Shopping in Split


A city like Split with close to 200.000 inhabitants has quite a lot of shopping options. After living here for the past 15 years, I have been shopping more or less everywhere in town, so if you are planning a vacation in Split, you might want to have a closer look at my shopping guide. The places I mention are the places where I do my own shopping. Naturally, there are lots of other shopping places in the town, but these are the places I can personally recommend. At the end of my post, you will find a map with all the places I mention.

Shopping Malls:

Split has 3 shopping malls worthwhile mentioning:

JOKER center: Since the opening in 2007, the Joker center has been a popular spot for the Split citizens, especially for those living near the city centre. The Joker center is situated 15-20 minutes walk from the city centre, and the bus stop is 2 min walk from Joker. At Joker, you have more than 50 shops on 4 floors, among which you can find: supermarket Tommy, DM, Hervis sports shop, Deichmann, One 2 Play – so to sum it up, here you find more or less everything.

To grab something to eat, you’ll find McDonald’s at the ground floor of the mall. On the first floor you have a five star cinema, at the top floor there is a restaurant and a  bar, which among other has an outdoor swimming pool.

City Center One Split: Shopping center City Center One Split was opened in 2010 and it is the second largest shopping center in Dalmatia. The shopping center is located in the easternmost part of Split, and it covers an area of about 57,000 square meters. In City Centre you will find a big selection of shops (e.g. H&M, C&A, Peek and Cloppenburg, Mango, Orsay, OVS), bars and fast food restaurants like KFC, Mac, B-King, pizza, chinese etc, spread over the three floors.

Mall of Split: After being postponed several times, Mall of Split finally opened in 2017 and it is the largest mall in Dalmatia. The mall is located in the Vukovarska street about 4 km from the city centre. The mall has around 80 shops including a large Interspar, a cinema and a large food corner, with e.g. McDonalds, Burger King.

There are also two other shopping malls situated in the outskirts of Split which are excellent choice if you want to avoid too crowded shopping:

Emmezeta: This shopping mall is actually not situated in Split, but in Kaštel Sućurac, which is the first of the 7 Kaštela, when you follow the old road from Split to Trogir, distance from the Split center is about 7 or 8 km, from Split center there are buses stop near the shopping mall (lines 2,37,38).

At Emmezeta you have about 20-30 shops, including a huge furniture house (Emmezeta) and large supermarket for daily goods – Interspar.

At Emmezeta, you also have Benetton, DM (cosmetics), sports shops, lots of clothes and shoe shops and of course a few coffee bars and a restaurant.

Salona Mall: It is a smaller mall situated 5 km outside of Split, in the city of Solin. You also here have buses directly from the Split center (lines 1,10,16,22).

At Salona Mall you have a large Konzum supermarket which has all kinds of daily goods. Additionally you have about 20 smaller shops, like Intersport and Decathlon, shoe shops, clothes shops, few jewelry shops and cafe bars.

NOTE: At all 5 shopping malls parking is free of charge and by most if not all of them you have charging station for electrical vehicles.

Daily goods:

If I have to shop daily goods, these are my top 5 favorite grocery stores in Split:

LIDL: (*4 in Split and 1 in Solin). It’s a German store, do I need to say more? LIDL has excellent prices and a really good products, maybe my 10 years spent in Germany makes me a bit subjective, but I really like what they have to offer.

Konzum: Konzum is one of the most popular grocery stores in Croatia and you will find there a lot of Croatian products. In the outskirts of Split, on the road to Stobrec is located Super Konzum which basically has everything you need, and what’s best, it is opened 24/7 (during summer season).

Interspar: As I have already mentioned above, Interspar can be found only in shopping centers (Emmezeta, CCO, Mall of Split). It has a great variety of food brands, both domestic and European.

Kaufland: Kaufland is one of the first bigger grocery stores which was opened in Split, but locals are still faithful to it because it has really low prices. Anything you need for your household you will find there. There are also few shoe shops, DM store, Erste bank and several cafe bars.

Plodine:  Is a local supermarket, which has a good selection of Croatian product, as well as all the international brands you are used to. Currently there is 2 Plodine supermarkets in Split.

In each neighborhood of Split, you will find smaller Studenac, Konzum or Tommy supermarket, here you get most of the stuff you need on a day to day basis.

In case you are looking for a store with beauty and hygiene products, there are about a dozen of them throughout Split and at least one in each of above mentioned shopping centers. The one you will look for are dm-drogerie markt and BIPA.


In all city parts of Split you have small markets selling fruit, vegetables and other local products, but the one to go as a tourist visiting Split is definitely the “Stari Pazar”.

The Green Market (Stari Pazar): It is situated between the Diocletian Palace and the bus stop for city buses. At the market you’ll find fresh vegetables and fruits according to the season. At the market you can also buy domestic products like cheese, rakija (Croatian brandy), wine, olive oil. But that’s not all – in the small street allocated around the green market you have shops full of souvenirs, “cheap clothes”, bags, sunglasses etc. Here you can read more about the green market in Split

The Fish Market: If you plan to cook you might need some fresh fish, best place to go is the Split Fish market, situated on a small square next to Marmontova. Here you can read more about the Fish market in Split.

Old Town Shopping:

In the Old Town of Split, you can find lots of small shops selling, basically everything, but shoe and souvenir shops, are for sure the most common ones.

If you are looking for special shops and jewelry the Old Town is also the place to look.

Marmontova: The main shopping street in Split Marmontova is a few hundred meters from the old town, at Marmontova you will find international shops like Bershka and Zara.

What to buy and what is cheap:

Well as I already have written in my post about prices in Croatia, here international brands tend to be a bit more expensive or at least of similar price, but if you go for local product you can make a bargain.

Stuff like Croatian alcoholic products, olive oil, fresh fruit and vegetables, shoes and to some extent also jewelry is relatively cheap here.

If you forgot bathing shoes or other swimming equipment, you can buy it next to the green market at an affordable price.

Shopping MAP:

On the map below I have marked all the places which I have mentioned, so it should be quite easy to get an overview over the shopping options in Split. I wish you a pleasant shopping in Split!

View Shopping In Split in a larger map

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  1. As Always wonderful job! I love Emmezeta. That is where we go when in need of home decor. And the Green market for local produce and Lidl for chocolate and other goodies.But I think Billa has most of our Kunas as it is close to home and have best price on milk (we have a one a half year old…we go through ALOT o milk!).

    Hope to run into you sometime in Split!


  2. A good post Morten! I hope you don’t mind answering a question. Last summer I spent three wonderful weeks in our apartment near Trogir. We did a lot of shopping (mostly at Emmezeta). We also visited Split, but I did not know where to look for my special request. I want to have a guitar (an ordinary guitar) in my apartment. Do you where I can buy a guitar in the Trogir-Split area?

    • Thanks Magnus, i know for sure that you can buy a guitar in the Joker center, there is a shop on the second floor called Technomaxx the have both acoustic and electrical guitars, i also notice that Lidl sell cheap acoustic guitars once or twice a year.


  3. I am from Croatia ,and I live in island Hvar ,for best holliday in Croatia is Hvar if you want fun you chuse Hvar,if you want concert like opera,dalmatia tradicional musice(klapa) you chuse Jelsa(place on the island Hvar).

  4. Hi everybody, I wonder how much would cost to rent a 3 room apartment in the city and what is the average amount/month for the utilities?
    Thank you in advance for your reply.

  5. Hi, Morten!

    Congratulations. Very good information in your page.

    Split is a beautiful city, clean, quiet, secure. I wouldn´t mind if i have to live here for the rest of my life.

    The best? Split ladies. There are so many beautiful ladies, i have neck problems for turning my head constantly.

    I am single, caucasic, 51 years old.

    Is there a place where you can meet local girls? I mean, a dating place or something?

    I will really appreciate any information.


    • Hi Carlos, i dont know of any particular place to recommend, i hear there should be a 30+ dance place close to the old stadium (where the play rugby) i will see if i can find name of the place.

      Hope your neck problem will not end up being permanent (:


  6. I am from Canada and is there any one from Split Croatia that could buy me a pair of sandals and send them to Canada. I LOVED a pair $20.00 that my niece bought there two weeks ago on vacation and she said there are everywhere in the city but couldn’t remember the store. I could send pictures etc if you are willing to look for me

    Wanting the adorable “Dolce Iva” sandal


      • Any chance you might have the address or email address for Dolve Iva shoe store at the Slpit Pier? I just purchased shoes and returned to Canada to find 2 different sizes in the box 🙁

          • Hello Morten!

            Yes at the main Riva, the shop is straight ahead from the city centre pier where the passenger ferries dock, walking directly to the entrance of the palace it is on the left side of the entrance (the corner of that building).

            The shop put shoes of 2 different sizes in my bag so I hope to return them for exchange if I can get their email address.
            The only website on the receipt is which is not the store.

            Any help would be greatly appreciated 🙂
            Thanks for your reply,

          • Hi Kim,

            i will pass it on to my collegues, and see if they know where the shop exactly is, otherwise i will see if i can find it when i am close to Riva, but no guarantees, i am a man, shoe shops i normally not what i notice when i walk around 🙂



          • Hi Kim, we could not find any E-mail, but i hope this can help you

            DOLCE IVA d.o.o.
            SPLIT, Krešimirova 3 (Palača Cindro)
            Frančeško Palić



  7. Slightly confused whether to take just Euros. We are visiting Croatia and Montenegro.
    Should we take both currencies for safety?

    • Hi Linda,

      In Croatia you can only pay with Kunas, but you can exchange in all tourist places, I assume the same goes for Montenegro. If you come from Euro country, I would even guess you would get better exchange rates here, but again of also depends of what conditions your home bank offer. If you are from a non Euro country most probably it is better to bring Kunas, so you avoid exchanging two times.


  8. That would be awewsome!! I don’t know if you tried sending me the email address but if you could resend it as I have not seen it come here that would be awesome. Maybe put “MORTEN” in the subject line so I don’t miss it.

    I do have some great pictures. I dont think I can send them through this link.

    Please be in touch. I’d love to pursue the sandal hunt.


  9. Dear Morten,

    I need to equip my son, 14 years old, 164cm, for school. I mean classic trousers, shirts, shoes. The problem is that he is no more a child, but not an adult yet.
    If you have grown up children, you must know what I am talking about.

    Where you advise me to go?

  10. Hi Morten,

    Been reading your replies to people and they are excellent,very informative. My wife and I are arriving on Saturday and staying in Apartments Johnny in Podstrana.I have read a lot about the apartments but can’t find out anything about Podstrana.I assume it is very small.Any information would be great.I know it’s 25mins to Split by bus 60.

    • Hi Rory,

      I know Apartments Johnny (Assuming there are not two of them in Podstrana), I normally put my relatives in Villa Croatia which is on other side of the road. Anyway, I actually I had same problem as you in relation to Podstrana, I also had problem finding information about the city, so I just recently started gathering a bit of information for a Podstrana page which I would launch later this year.

      What I can tell you so far, is that Podstrana most properly is one of the most narrow cities in Croatia, it is 6 km long (a long the coast) and maximum 500 meters wide. Apartment Johnny, where you are staying is about 500 meters after the city border coming from Split.

      I haven’t still checked up on churches and other sites in the city, but one thing I for sure can recommend, is to visit Gornja Podstrana (Upper Podstrana), from here there is a magnificent view on Split, especially the sunset is breath taking, from Gornja Podstrana you also have a path (12 crosses road) which will take you to the top of the mountain.

      Along the beach you have lots of restaurant, the once I tried I found good, but to expensive from my point of view, so a secret tip could be to go and talk with the owner of villa Croatia, if you can eat there when you are not staying there, normally when my relatives stay their, they arrange with him in the morning if they want to eat their in the evening, his food is excellent and very fair in price. Try grilled meat with his special potatoes, excellent.

      The bus stop is maybe 50 meters away from villa Johnny.

      Well I hope some of this is useful, I didn’t know what info you where specifically looking for, so just ask again if I missed something

      Brgds, Morten

  11. Thanks Morten,that’s great. I now know there are some restaurants and even if they are a bit expensive it’s ok as being on holiday we will have more money than usual.

    Will definitely check out the view from Gornja Podstrana.

    Thanks again


  12. Hi,
    We will be joining a bike tour in Split and need to buy bike helmets.
    Can you recommend a sporting goods store?

  13. Hello, Morten.

    I am Mexican, with the intention to live in this beautiful city. In order to be a permanent resident i need a lawyer. Can you or somebody recommend me one?


    • Hi Carlos, sorry i dont know any lawyers for buying property, i would recommend you to contact Tim on FirstpropertyCroatia, I would guess he has a lawyer to recommend.

      Kindest regards,


  14. Dear Carlos, you can also buy house in island Hvar. My family selling old house in place Pitve in island Hvar, That is very beautifully place and if you want I can send you picture from Pitve. House is very old, about 300 years, in stone, Dalmatia stile, but you can also decorate in English stile if you want. My family has lawyer (cousin from husband).Island Hvar is 2 hours from Split. If you interested Morten has my e-mail address.
    Best Regards, DRSAGANA

  15. Dear sir.

    I am planning to visit split town in Jun.
    Could you tell me if shops in Marmontova street and small shops in
    old town for souvenirs etc. will be open on Sunday ?

    Best regards

  16. Hi there Morten

    Will be visiting your lovely country from 27 May to 13 July 2011.
    8 Family members and friends have pooled our savings and rented a yacht to cruise your coastline and islands from Baska Voda to Dubrovnik.
    As this will be our first visit to your country… We are from South Africa and it therefore stands to reason that we really know nothing or very little about “everyday life” in Croatia, other than what we have researched.
    I have read through a lot of your advice… as far back as 2009 and just want to get some up to date information please, if you do not mind …

    We will start in Split and after a couple of days and a 2 week cruise we will depart for home via Zagreb.
    Our rough schedule looks like this:
    27 May – Arrive Split @ 19:05 via Rome
    Over-night in Split
    28 May – Travel to Marina Baska Voda
    Meet yacht at 17:00 and over-night on yacht
    29 May – Depart Baska Voda
    10 June – Arrive Dubrovnik ACI Marina
    10, 11 & 12 June – Over-night Dubrovnik
    13 June – Depart Dubrovnik 06:25 -> Arrive Zagreb 07:20
    Depart 14:45 Zagreb for Istanbul

    My questions are:
    1. Suggested accommodation in Split – 1 night (min 4 pax)
    2. Suggested restaurant for first evening’s celebration dinner in Split
    3. Some attractions to view in our limited time in Split (less than one full day, maybe even including shopping)
    4. Do you suggest we shop for provisions (including local beer – equal or similar to Amstel or Guiness / local wine – dry white – sauvignon blanc) in Split or Baska Voda (availability of products, pricing and perhaps transport to Baska Voda are considerations)
    5. Most convenient mode of transport to Baska Voda min 6 pax (especially if we did some shopping for provisions)
    6. Where do you suggest we replenish provisions along the way
    7. Suggested accommodation in Dubrovnik – 3 nights (min 4 pax)
    8. Suggested restaurant for end of tour celebration dinner in Dubrovnik
    9. Must see attractions for the 2 days in Dubrovnik
    10. Suggested quick sightseeing outing in Zagreb while waiting (5 to 7hrs) for our flight to Istanbul
    11. Do you think the 3 nights in Dubrovnik could have been better spent elsewhere?

    Eagerly looking forward to your answer.

    • Hi Hannes,

      Sounds like interesting trip, which it was me going 🙂

      Now to your questions or those I can answer 🙂

      1. For a 1 night sleep in Split I would recommend Hotel Luxe (top ratings on all travel sites) say Hello to Josip (The manager) from me, if you decided to go for that one.
      2. Restaurant – Top choice Black Cat, 50 meters from Hotel luxe, other alternative, Restaurant Maslina.
      3. Attraction take a stroll in the old town, see the Diocletian palace, you can spend hours in the small streets.
      4. Provision? I am not aware what super markets they have in Baska Voda, but as the town Is fairly small you might want to shop in Split.
      5. If you book a transfer (Mini bus) get a quote which includes shopping stop by Super Konsum on the way south, here they have all products you need, (Wine buy limited quantity, and find some wineries e.g. on Korcula or Peljesac, where you can buy fresh made wine). I would guess price for a minibus is around 100 Euro, but I am not sure about that.
      6. Provision on the way? Where do you plan to go?
      7. Dubrovnik accommodation – sorry cant answer that one.
      8. I like restaurant Arsenal, but there are plenty of good restaurant in Dubrovnik.
      9. Must see Dubrovnik – Well, no doubt the wall and the old town part.
      10. Zagreb, 7 hours is not that much time, it will take you about 40 minutes to get to the centre, which leaves you only with few hours in ZG, top sight the Cathedral.
      11. Well 3 days in Dubrovnik is not to much, but if you where interested in Driving from DU-ZG you would have options to visit the National park Plitvice and take and overnight there, or in Zagreb.

      Hope, some of my replies are useful to you



  17. Hallo Morten

    Had a look at the Plitvice option.
    Absolute beautiful place on pictures.

    The last 3 days of our Croatia stay may now look like this:
    10 June arrive Dubrovnik
    Overnight in Dubrovnik
    11 June travel to Plitvice and do some sight seeing
    Overnight in Plitvice
    12 June further sight seeing and travel to Zagreb
    Overnight Zagreb
    13 June depart for Istanbul

    Is this feasible? Any suggestions on mode of transport and can you give indication if the time is enough?

    Thanks again in advance


  18. Hi im travelling to zadar airport and ariving at 5 pm i need to get to zaton holiday village is there a bus that can take me there from the airport or would it be better getting a taxi and how much would it cost. regards rob.

    • @rs heridan,

      if you want to take bus you will have first to take airport bus to the city center, and then change to a local bus going to Zaton. i am not sure about schedule to Zaton but as it is fairly close to Zadar i assumed you have several departures, taking a taxi is of course much easier but also quit expensive, when you are only one person traveling.

      Brgds, Morten

  19. Hi,I read all reviews and I found out that I still need support. I kindly ask you to tell me (it you know, of course) the time schedule for the hypermarket from Joker mall, especially for the Sundays. And another quick question is: can you recommend a nice restaurant with fresh sea food, but not a touristic place, something very normal but with tasty food. Thx, Cat

    • @Misspiss, The Joker mall is as far is i remember open till 9 pm in the summer season on Sundays other supermarkets even till 11 pm. In terms of restaurant i could recommend you Fife, restaurant is pretty close to center, they server quite traditional food and have plenty of sea food on the menu.

  20. Thanks Morten. I will be in Split starting with Sunday, March 27 and I will stay at Atrium and I will need to buy few things on the said Sunday evening. what you recommend me? Thx. Cat

  21. Hi again,
    Due to de fact now I have only three days and I will travel to Split, I have drown up my shopping list and I found out that there are some things to know, as:
    1. The famous Croatian brand of olive oil;
    2. The Croatian brand of semi sweet wines (red and white);
    3. From where can I buy these;
    4. Average prices;
    5. Some suggestion for what tradition Croatian things I can buy for myself and my friends (no magnets and things like that).
    Thx one more time, Cat

    • Hi Cat,

      1. Well i can tell which one is good, i always buy directly from the farmers 🙂
      2. Try to find a plavac and maybe a Malvacija, which perticular brand i cant says, wine i also normally buy directly from vineyards 🙂
      3. There is a big Kerum shop in Jokor, olive oil you can also find on the green market.
      4. ? depending on brand price vary a lot
      5. Go to the market in the center of town, and have a look at what they have i am sure you will be able to find some interesting stuff here.

      I guess it wasn’t much help, hope you will manage anyway 🙂


  22. Hello Morten

    Great information site 🙂 I am going to wonderful Split in may. Du you by any chance know where to look for stollers for babys? I am looking for german brands like TFK ang Teutonia.
    Thank you!
    Regards Aina

    • Hi Aina, all major shopping centres like Joker center (see on map above) emazetta, city center one + shops of turbo limac have stollers for babies, i am although not sure if the have the specific brands you are looking for.


  23. Hi –

    I will be coming in by yacht on the 25th to provision for a two week charter that starts on the 27th. I am aware there is a public holiday coming up. I will be doing my meat and fish through a purveyor but would like to leave my fresh produce and small pantry items until last minute. I believe we will be in Split ACI Marina and have been recommended the Interspar, which is a 10 minute taxi drive from the Marina.

    Will I be able to find fresh produce over the weekend? Not sure what the opening times are of the supermarkets. I would love to hear your suggestions on the matter. Thanks a heap!

    • @Jill, fresh fish and vegatable you can find on the fish market and the green market, both fairly close to ACI, they are normally open everyday. The Interspar is about 20 minutes from ACI marina, will for sure will be open on the 26 and 27th. Other option closer to ACI is Lidl.

      Best, Morten

  24. Hi Morten!

    I work for American Express Concierge and have a client in Hvar right now. His American flag was stolen from his boat and he wants to get another one. I talked to the Hotel Concierge and she said that would not be possible in Hvar but Split may be an option.

    Do you know around where in Split he could go to buy an American Flag? He wants to buy a really big one but at this point, I am sure he will take just anything they have.


  25. hi we wil be provisioning a sailing boat for a world trip out of split. can you recomend a shop where I can buy hair dye ( blond) :)my husband is adamant that we can buy it there but im tempted to put it in my travel bag in case I cant find any!

    • Hi Rachel

      Hair dye you can buy in any midsized supermarket or in the Bipa or DM cosmetic (Drogerie)shops, assuming you are sailing out from the ACI marina, the nearest spot where you for sure can buy it would be next to the SV Frane church, where you find a bipa store other alternative is DM which is a bit further.

      If you click on this link I have marked the two shops on a map here , Saturday they should be open till 8 pm (At least the DM is), Sundays they are closed.

      Good luck finding them 🙂


  26. I’m actually in Split this week (22 Aug. 2011 to 29 Aug. 2011) on business. The hotel Luxe is great. They have a wonderful spa, I took full advantage of a massage while here.

    The palace has events running throughout the day. Don’t miss the 9pm shows. This week end they had belly dancers performing in the center by the cathedral. That’s also a great spot to chill out have a couple of beers and just relax.

    Someone asked about guitar’s there is a shop in the palace that sells them they also have electronics.

    I was supprised at how many and how well the croatians I met speak English, or even other languages like French, Italian, and German.

    If you can swing it get someone to take you out on a boat and do some swimming. The water is great and very clean/clear. I could see the bottom all the way down to near 20 meters. Bring snorkeling gear.

    If I get a chance to go back I’m definately taking my wife.

  27. Hello! We are in Split and I cannot find a blender or cooking pan for saute, etc, can you pelase help? We went to Joker and could not find a home goods store. Help please: ).



  28. Hi Morten, I live in Sydney, Australia, and am planning on moving to Croatia with my husband and two children, 5 yrs and 7 yrs (looking at moving next year). I would like my children to attend after school activities ie sports golf, tennis, dancing, do you know if there is much of this stuff. At this stage we would probably move to Makarska, and would love to talk to ex-pats that have made the move ………….. thanks Michelle

    • Hi Michelle,

      I am 100% sure that both tennis and dancing is available in Makarska, Golf i am affraid not :). Normally the after school activities are quite well organized.


  29. Hello, My family and I are staying in Split for 6 weeks before we head up to Rovinj for another 6 weeks. During our stay in Split our personal computer hard drive started going click click click… not a good sound!! I was wondering if anyone knew of a place in Split that sells computer parts. I want to buy a new hard drive for the computer to replace the one I have before it completely dies. I just got back from City Center One, but only found one store that sold computer parts and they had one laptop hard drive for 770 kuna (very expensive)! Does anyone know a good computer parts store?


    • Hi Amit, you could try the Shop Processor, which is at Gripe by the Koteks building, which is about 10 minutes walk from the city centre. other option is that you find the main libery, which is in the road going out of the centre, paralel to that street there is a street going into the centre, on this street there is computer shop called Tron they should also be able to help you out.

      Regards, Morten

  30. Hi
    Is there a large electrical store/outlet that stocks the latest LG 3D TV’s anywhere near split please?? If so could I have the name/location and if it opens on Saturdays (if you know)?

    • Hi Steve, you could try the following places. At City Center one (Shopping mal) there is a store at top floor next to the cinema, i think name is Konikon or similar, CC1 is open saturday and Sundays til 9 pm. Other option is to go to Emmezeta, also a shopping mal, here there is also one or two larger electronic shop. it is for sure open on saturdays and i also think sundays, but i am not sure about the hours.

      Best, Morten

  31. Hi Morten,

    Me and some friends are visiting hvar in july but will be passing through Split on tuesday the 17th. We cannot drive so would be making our way mostly through public transport and on foot. We would ideally like to get our shopping done in Split. Could you possibly recommend a supermarket that would be cheapest for alcohol? Preferably near to the port but wherever is cheapest

    Also could you give me a vague idea of the ferry times on this day?

    Thanks alot,


  32. Hey Guys!

    I’ve been to split lately and found a nice little shoe shop- selling natural leather shoes (Eco friendly) – only for women. It was close to the edge of the city center. I forgot the name of the shop and the shoe brand. Does anybody have an idea about it?

    Thx, Cho

  33. Hello Morten,
    I hope you,re still replying to this feed as often as you previously did. I have a bit of a problem, I,m staying here in Split for the next few days and realized that on my way over here I forget my electronic convertor in a hotel in Prague. Do you know of any store in the main centre of Split that may have a power adaptor? I,m desperate! I,ve been trying to research all morning but havent had any sucsess. I hope you have an idea. Possibly a place to purchase a European iPhone charger as a last resort?
    I hope to hear back from you soon.
    Thanks so much,

    • Hi Rebecca, sorry i am a bit late with my reply, hope you manage to find a converter.

      In case you didnt you should look at the Robot electronic store which when you walk from Main teather to the old stadion, other options is that you go to Joker centre (15 minutes walk from city centre) where there is a big electronic shop.

      The Iphone charger you can get in any of the cell phone shops you find in the centre.



  34. Friends of our recently visited Croatia and were telling us about these beautiful whiskey glasses made in Split. We have the website as mils.hv, but can’t seem to find them anywhere. Do you happen to know who this glass manufacturer is and how we can get to their website?

    Thank you for your help!!!

    • Hi Elisa,

      i have tried to google for whiskez glasses and the name mils, nothing pops on Croatian language, so i have really no clue, what glasses your friends saw )-:



  35. Hi,
    we are backpackers on our way to otok Vis. We want to buy some food in Split because its cheaper here than on Vis. Can you tell us which bus goes from the harbour to the next supermarket?

    • Hi Miyuki,

      you don’t have to take a bus because you will find a supermarket in the centre of Split. Billa supermarket, 10 minute walk from the harbour, the address is Subiceva 5-7.
      And yes, there is a place to leave your luggage at the ferry port.



      • Hi,
        can’t find a street called Subiceva 5-7 in Split. Can you mark it in the map, please?

          • Oh, this is a different address. thanks! I also found this one:

            “Around two weeks ago, in the centre of Split on the ground floor of the historical and architectural complex of Mala Papalićeva palača, retail supermarket chain Billa have opened up a store, much to the shock of a number of locals. “

          • Yes, that is the one you found! Well, it was a bit shocking to open a supermarket within a historical building, but, as you have read, the city could do nothing… Nevertheless, this one is the closest to the harbour, so the most convenient for you!

  36. I was wondering where the cheapest place for buying a lot of alcohol near the port would be ? Tourists from Ireland going to Hvar from split ! Thanks

    • Hi Sam,

      there is a small supermarket at the ferry terminal, but they don’t have to much to choose between. If you need western brands of alcohol, the closest place to buy is probably Billa supermarket, which is located in the old town (around 800 metres from the ferry terminal) Copy these GPS co-ordinates 43.508562, 16.438407 into google maps, and you will see the location.

      Brgds, Morten

  37. Hi,

    We come with a 15 month child for a week.

    Is there a place where we can buy car seat near split airport on the first day? Or would you recommend bringing our own.

    Could you drop your email address as I might have some quick questions. Mine is


    • Hi Rishab,

      if you are renting a car, you should be able to order a child seat! The closest place where you can buy this would probably be in emmazeta which is located a few km before split, at the following address “Interspar Split Emmezeta
      Cesta Dr. Franje Tuđmana 7, 21214, Kaštel Sućurac”

      I am not sure about the option to bring your own, haven’t tried that!

      Brgds, Morten

  38. Morten,
    Thanks for your advice. We just got here and will be in Split for a few months. Do you happen to know a place for used guitars? I just want a cheap one to strum on until I leave as I won’t be able to take it with me. So do you know of either musical instrument stores that have used gear or even a pawn shop? Thanks!

    • Hi Nathan,

      I really can’t recall to have seen a shop with music instruments around here, and I am also not aware of any pawn shop.

      Zagreb has for sure a shop with used instruments, but that is a bit far.

      Best, Morten

  39. Hi Morten,
    There is a music shop in the Old Town called Fender Centar Split, Ban Mladenova 4, ph. no. 0213325923.
    On a different subject, could you tell me if there are any expats living in Split that get together for coffee & to speak English ?


  40. Hey I had some friends that have been in Split resently. They where in a shop with Star wars and game of thrones effects but they dont remmeber where it was . Do somebody know the name and street adress of the shop ?

    • Hi Arnfinn

      i assume this is the place you are looking for:

      Here Be Dragons Game of Thrones and Fantasy shop Split, Croatia
      Ul. Julija Nepota 8, 21000, Split
      GPS: 43.508767, 16.441271

      Brgds, Morten

  41. Hello Morten,

    Since you are an expert in Croatia shopping, I hope you can answer my question:

    Where can I buy airsoft guns in Croatia? In particular Dubrovnik. Airsoft guns are bb or pellet gus used to play sports, they are just look alike replicas. I use them when going to the mountains hiking or visiting.

    If you could reply back soon I would appreciate it, my travel will start on 1 March.



  42. Hi! Where can I find nice Italian shoes in Split? Do you know how much would a Moccassin cost on average (Euro?)

    • Hi Khaled

      you can find Italian shoes in the centre of Split, as well as in the shopping centres, we have a lot of shoe shops in Split. I am not sure about the price of Moccassins, but in general you can find quite affordable footwear here.



  43. Hello Morten,

    I wonder if you can tell me where I might be able to buy a blender (for frozen drinks & breakfast smoothies) in Split? Do you know which shop would sell these household appliances?

    Thank you for your help,

    • Hi Natalie,

      you can buy a blender in most of the larger supermarkets, other option is one of the electronic stories, which probably have more selection. You could try Elipso which is located at the ground floor of city center one.

      Best, Morten

  44. Hey Morten,

    Thanks for writing such an informative article.

    I am moving to Split next week, are there any asian grocery stores in Split? or should i bring some essentials and spices with me.


    • Hi Joyce,

      as far as i know there is no asian grocery store here, in the larger supermarkets like Kaufland, you can find some Asian food, but selection is limited, so better to bring 🙂

      Brgds, Morten

  45. Hi Morten
    I am wanting to get a new microwave delivered to my aunt on the island of Solta.

    Do you know of any electrical stores where I can purchase it online and will deliver, I came across one ages ago but cannot for the life of me remember the name of it.

    Thank you in anticipation.


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