end of April / Beginning of May swimming is normally possible, at least water it is much warmer then in Ireland at that time of year 🙂

      A pint of beer at a bar should be 20 – 25 kuna, in a supermarket prices is around 8 kn. Local wines i would recommend you to try some wines from Peljecas or Island Korcula.

      The is lots of stuff to see in Dubrovnik of course the old town is a must see, also you could visit National park Mljet.

      Regards, Morten

  2. Hi Morten,

    Could I check with you what is the exchange rate for 1 Euro to Croartian kuna in Zagreb? Do Euro be accepted when check in hostel or hotel or private accommodation or have to use Croartian kuna?

    Thank with regards

    Stella Kou

    • Hi Stella, exchang rate is about 7.5 (You get 7.5 kuna for each Euro), by law companies are obliged to only accept Kuna, but you might find that they also would accept the Euro.

      Best, Morten

  3. Hi I am from Ireland and I am planning a trip to Dubrovnik ,but we will leave the same day to Tucepi ,would you know how much the taxi would cost us from Dubrovnik airport to Tucepi.4 people, 2 adults and 2 children 3 and 6 years. Thanks in advance

  4. Hi Morten, thanks for the information, it’s greatly appreciated! Also, from Ireland 😀 but just wondering, a group of 9 of us are planning on travelling to Split this july for 12 days. What can we expect to pay for cheap central apartment locations, and where would be the best place to search for them? We are finding many duplicates with different prices and also place that don’t seem to exist. Thanks in advance. Jake.

    • Hi Jake,

      i cant tell you about prices, it is simply impossible for me to keep track on exact prices in each city.

      Reason why you find different prices, is that the same accommodation often is offer trough different agents who has different commission stucture. The cheapest accommodation you will find if you book direct buy the owner, but accommodation of that type is not easy to find as many landlords do not want to spend time and effort necessary to have their cheap accommdodation well positioned in the search engines, must of them use agents as it is easier for them.

      Best, Morten



  5. Hi Morten, there are a couple of things I would like you to advice me about and I was wondering if we could do that in private as there are many things I would like to know.. Is it possible if we can comunicate through email?
    If you can view my email please contact me.


    • Hi Hami

      Depending on the issues, i will send you a mail, then you can contact me, but please be aware the i priorities replying on comments on all my pages, as other people might have the same questions.

      Best, Morten

  6. Hi Morten,

    Hoping to go to Croatia early June, flying into Dubrovnik from Dublin. Was thinking of getting a public bus to Makarska and staying there for a few nights, visit Split and mayb Hvar. Then travelling back to Dubrovnik staying there for 5 nights take in Dubrovnik and mayb a few bus tours. Is Makarska expensive, is it worth staying there as a base for a few nights. Never been to Croatia and would love if you could let me know what you think. Thanks a mill.


    • Hi Teresa, sound like a nice trip you have planned.

      Makarska – and the Makarska Riviera is a great place and it it not more expensive then places like Dubrovnik, Hvar or Split.


  7. Hi,

    We are going on a stag do to Zagreb very shortly and I wondered if you could help us out with where to go and the price of drinking out there? If you could provide us with information it would be very helpful.



    • Hi Edward, in Zagreb there is plenty of opportunities in relation to nightlife, as i dont know what you like it is bit difficult to recommend something, but the diversity is great in Zagreb, so you will for sure be able to find a great place. In terms of prices, well you can find place where a pint of beer cost 2 Euro but also place where it cost 3.5 Euro all depends of the location.



  8. Hello!

    I would like to travel to Croatia this summer, but I have some questions.

    Firstly, I want to travel from Split to Lake Plitvice. How much is the bus ticket (ticket for adults) from Split to Plitvice?

    Secondly, I would like to travel from Plitvice to Ogulin by bus. Can someone tell me if there are any buses from Plitvice to Ogulin?
    I didn’t find information on the internet about that.

    I am looking forward to getting details.

    Many thanks for answers in advance!

    From Veszprém, Hungary

  9. Hi! I’m from South Africa and want to come to Croatia for 4 weeks. We are going to Zagreb specifically. How would you compare the prices for food to that in South Africa. And are you using Kuna or Euro?

  10. Hello … I’ve recently booked to go on holiday in Croatia ! But this isn’t an ordinary holiday… I’m flying to zadar then shuttle bus to novalja ! Here we staying in an apartment through the duration of the hideout festival held at zrće beach! I’m planning on taking £800 for 6days …
    Is novalja an expensive place?
    Would you recommend I take more or less ?
    And do you kno how much a taxi would cost from Novalja to Zadar airport as I have not shuttle bus to return!?


    Brandon 🙂

    • Hi Brandon, i think £800 should be enogh for 6 days (assumeíng you already paid for the apartment). I dont know the exact prices during summer in Novalja, but do to the festival it is for sure a bit more pricy then other places in Croatia.

      A private transfer from Novalja to Zadar is about 100-120 Euro.



      • Hello again…
        Yes everything is paid for apart from the a return transfer to the airport ! I notice most people mentioning private tranfers in euros but I thought the currency was Kuna ?!
        With that price you mentioned … (Including myself) there are four of us travelling so would that price be per person?


        • Hi Brandon, typically private transfer companies list there prices in Euro, but of payment is done in local currrency.

          The price i mentioned is for a car plus driver, in most case the take 3 passangers, but you should be able to find a transfer companies with car for four passangers, in that case you will have about 25-30 Euro cost per person.



  11. Hi Morten,

    My girlfriend and I are travelling to Split for a week at the beginning of July. With our flights and accommodation already paid for; how much money would you say is a sensible amount to bring for things like food, drink etc? We’re not looking at eating in fancy restaurants, just looking to have a nice, relatively cheap stay. Would £200 (~1650Kuna) each be sufficient?

    Also I’m struggling to find out how much the ferry costs to travel from Split to Brac per person each way? And also the bus from Split to Brela Beach?

    Thanks, Robin 🙂

    • Hi Robin,

      for food, drinks etc in normal restaturants + bus/ ferry cost i would say that the £200 (maybe 250) is enough.

      The ferry to brac cost 28 kuna one way / person, bus to Brela should be around 60 kuna / person. 🙂

      Best, Morten

      • Thanks for the info Morten. We’ll take a little extra money just to make sure 🙂

        Also I’m assuming it’s cheaper to bring Kuna with us as opposed to changing money in Croatia? It seems to change per country, some places I’ve been to the exchange rate has been much better whilst out there as opposed to changing money here in the UK.

        Thanks, Robin.

  12. Hello Morten,

    We fly to Dubrovnik next tues for a 4 night stay in Mlini. We have limited time in Croatia but would like to see as much as we can. Which places/sites do you recommend a visit.

    I have also change £400 in Kuna for our stay do you think this amount will cover a couple for the 4 nights. We do not wish to eat in the poshest places but we also dont want to scrimp.

    I also dont know what type of clothes to take as the weather forecasts on the internet vary with their prediction. Would it be warm enough for shorts or do you recommend taking warmer clothes.

    Thanks in advance,

    • Hi Marie

      Obviusly you should see Dubrovnik, additionally you could consider visiting Island Mljet, or Lopud. £400 should be enough for four nice days 🙂

      Yesterday they announced that end of April will be the hottest since 1969 so if that happens, you can for sure ware shorts (Which you anyway can) 🙂



  13. Hi Morten,

    Thanks for the advice lets hope the weather holds out to the prediction.

    Is it straight forward to get a bus to Mlini and do you have any idea of the price.

    I have heard Cavtat is worth a visit, do you have any recommendations for restaurants in that area?


    • Hi Maria

      The current 7 days forcast says sun, sun and sun, so i really think you would need your summer clothes 🙂

      I should be pretty easy getting to Mlini with the bus, i don’t have price, but it can really not be much, my guess would be maybe 20-25 kn.

      Cavtat is very nice, unfortunaly i have never had dinner there, so i can’t recommend you any restaurant, so ask around when you get there 🙂

      Have a nice trip,


  14. Dear Marie Had to reply to you as we share a name. My husband and I are going back to Cavtat for the third time this May, and we will eat in Konoba Kolona, a restaurant right at the foot of the hill coming into Cavtat. I’v read the reviews and some of them might be off-putting. All I can say is that we have tried most of the restaurants and this is the one we would recommend. You can see the owner landing his fish around lunch-time from his wee boat. It’s not the cheapest place to eat, but if that is not your concern then go and enjoy it. It gets chilly in the evenings (up to the middle of May) but it’s glorious during the day and certainly shorts weather. Marie

    • Hi there
      We are travelling to Tucepi for 2 weeks from may 25th, what is the weather like around this time? Anyone know the prices for food and drink in this area? Can we get to Dubrovnik for the day on our own?

      • Hi Diane, at that time of year you can normally expect excellent warm weather.

        With specific prices for Tucepi i can help you but maybe somebody readying this can 🙂

        There are several daily buses between Tucepi and Dubrovnik, so you can for sure go there on your own – see

        Best, Morten

  15. Hey Morten,
    We have a bit of a problem. There is a group of 9 of us flying into Dubrovnik, in July, for a week. We are all 18, from Ireland.

    We are unsure of whether to go to Split or Dubrovnik, we have heard good and bad things about both. I would really love to hear your opinions of them.

    We have heard Dubrovnik is quiet for young people, is that true? Is there more to do in Split or Dubrovnik for young people?

    Also is the general cost of living cheaper in Split or Dubrovnik?
    Thank you!

    • Hi Jake,

      Princing – Dubrovnik is more expensive than Split.

      Better or worse – well i guess that is a matter of taste 🙂

      Nighlife, well it has been years since i went out in Dubrovnik so i cant really give you any details on that one, but here is Split i find it excellent, and not to expensive. Guide to Nighlife Split (Since i wrote a few new bars openned, but it is still pretty ok :-)) also see

      To Do – Considering that Split is 5 times bigger than Dubrovnik, there is of course more to do in Split and the Split area.

      Best, Morten

  16. hi holidaying in korcula in august for our honeymoon can u tell me wot the weather should be like and the price of food and drink do we need alot of spending money thank you

  17. Hi! I’m going to Croatia in a couple of weeks through a tour group: Adventure Dalmatia (

    Have you heard of this group? How are they? In addition to what it costs for the program, which covers half the meals and all lodging and activities for the week, how much more should I bring? We are staying in Zadvarje.

    How is Zadvarje?

    Any recommendations/tips for doing outdoor activities (hiking, kayaking, rafting, canyoning) in Croatia near Zadvarje and River Cetina? Anything we should pack and prepare for?

    We also have the option of paying more to add canoe safaring to the itinerary on our one free day otherwise I was thinking of paying to visit Dubrovnnik. What do you think?

    Thank you!

    • Hi Marisa, i don’t know that company so i can give you any advice in that direction.

      I also don’t know Zadvarje )-:

      At Cetina, you have plenty of activity options, i would for sure do the rafting tour.

      If you haven’t been to Dubrovnik you should go there instead of the canoe safari.



  18. Hi Morten,

    I am part of a group of 5 graduating college students wanting to experience a decent mix of nightlife and relaxing beach time in Croatia. We thought that Hvar would do that for us.

    The idea is to fly into Split, stay for 2 days, and then ferry over to Hvar for another 7to8 days.

    5 questions:
    1) Is there any specific town or place that has everything we might be looking for? (we will be limited to public transport, so we thought that we might have to stay in one spot once we get there).

    2)Finding private accommodations seems like the way to go (as a student, money is a real issue). Aside from having to share rooms with strangers, what is the cheapest way to stay in Hvar for us 5 and how might I go about trying to find such accommodations?

    3)Where might I find travel-cost information; Ferry from Split to Hvar, taxi to the Ferry-port, etc?

    4) What is the practicality of renting a boat for the day once we are in Hvar? Do you know of any places we might be able to boat to?

    5) Any recommendations for keeping costs low? (or recommendations in general)

    Thanks again for your help.

  19. Hi Morten,

    Thank you for all the information you have provided – it is very useful. Me and 8 other girls are all off to Hvar for 4 days at the end of July for a hen – and were wondering how much money do you think we will need? Our flights and hotel is booked so it will just be spending money.

    My understanding is that for £500 you get 4700 kunas but we are not sure if that is enough? How expensive is Hvar? Can you help us with this?


    • HI Raj, i am sure that £500 is more than enough for 4 days “normal” stay on Hvar i would say i budget of £300 is also fine. for this amount you should be able to eat good, and also be able do visit the nightlife at Hvar.

      Best, Morten

  20. Hello,

    Thanks for the great information on your site.
    Was hoping you might be able to help me out with a couple of things.

    I’m travelling to Croatia in August. Spending 3 nights in Dubrovnik, then on to the island of Korcula for 10 nights.

    How much would you recommend budgeting for the island of Korcula (our hotel offers half board eating), so really just ideas of prices for wine (!), excursions etc on the island.

    Also, do you know where I can find information on getting from Dubrovnik to Korcula – finding the ferry website very confusing!

    Thanks in advance!

  21. PPS.

    Are there alternatives to the G&V line?

    When I first booked my holiday I had been informed travel between the islands was very cheap and it would be possible to travel from Dubrovnik to Korcula for under £10, however the listed price is 58Euro!

    Thank you.

  22. My son is travelling on 4th july arriving in rejika and needs to travel to novalja – how much should this cost on the local bus? Can he get there on the local bus? Is it a straight forward journey.



  23. Hi Morten,

    Myself and 6 girls are flying into Split then going to stay in Zadar. We have a self catering appartment which is £140pp. We are going from Monday to Monday and going to Hideout festival. Our apartment is self catering. Can you advise on how much we should take each for week? We have changed up £400 already is that enough to be comfortable?


    • Hi Lucy, to my opinion £400 should for sure be enough (assuming the £140 is not included), of course if you plan to eat kaviar and drink champagne daily, you might need a bit more 🙂



  24. Hello Morten
    My friend and I (both a young 65) are going to Pula for a week on the 11 July 2012 and am hoping to travel around by bus to see further sights. Are there any sights or trips that you would definitely recommend to us. Would it be at all possible to tell us what costs are involved? are the buses cheap or is it better by train? What costs will these incur.
    We are also self catering and am unaware of the cost of buying food say in Lidl’s could you give us a brief idea. For instance wine or brandy, bread and salad.
    What sort of temperature will it be?
    Sorry to ask so many questions.

    • Hi Christine, i would recommend you to visit the cities Rovinj and Porec, which you easily reach by bus, i would guess the cost would be around 30-40 kuna for a one way ticket. Also you could consider visiting Motovun, but that is a bit more complicated bus wise. Last but not least you could consider visiting the Brijuni Island (Marshall Tito’s former sommer recidency), it is fairly expensive, i think about 200 kuna for entrace, which include sailing tour to the island, and trip with train around the island, but to my opnion it is worthwhile going there.

      Options for traveling with train in Istria are limited, so stick to the bus, they are frequent and reliable.

      In terms of lidl prices you can check out my shopping basket here , wine i would recommend you to buy somewhere else.

      Temprature, expect around 30 degree celcius.

      Regards, Morten

  25. Hi there,

    I have booked a 3 day stay in Dubrovnik and an 8 day stay in Split for 2 (honeymoon visit). What would you estimate is a good amount to bring for those stays combined, without splashing out? i.e. the amount to just eat and walk about really. Cheers

    • Hi Rory,

      Well considering your are on honeymoon, i would say you need around a 1.000 – 1.200 euro for the 11 days, then there should also be room for one or two nice honeymoon dinners 🙂

      Best, Morten

  26. Hi,

    Would 670 Kuna in Porec be enough for 4 days excluding main meals and accommodation?

    Thank you

  27. Morten I am planning to meet some friends over from Canada in Dubrovnik in August. We will be driving from there up the coast and then eventually ending in Zagreb.

    Firstly can you recommend any stops along the way from Dubrovnik to Zagreb?

    Secondly what are the train/bus/links from zagreb to Dubrovnik like if any as my flight back to the UK is from Dubrovnik.

    Judging by what others have been asking and your responses i should bring about £500 roughly for the few days i am there.

    Also can you recommend any local cuisine that is specific to Dubrovnik that i should sample?

    Thank you in advance.


    • Hi Simon,

      between Dubrovnik and Zagreb, i would consider the following stops

      1. Brela – For a great swimming day in crystal clear water (Go to beach Punta Rata)
      2. Split
      3. Trogir
      4. Krka waterfalls – drive a long the coast from Trogir, make sstop in Primosten and Sibenik on the way
      5. Plitvice Lakes

      Easist way to get back to Dubrovnik is to take Croatia airlines flight, normally the relative cheap tickets is you book few weeks before. Alternative bus Zagreb – Dubrovnik, check (there is no train to Dubrovnik)

      with £500 you should be fine.

      I cant give you and recommodations for dubrovnik cuisine, havent had time to visit this year.



  28. Hi Morten – great website 🙂

    We are from London, and are planning a 7 day trip to Croatia in September 2012.

    From researching on yours and other websites (sorry), we are looking at attempting the following;

    Flying to Dubrovnik (staying overnight)
    Visiting Mijet (staying overnight)
    travelling to Split (staying overnight)
    visiting Hvar (for a day trip)
    Flying home from Split

    What would be the easiest way to get around, and roughly what do you think the costs would be for each leg of our trip? Is there a better/cheaper way to visit these places?

    As we are keen to see as much as possible during our time in Croatia, are there any other “must see” places you would recommend?

    Thanks in advance for your help.

    Ben & Ellen

    • Hi Ben & Ellen,

      glad you like my site 🙂

      my remarks to your plan is the following

      Dubrovnik to Mljet – Catamaran or ferry (40 or 27 kuna/person)
      Mljet to Split, Catamaran or ferry + Bus (40 or 27 kuna/person) + bus around 100-120 kuna/person
      Visiting Hvar – not suitable for day trip, unless you take the 2.5 hour car ferry to Stari grad, and then go to Hvar town with the bus waiting at the ferry arrival, when you want to go back you also will have to take the car ferry. price 39 kuna/person each direction.

      While in Split, plan a day trip / visit in Trogir, take the Bura line to Trogir, and the bus back to Split about 20 kuna/person each way.

      Hope the info is usefull



  29. Hello Morten ,

    We are going on vacation on the island of Brac (Sutivan) where we rented an apartment for a week . We are trying to keep the vacation on a low budget so the thing we wanted to know is , if we want to cook for our selfs should we buy the food for it on the mainland in split or can we buy it at the same price on the island also . Basically what I’m asking is that the supermarkets on the island are at the same price as the ones on the mainland ?

    Thanks in advance

    • Hi Kicsimackasz,

      there is now a Lidl in Supetar, the city where the ferry arrives from Split, so i would assume they keep same prices as on the mainland, but i am not 100% sure.



  30. Hi,

    I am planing a one week vacation to Dubrovnik with my wife and my son mid August. How much would approx cost me?

    Could you also advise on nice, not too expensive, self catering apartments and if you would know how much is the price for a meal at a self service restaurant.

    Will appreciate your reply,


    • i would estimate the following, for a 2 person low budget week in Dubrovnik (mainly self cooking) is would say that 500 Euro should be manageable, for a mid range budget with eating out at a normal priced restaurants once a day, a budget of 700 Euro should be doable (Both amount do not include accommodation).

      For two person accommodation in Dubronvik you will have to check here

      Kindest regards,


  31. Hi Morten,
    I am looking to book an apartment in Trogir for a week in August, roughly how much should I budget for a weekly shop plus an evening meal out each night? Nothing too posh, just a nice meal with wine/beer. Also, would ferry or bus be easier/cheaper to Trogir from Split as that’s where we’d fly to? Never been to Croatia before and very excited! Thank you in advance for any advice you can offer!

    Kindest regards,

    Claire and Gus

    • Hi Claire and Gus,

      i would say that a budget of 250-300 Euro a person for the week should be enough.

      From The Airport (6 km from Trogir – 25 km from Split :-)), you can take local bus number 37, which passes by the airport every 20/30 minutes depending on time of day. price for the trip is about 15 kuna / person

      here is some more info about Trogir, which could be useful



  32. Hi Morten,

    We are travelling to Dubrovnik on honeymoon on the 19th August and staying in Lapad. We have half board (so breakfast and one other meal) and so would about £600 for both of us be enough money for 7 days? We would like 1 or 2 fancy dinners but other than that maybe a vineyard tour?

    Also, is it better to convert money before we go or is it better to take a little bit and then convert more when we get there? Would we get a better rate for changing it when we are over there?


    • Hi Alys,

      to my opinion, £600 should be enough for the 7 days, including the fancy dinners and a wein yard tour.

      I think exchange rate is pretty much the same, so you can use what ever solution you preffer.



  33. Hi Morten,

    I know absolutely nothing about Croatia and the kuna but I will be stopping off there as a port on a cruise I am going on in September. We will only be docked from 7 am to 1 pm. We have it planned out well so we still expect to have time to sightsee, eat and shop a bit. How many Kunas would you suggest bringing for that short time?

    Thanks so much,

  34. Hi,
    I’m heading over to split among other places end of sept. What are some local delicacies I should not leave without trying (not to expansive) Also how much should you budget per day if your trying to travel on the cheap side, accomm excluded?



    • Hi Nicole,

      what you should try is octopus salate and Cevapici, also i can recommend pastisada.

      If you spend you money wisely, you should be able to get a along for less then 200 kn a day, which should leave room for two cheap meals out, or one midrange meal and self catering for other meals.

      Best, Morten

  35. Hi Morten,

    Your site and tips are great!

    Me and 2 friends are going Croatia from 17-28 August!

    We are initially staying in Novalja/Zrce for a total of 7 days, then Split and Zagreb! A few questions:

    1) For a usual party trip in Zrce, what is a good budget for 7 days?

    2) What is the best and cheapest way to get to Split/Hvar from Novalja? Are there coaches?

    3)What is the best and cheapest way to get to Zagreb from Novalja?

    4) In all of these places, should we use the Kuna currency or can we use Euros?



    • Hi Jeff,

      1. For a week Budget in Novalja (excl accommodation) i would plan for a budget of about 400 Euro, assumming that you are going to party a bit 🙂
      2. From Novalja to Split is is cheapest to go buy bus, you can find bus departures here. First you take bus from Novalja to Zadar and then change to bus from Zadar to Split. From Split you have Catamaran to Hvar.
      3. From Novalja to Zadar, cheapest way is also bus.
      4. You will need Kunas in all places.



  36. Hi Morten

    Heading to Pula for outlook festival end of august.
    I have a few questions hope you dont mind!

    Shall i change up monies here in London or wait till pula city?
    Currently 1GBP = 8.94kuna is this good?
    Are taxi’s easy to come find?
    and are buses tourist friendly?
    Also how much is a beer? or a can of cola for example?

    Thankyou very much have a nice summer!!

    • Hi Sidney,

      Current the official exchange rate is about 9.3, so i seams to be better to exchange money here.
      Depending on where you are you might have to call for a taxi, in Pula and the airport there are taxi stands, but i am not sure if the taxi stand by the festival area.
      Buses are most popular mean of transportation, departures are frequent, and yes, i would say they are tourist friendly.
      At the festival i would assume that a pint of beer is around 20 kuna, in the shops 6-7 kuna, a cola 0.25 will cost you about 15 kuna at the festival, in the shop about 4 kuna.



  37. Hi MORTEN

    My 10 year old daughter, partner and I are staying in Bibinje for a week from 23rd August. I wondered if you could please advise me of things to do cheaply or for free and what roughly you can expect to pay for bread, butter milk and an ice cream (for my daughter :)) . As I am a student and my partner only working part time we are doing this on a shoe string budget and are just wondering the best way.

    Much Appreciation

    • Hi Lisa-Marie

      i am not sure what activies you have availeble in Bibinje, but i am sure there most be a playground, additionally you have option to take bus to Zadar where you have several playgrounds. Considering you are travelling in August, i am sure there will be plenty of kids of your daugthers age at the beach, with whom she can play with.

      Prices, bread is about 7 kuna, Milk about 6 kuna L, and ice cream you can get from 5-15 kuna.

      If you have a freezer and fridge in your apartment, you can alsway go to Lidl in Zadar and buy a bunch of ice cream.



  38. Hi Morten

    Really impressed with you website – lots of helpful comments flying around, which has inspired myself and 5 friends to go to split for a summer holiday.

    Theres 6 of us in total (22-25) staying in an apartment near the palace.

    just wondering if you’ve any suggestions on what to do whilst we’re there. We have 6 nights accomodation booked in self catered.

    We would like a mix of chilling/adventure (rafting canoing etc)/nightlife.

    Are there any tips or suggestions on what we could do to make the most of our week there please?

    Also is it better to get the bus from the airport or taxi?

    Many Thanks


    • Hi Ben,

      here is a few suggestions.

      1. As you mention, rafting in Omis, you can get to Omis with bus from the main bus station, Omis has a nice sandy beach, so you could do a combi day beach / rafting.
      2. Daytrip to Trogir, sail to trogir Bura linie, departures from the the riva, one hour sailing time. you can spend half of the day at the cobacabana beach in Okrug on Ciove (You have boat from Riva in Trogir to the Beach), go back from Trogir with the bus.
      3. Visit Hvar, see if you can get ticket on the split tours catamaran, which would give you almost a day to experince Hvar.
      4. Nightlife, join one of the pubcrawls in Split.
      5. A bit more expensive option is to go on the party catamaran (Summer-blues), 6-7 hour trip, with lunch and free bar.

      From the airport you should just take the airport bus, 30 kuna a persons, stops at the end of the riva, which should be close to your accommodation.

      How info is usefull?

      Best, Morten

      • Hi Morten

        Thank you very much for your advice its very helpful. Quick question….what’s the riva?

        Out of the 3 excursions you mentioned which would you recommend as a must do trip!?

        Thanks again!

        • Hi Ben,

          The “Riva” is the seaside promenade in Split 🙂

          Well, all of the excurstion i mentioned are very nice, the Trogir trip is the easist one to arrange, so I would take that one as first priority, if you then have more appetite on tours, you should go to Hvar.



  39. Hi Morten,

    We’re staying in Lozari between the 19/08/12 – 02/09/12, planning to visit Plitvice Lakes National Park – will be staying overnight as it’s over 3 hours drive time each way. Are there any local hotels / B&B’s you would recommend ?

    Kind Regards


    P.S. Is there a LIDL close to Buje ? We have been recommended to try either Kaufland or Mercator. Can you advise please ?

    • Hi Neil

      In the area of Plitvice you have lots of nice B&B, rooms and apartment, i have only stayed in one in San Korana which was quite nice.

      As far as i know there is no LIDL in Buje, you will have to go to either Porec or Pazin to find one. Kaufland and Mercator is also ok, but i am not sure that you will any of those closer to Buje than Lidl?

      Best, Morten

  40. Hi Morten,

    Great article, it’s very helpful! My boyfriend and I are travelling to Croatia in mid September. We’re from Ireland and hope to go camping around Croatia for a week before getting the ferry to Italy.

    We’re flying to Dubrovnik but there’s a problem as bringing a tent in our luggage is too expensive. Could you please let me know if there are many camping shops in Dubrovnik where we could buy a tent? And also, how much, on average, is a 2-3 man tent in Croatia?

    We are hoping to spend a day or two in Dubrovnik and then travel somewhere along the coast after that. Is there anywhere you would recommend visiting? We’re visiting the country for the scenery and want to make the most out of our few days there so any recommendation would really be appreciated!

    Thank you,


    • Hi Caitriona,

      well I don’t think you will have many options for buying a tent in Dubrovnik, my best guess would be by Intersport which should be located at the address Vukovarska 26.

      If they have same selection as Intersport here in Split, you should be able to find a 2-3 person tent for 300 kuna or so.

      Now to the Travel Part. From Dubrovnik you should either go to Korcula or take the bus to Split, from Split you can then visit, Island Hvar, Trogir and if possible you should also try to squezze National park Krka into your schedule.

      Kindest regards,


      • Thank you very much for you answer!

        We’ll start planning now and look at all those places you’ve mentioned.

        Thanks again!


  41. Hi Morten

    When I was 13 my parents took me on holiday to Croatia (when it used to be called Yugoslavia so gives you an idea of when that was!). Stayed in Umag and had a fab holiday. Now have my own family and would love to take my daughter next yr (when she will be 3.5). I’m thinking of staying in Porec at one of the Laguna properties..would this be a good base as seems to be popular with families. I’d also love to go to Lipica – are there tours from Porec to Lipica now (as there was from Umag) and, if so..roughly how much would it cost? Similarly, can you get the boat from Porec to Trieste and cost for this please?

    I have really fond memories of the holiday and while my daughter is still probably too young to remember, would like her to have a lovely time

    Alison (from Scotland)

    • Hi Alison,

      nice to hear that you have good memories from here, i am sure you and your daugher will also collect some new ones next year.

      Regarding the trip to Lipica, i most say i have never noticed anybody offering tour to Lipica, but it is also a while since i have been to Porec. I think best would be that you have a look when you get there.

      In 2012 the boat between Porec and Triest was operating, so i assume that would also be the case next year, adult price this year was around 7 Euro for a one way and 12 Euro for return ticket.

      Kindest regards,


  42. Hi Morten,

    I am travelling to Croatia from the UK on 27th August this year with a group of friends and staying in Pula.

    We were hoping to travel to Venice for a day trip. Is there a ferry that goes from Pula to Venice? If so how much is it per person? And is it easy to book this out there or should we book before we arrive?

    Thanks in advance,


    • Hi Lara, there is a catamaran from Pula to Venice (Venezia line), you will have to check on the page for scheduele, i think price is about 100-120 Euro person, but i am not sure.

      PS: did you consider renting car / minivan, is most proberly way cheaper is you are a group.



  43. Hi Morten,

    I sent you a message on here recently and was extremely grateful for the advice you gave me. Unfortunately now I am in a bit of a mess, the place that I thought I had booked to stay is not actually booked, we were hoping to be in Trogir town itself. I have just got home from a week away with relatives and have only just discovered this error!! We still have our flights booked and arrive at Split airport at 09:25 today (Thursday 16th August) and are desperately trying to find somewhere we can rent for the week. Our flights home are booked for Thursday 23rd August. I seem to remember a post you commented on that people were best looking at locally advertised private rental accommodation? Could you recommend how we could go about finding a private booking for an apartment once we arrive? We were hoping to pay no more than 600 euros. Sorry this is such a huge ask, but I am not really sure what to do now!
    Kindest regards,

    • Hi Claire,

      sorry i was not online yesterday, so i did not see your message before now.

      Try to go and ask by Portal Trogir, which is just around the corner when you stand infront of the bridge to Ciovo, i am sure he can help you.

      If not, i know my friends has a house on Ciovo where you most proberly can get an apartment, than one is for sure less than 600 Euros.

      I am online whole day, so write me anytime here

      Best, Morten

  44. Hi Morten,
    My wife and I are coming to Dubrovnik and Korcula on a cruise
    for one day in each place. The cost of excursions with the cruise company is very high ,so we thought we might take a taxi
    to show us the sights. Can you tell how much that would cost and
    also will they accept Euros or do I need to get Kunas ?
    many thanks,

    • Hi Cass,

      Both in Dubrovnik and Korcula, cruisship passangers are normally “off loaded” by the entrace to the old town, so i am not sure what kind of excursing you have in mind. In both Cities you can explore the beatiful old town part on your own hand, no need to have a quide for that:

      If you had any special excursion in mind, please let me know a bit more details, so i can recommend you what to do.

      Kindest regads,


      • Hi Morten, Very many thanks for the advice. We didnt have any perticula excursion in mind. But now you have told me that we are near the old town in both cities I think we will do some exploring there.
        Thanks again,

  45. Hi Morten
    My 24 year old daughter & I are flying into Split Sept. 7th/12. I don’t think we arrive till later in the afternoon/evening. We are staying at Duplancica dvori 3
    Split, 21000
    We leave the night of the 10th by ferry to Ancona, Italy. My questions are: 1. What would be the best mode of transportation to get us from the airport to our hotel in the evening of the 7th. 2. What would be our top scenic things to do – what would you recommend in the time we are there? We thought about going to Trogir and perhaps one of the islands – which one would you recommend? 3. What should the weather temperatures be like during that time – trying to decide whether to pack more warm clothes or cooler 4. My niece has a gorgeous gold puzzle ring she got from Croatia about 15 years ago. Where would be the best place to go to find one, around Split, if they are still available. Is gold still cheap there to buy? 5. Also, we would love a really good restaurant where the locals eat – off the beaten tourist path. Thanks so much.

    • Hi Marina,

      From the Airport you should take the airport bus, is the cheapest way to get to Split for two persons. From the point where you get of the airport bus in Split, you have about 350 meters to your accommodation.

      To see: First priority is of course to explore the Diocletian Palace and the old town in Split, secondly a trip to Trogir i can highly recommend, go to Trogir with the Bura line, and return in the afternoon with Bus. Third, you could visit Hvar, but as the catamaran schedule is not to optimal for one day visits you will have a maximum of 4 hours to explore the town.

      Temprature, we currently have about 30 degree celcius, in start/ mid September you should expect day tempratures of 25-30.

      Your question number 4: I have not clue 🙂 my guess would be somewhere in the old town.

      Your question number 5: For restarant i would recommend you to browse the internet.

      Best, Morten

  46. We are coming to Dubrovnik next month and I was wanting to know how i would find private home’s to rent a room for four days? I understand its better and much cheaper than hotels.

  47. Hi Morten,

    me and my family are thinking to move and living in Croatia in Split
    My wife and I and three kids and they are Croatian citizenship
    I want to ask about the cost of living in Croatia is an approximation
    How much we need a monthly to live in good life (housing – Schools – Transportation -food, is an approximation)
    The monthly cost for a family of five members in split
    Thanking you for your kind help as usual.

    Yours truly,

    • Hi Bahzad,

      well that is not easy to say, housing has a wide price span, depending on where you live.

      For food, transportation, school, healt insurance (for you) you would need about 1.000-1.200 euro monthly.

      Kindest regards,


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