Island Ciovo

After finishing our visit to Znjan yesterday morning, we went to Ciovo to have a look at some vacation houses for our travel agency. Ciovo Island is connect to the mainland with a bridge in the UNESCO protected town Trogir, as Ciovo literally have had a boom in construction of new holiday houses and tourism over the last 5-7 years, it is a nightmare to get on and of the island in the summer, fortunately a new bridge is in the planning process.

Island Ciovobridge from Trogir to island CiovoIsland Ciovo

Here at wintertime traffic is not an issue, so as we arrived to Ciovo we went to Okrug Gornji to have a look at the vacation houses we had been offered for our webpage. The City of Okrug Gornji basically starts when the Trogir part of Island Ciovo ends, the city meanwhile stretches over 4 km in the bay of Saldun.

Island CiovoIsland CiovoIsland Ciovo

Currently the City is preparing the beach for the summer, as you most properly can imagine from the pictures this is great place to spend the summer holiday.

Island CiovoIsland CiovoIsland Ciovo

After finishing our job in Okrug Gornji we went to have short look at the cities Okrug Donji at the north part of the Island and Businci at the southeast earn part, before heading back to Split.

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  1. Just got back from Ciovo having spent two weeks on holiday. Great place,people are friendly and nice and helpful. If you are travelling from the airport, its not a good idea to tell the taxi driver you are going to Ciovo until you are in the cab as they lose a lot of time and money and get stuck in traffic trying to get back from Ciovo in the summer and dont like travelling there.

    A positive comment I would make is that I would suggest the court office, the bus station and other large establishments put some of their younger members of their staff who are “more customer facing” and can speak other European languages including English on their front desk. First impressions are important!

    I would be interested in any updates on how close Trogir/Ciovo are to building the bridge in Croatia.

    I have an apartment in Arbanija near the Sveti Kris Hotel and have been travelling to Croatia now for over ten years.

    • Hi Steve

      thanks for your insight.

      unfortunatly there is no news in relation to the bridge, it is still in planning process (Lack of money), like it was 10 year ago also 🙂



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