Toll cost Croatian Motorway


motorway-a1-zagreb-dubrovnikDuring the last decade, Croatia has been in process of building new motorways trough out the country, except  for the last 135 km from Vrgorac (Ploće) to Dubrovnik, the main parts of the motorways is now finished.

A1 Zagreb – Dubrovnik

The Motorway A1 is also called Europe’s most beautiful highway, once you have driven it I am sure you will agree to this.

Currently a total of 456 km between Zagreb and Ploče (Vrgorac), has been finished, from the last exit there Is about 30 km to Ploče and about 110 km to Dubrovnik.

Toll fees apply on the Croatian motorway e.g. is the price from Zagreb to Zadar 105 kn, Zagreb – Split 157 kn and Zagreb to the current end point Ravča – 187 kn.

INSIDER TIP: if you should get hungry driving on A1, I recommend you to stop by the restaurant Macola which is situated about 200 km from Zagreb.

A1/A6 Zagreb – Rijeka

The 140 km long motorway between Zagreb and Rijeka was finalized at the end of 2008, tool fee for the 140 km motorway is 60 kn.

Below you can find detail information about toll cost and exit point on the Croatian Motorway

Vehicle Categories and Toll Prices

I A Motor vehicles with the properties of motorcycles, also include three-wheeled and four-wheeled motorcycles.

I Motor vehicles with two axles up to the 1.30 m measured at first axle except for motor vehicles from II b) category. – (Category for any normal car).

II a) Motor vehicles with three or more axles up to 1.30 m measured at first axle,

b) Motor vehicles with two axles greater than 1.90 m, and the maximum permissible weight does not exceed 3,500 kg. (Category for cars with Caravan).

III Motor vehicles with two or three axles, with the height above 1.30 m measured at first axle with the maximum permissible weight over 3,500 kg and motors vehicles listed under II b) with trailers.

IV Motor vehicles with four or more axles with the height greater than 1.30 m measured at first axle with the maximum permissible weight of over 3,500 kg.

Toll fees in Istria:

Toll payment Options:

On the Croatian Highway all major credit cards as well as Kuna are accepted, also payment with foreign currencies are possible, but please note that any return will be done in Kuna. – watch this video!

Information about the Motorway/freeway access/ exit points

Below you can find see which freeway exit point is the most suitable for your holiday destination and browse our price table to see which toll you have to pay. Easy way to search is to use CRTL + F

A1 Zagreb: After exiting motorway A1 in Zagreb, there is option to continue on the motorway A3 to Ljubljana, motorway A5 to Osijek, Motorway A2 to Varaždin and Motorway A4 to Goričan of course you can also continue to Zagreb centre which is about 8 km from the Zagreb exit point.

A1 Dermeje: IMPORTANT In June 2009 a new exit point open in Demerje – which is 3 km before the Zagreb exit, when you come from south, this exit point only accept payment by credit cards or electronic toll – ENC. As most Croatians are not paying with Credit card, you can avoid staying in line if you take this exit, and pay with your credit card.

A1 Jastrebarsko:

A1 Karlovac: The Karlovac exit point, is the exit point to use if you are heading for Plitvice lakes coming from Zagreb.

A1 Bosiljevo:

A1 Ogulin: This exit could be used for going to Novi Vinodolski, but this Is not the most comfortable way to get there!

A1 Brinje:

A1 Žuta Lokva: This exit can be recommended if you are going to Senj, Novi Vinodolsk, Island Rab and Island Pag (Novalja and Pag city). You could even use this exit point to get to Rijeka (from south), it will take about same time as going on the motorway, and you will avoid Toll on the motorway.

A1 Otočac: From this exit you have the shortest distance to the National park Sjeverni Velebit.

A1 Perušić:

A1 Gospić: This exit has the shortest connection to Karlobag, and the ferry to Pag city, also from here you can access to D25 which connects to D1 in Korenice (road to Plitvice Lakes).

A1 Gornja Ploča: this exit can be recommended if you come from south and are heading for National Park Plitvice.

A1 Sveti Rok: exit to Gračac and knin (when you come from north). In fall and winter you can experience that the motorway is closed around Sveti Rok do to the Bora wind, in that case you will have to exit the motorway here, and pass the mountain on the old road, which is a bit of an adventure.

A1: Maslenica Is the closest exit to Starigrad and to the National Park Paklenica, (exit point from the south in case of motorway closure to do Bora wind.)

A1 Posedarje: Exit point for the Paški most bridge to Island of Pag.

A1 Zadar zapad / west: Exit Point to Zadar, Petrčane, Nin, Zaton and Vir

A1 Zadar istok / east: Exit point to Zadar, Zemunik (Zadar Airport), Bibinje and Sukošan

A1 Benkovac: Exit point to Biograd na moru, Turanj, Pakoštane.

A1 Pirovac: Exit point for Murter is also recommendable for Pakoštane if you come from south and for Vodice if you are coming from north.

A1 Skradin: Exit point for Skradin and lower parts of National Park Krka.

A1 Šibenik: Exit point for Šibenik, Primošten, Rogoznica, Marina if you come from North and exit point to Vodice and upper part of National park Krka when you come from South.

A1 Vrpolje:

A1 Prgomet: Exit point for Trogir, Seget Vranjica, Marina, Island Cievo and Kaštela.

A1 Vučevica: Very little useful exit point.

A1 Dugopolje: Exit point Split, Podstrana, Sinj Islands Brac, Hvar Vis, Omis, and Kaštela.

A1 Bisko:

A1 Blato na cetini: Exit point to Omis, Dugi Rat, Lokva Rogoznica

A1 Šestanovac: Exit point to Mimice, Pisak, Brela, Makarska and Tućepi when you come from North.

A1 Zagvozd:

A1 Ravča: Exit point to Makarska (South); Tućepi, Podgora, Igrane, Zaostrog and Ploće, be aware that the road from Ravča to Ploće is a bit adventures and can be challenging if you are travelling with a caravan.

A6 Vrbovsko:

A6 Ravna Gora:

A6 Delnice: Exit point to one of Croatia’s unknown treasures, the National park Risnjak

A6 Vrata: Exit point to Island Krk, Crikvenica

A6 Oštrovica:

A6 Rijeka (Kun): Ending point of A6 from here you can easily connect to the Istrian Y, which is the easiest way to get to cities like, Umag, Novigrad, Rovinj, Vrsar, Porec and Pula when you come from Zagreb or Split.

Road assistance:

If you should be in need of road assistance, you can reach the Croatian road assistance under +385 1 987, on there homepage you also find information about the Croatia roads in general.

HAK has a information number, which give you general traffic information, the number is + 385 1 4640 800, press 3 to get information on English.

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  1. “The Motorway A1 is also called Europe’s most beautiful highway” i agree with you there i use A1 to trsvel from london, uk to kosovo and the only part of the journey i look forward and cant wait for every year is the crostian A1 motorway that’s a unique beauty

    i cant wait for the rest of the motorway to finish hopefully no more entering bosnia 🙂 to go to dubrovnik

  2. I am about to drive from London to Bar (Montenegro). When I have done this in the past the last section, after Split has wrecked me. I was hoping the highway from Split to Dubrovnic would be finished.
    Could someone tell me A) how much of the last leg from Split to Dubrovnic is highway and how much is coastal road and b) a good place to sleep just before the road turns coastal so I can take on the last leg of the journey afresh?
    Thanks BB

    • Hi Barry,

      What a coincident

      I actually went to Dubrovnik today from Split, so I have fresh information about the motorway. From the current ending point in Ravča there is 140 km to Dubrovnik, it take about 40 minutes on a relative small road to climb down to the coastal road in Ploče, (It might even be better to go direction Metoković and then get on the coastal road in Opuzen – but I did not try way yet.)

      After exiting highway you could maybe find accommodation in Vrgorac or Prolog, which is the two first cities you come to, I can although not say for sure as I never stayed there my selves, alternatively you stay overnight in Klek which is few km after you get on the coastal road in Opuzen.

      Brgds, Morten

  3. Morten
    In a few weeks I will drive from Split to Dubrovnik (and then return). What is your best advice as the route to take, combining sightseeing and speed. I am inclined to take the motorway from Split to Ravča and then go via Ploce to Dubrovnik. Is this the best way? Do you know approximate driving times (Split-Ravča Ravča-Ploce and Ploce-Dubrovnik?
    Thanks so much

    • Hi George,

      If you haven’t driven on the coastal road between Split and Dubrovnik, you should for sure do that in one of the directions, it is a really beautiful trip, which will take you about 4.5 hours, if you sticking to speed limits

      Last Thursday I went to Dubrovnik from Split, on the motorway It took me around 50 minutes to get from centre of Split to ending point Ravča and another 35-40 minutes from ending point to Ploče, from Ploće it took me around 2 hours to Dubrovnik, so I total around 3.5 hours, on days with less traffic you might be able to do the trip in a bit more then 3 hours.

      Brgds, Morten

  4. Hi there
    Great site, thanks for all the info so far. Hope you can help me with a bit more up to date info
    In the next couple of weeks I’m planning to drive to Greece pulling a trailer/caravan, and am really looking forward to the Zagreb-Dubrovnik section. Last time I went that way was at least 18 years ago, I’m sure it’s changed a lot…
    Can you tell me how much of the A1 is completed now, and is it ok to sleep on motorway service areas – we used to pull over in the campervan on the old road, but it’s probably different now!
    Also, do you know anything about the road beyond, in montenegro and albania?
    thanks for your help

    • Hi Kriticat

      That is what you call a long trip!! Ravca is still the last exit point from there you have 140 km on partly very small road to Dubrovnik. I am not sure it it actually allow to sleep on the motorway service areas, but i see many who do so, so i guess it should not be any problem, regarding the roads further down i unfortunately cant help you with any information. I wish you a nice trip.

      Kindest regards, Morten

  5. Hi Morten:

    I am traveling for the first time to Croatia nest September. I intend to travel to Dubravink by car. Are there any concerns about passing through Bosnia? Is it easy or are there long waits? Is there another route? I also intend to travel into Montenegro (bay of Kotor)for a day trip, is this a bad idea due to border crossings?

    Thanks for any advise!

    • Hi Brian, i would guess i went through Bosinian about 25 times going to Dubrovnik, till now i never hat to wait more then 1 or 2 minutes, so i think you should have no problem in September. The only think you have to watch out for when you drive on the part of the coastal road going through Bosnia, is speeding, the Police is quite often standing somewhere with the radar. In relation to Montenegro i dont have any own experience, but i havent heard there should be any problem.

      Brgds, Morten

  6. Hi there,

    I have been reading your so far, very useful site and thank you for the information. I am trying to establish the following: We will be in Croatia (arriving in Dubrovnik) in June 2010 on South African passports. We want to hire a car and drive to Split where we have booked a sailing vessel in Kremik and thereafter will travel to Italy via the coastal road. Could you pse estabish whether or not we require a visa for BIH (if indeed we need to go through a strip of road belonging to BiH ) I get different answers from different people. Help!! 😉

    • Hi Elaine,

      I am afraid I can’t answer that question, although my assumption would be that you would not need a Visa, somebody told me there is a special transit agreement for passing Bosnia by Neum.

      I would for sure recommend you to contact either the Croatian or the Bosnian authorities, and specifically ask about transiting by Neum.

      Brgds, Morten

      PS: did you consider taking ferry from Dubrovnik instead?

  7. Hi Morten

    I am interested in the progress of the A1. We were in Croatia last May 09′ and drove from Dubrovnik to Split. I couls see the construction works had progressed to Ploce’ and understand the favoured route from here is a bridge to the Peljesac and then back to main land to Doli.
    Do you know of a web site with any pictures and/or further information regarding The A1 progress.

    Kind Regards


    • Hi Jim

      I went to Dubrovnik about a month ago they are still building but only in some areas. As far as I know the bridge construction is on hold. I guest you might find some information of the web page of Hrvatska Auto Cesta otherwise I am not aware of any place to look.

      Brgds, Morten

  8. i will be driving from split to dubrovnik in sept. coastal road down, a1 back, do i go thru bosnia? thanks, jim

  9. Hi Morten,

    If you hire a car in Croatia (Cavtat) can you then drive it over into Montenegro – to Kotor for example?
    Are there tolls/extra charges to pay?



    • Hi Jo,

      Depends of the company, some charge extra some don’t (A friend of mine pay additional 50 Euro), so you will have to ask the rental company what policy they have in relation to going to Montenegro



  10. Most charge extra. This is to cover the insurance as MNE like Serbia is not covered by normal ‘green card’ insurance.
    Also when you drive into MNE you need to pay another 10 Euro’s for ‘ECO’ travel.

    It is still worth the extra but Kotor is a little over rated. Get the ferry across the ‘bay of Kotor’ and get down to the bay front at Tivat. It is also worth going inland in MNE to visit the worlds second largest gorge or one of Europes only jungles (the other is in Bosnia.
    A real suprise for us was a trip to Bar. We ate in the evening and joined about 5000 Bar residents for their evening promanade along the seas front.
    Additionally there is a 12 km beach to the south of bar. 12 km of deep golden sands it begins south of bar and ends at Albania, best beach in the med, by a long way.

  11. I drove with my family from Poland to Tucepi every year since 2004. The A1 was growing “in our eyes”. It is not only beautiful but of the highest quality. It is a real pleasure to travel there. We have many fantastic pictures of this road.

    • Hi Roman,

      i fully agree with you, i travel on A1 quit frequently, and i still find the trip very beautiful, if you have some fantastic pictures i would love to publish them on the page, of course with full credit to you as photographer.

      Kindest regards from Split


  12. Hello Morten,

    I will be arriving in Dubrovnik in early September this year. I plan on driving North to Split. Has the A1 motorway expanded beyond Ploce, or is the coastal route the only link between Dubrovnik and Ploce?

    Also, I would like to visit Makarska and Brela. Is it better to get on the A1 at Ploce and then exit down to Brela and back track a little to Makarska, or would it be a nicer trip to stay on the coastal route the whole way? Similarly, heading from Brela to Split, is it worthwhile to go back up to the A1, or is staying on the coastal route a better option? What kind of driving time would these trips take?

    Your help is greatly appreciated. Thank you.

    Caryn from Canada

    • Hi Caryn,

      In September coastal road is not so crowded, so you should for sure plan to go along the coastal road is extremely beautiful.

      Ending point of Highway is still in Ravca (Ploce), so no changes there. When you come from south and would like to visit the Makarska / Brela the motorway is to my opinion not an option anyway (the exit points are quite far from the coast). Driving time Dubrovnik – Makarska / Brela 3-3.5 hours, from Brela to Split you have about 1 hour drive along the coast.

      Kindest regards, Morten

  13. Thanks for your help Morten! As my trip approaches I am sure I will think of some additional questions to ask you.


    • Caryn,

      you are welcome, in a few weeks I will introduce a “Croatia Expert question team“, the team will consist of tourist expert from various regions of Croatia. Once i have team up and running, we should be able to answer more or less everything related to Holiday / tourism in Croatia 🙂

      Kindest regards, Morten

  14. Hi,i wanna drive from ploce to rijeka.Where can i enter in A1 motorway without entering in bosnja?Can i enter from makarska/sestanovas?

  15. How i can access by Ravca without entering Bosnja?The only option i see in map is driving to Makarska and then to Ravca.But it looks very toll road.It is better access the motorway by Sestanova?

    • Hi Olsi, I dont know which map your are using, but Ploce is about 25 km North of Bosnia, the road from Ploce to motorway access in Ravca is 40 minutes drive on a very small road, you will get very close to the the Bosnian border, but you will NOT enter Bosnia.

      You can also access motorway in Sestanova, from a time point of view there shouldn’t be that big a difference, maybe 20 minutes or so.

      Brgds, Morten

  16. Thanks for helping me!I have a questions,how long it takes to go from Sestanova to Rijeka?And from Dubrovnik to Ploce?

    • you are welcome! if you drive normal speed i should take you close to two hours from Dubrovnik to Ploce, the trips from access point in Sestanova to Rijeka, roughly about 5 hours.


  17. hi,i will drive soon from albania to italy.i have in mind to drive throw a1 motorway when i go Italy and throw coastial road when i came from italy.i read your opinion that the coasial road from spit to ploce is the road beatiful from rijeka to split or it is better take a1 near zadar?
    what kind of driving time would take these trips?

    • Hi Olsi, when you enter from Italy, you can follow the main Road (Istrian Y) to Rijeka, from Rijeka to Split you have 5-6 hours if you take the coastal road, but it the weather is beautiful it will be worth it.


  18. Hi, nice blog, i always drive south to Montenegro from Dubrovnik and to add to the answer to Brian’s question, you should have €10 cash to pay the ‘eco-tax’ for all vehicles entering Montenegro. There’s no cash point nearby either so a real pain unless you can charm the officials! You should also have a travel permit, i’m not sure where you get this from as it is always included with the hire car.

    After reading this I’ll probably drive North for a bit first next time…

  19. Hello

    As the last part of our transeuropean trip, we are gonna be driving from Zell am See (Austria) to Vrbnik on island Krk. Do we need to expect some toll charges on the way? If the road there is nice, I will get some pictures snapped of course.

    • Hi Greg, well you will need the vignette for Austria and Slovenia, if you cross the border north of of Rijeka (Rupa) and go on the road 61 (A7) from there, you might have to pay a smal amount from border to Rijeka, i am not sure, as i havent been on that road last two years.

  20. Hello,

    Can you tell me the prices in euro for the motorway exit from Serbia to Zagreb, i think is A3 and Zagreb to Ploce or Split A1 ?
    Thank you in advance

  21. Hi all, I will be setting off next week for my drive from London to MNE.
    Has the A1 been extended at all in the last 2 years?
    Hoping so!
    Thanks Barry

  22. if someone is interested i have traveled on the motorway from Belgrade to Zagreb and then down right until Makarska.

    prices are as follows:
    Belgrade – right until Croatian border = 3,50 euro
    Croatian border – Zagreb = 105 kuna
    Zagreb – Makarska = 139 kuna
    average 7,3 kuna for 1 euro exchange rate in June 2011
    in euro this is about 33,43 euro

    have a nice trip

  23. Hi Morten,
    I am with my wife in Tucepi, 8. year in row. It is fantastic place. Hope to take more pictures as avery year Croatia is more Beautiful.
    Best regards,
    Roman G.

  24. Warning. Road from Josipdol to Plitvicka Jezera, its last about 10 km is very, very unpleasant, if not to say dangerous. Very narrow, mostly for one car, and very curly.

  25. Planning to be in Rijeka in late September, and then get to Split and by ferry to Ancona. The trip from Rijeka to Split: bus? rented car? how long both? possible other way?
    Thanks for your advice.

    • @Boris, from Rijeka to Split you need about 4 hours by car. With bus my guess woudl be, that trip takes anything between 6 and 10 hours depending on route.

      Alternative route, would be to take the ferry from Rijeka to Split.


  26. Is there a website with the current price for the toll road i.e. Zagreb to Sestanovac as I will soon be flying to Zagreb and I am planning on Driving along the toll road to Sestanovac and then head along the coastal road to my resort destination of Baska Voda

  27. Dear the expert,
    We are driving to Croatia in July 2012. Just read the comments on the website. I just wonder we can drive all the way down to Dubrovnik through A1 now? Or do we have to go through Bosnia? Do we have to pay for the road in Bosnia? In Croatia, do we pay on the toll gate (like Italy or France)?
    Many thanks

    • Hi Danica, A1 now ends one stop further then i have it written in my text, from there you still have about 1 hour to get to Dubrovnik, and you WILL pass trough Bosnia (so remember your passport). There is no road fees in Bosnia, in croatia you pay with Kuna, Euro or Credit cards, when you exit the highway.



  28. Hi
    We will be driving from Dubrovnik to Trogir in September. WE are wondering if it is best to take the coastal road or the motorway. What is the starting point of motorway going north and how long does it take to reach from coast road?


    • Hi Dorothy,

      if you havent driven the coastal road before, you should for sure do that, trip is very beatiful.

      The highway, entrance point comming from south is by Ploce, (Just follow the signs to the highway), from Dubrovnik it takes about an hour to get to the Highway.



  29. Hi,

    Any idea when the highway will be finished to Dubrovnik? I see this track already since 2009… so I guess by June 2013 there could be major progress.

    • Hi Johann,

      unfortunatly there is no major progress, the post is still valid.

      Currently they are still partly building on connecting Ploce to the highway, but do to lack of money it most proberly will not happen before mid 2014.

      Brgds, Morten

  30. In May 2012 we drove from England via Zeebrugge to Split towing a caravan, we had a wonderful time. We have decided to do the trip again but would like to go further into Dubrovnik, apart from having my passport what do I need to know about driving the 12km through Bosnia. Is there any problems is it safe. I have taken note to keep to the speed limit. Insurance companys in England will not insure me to travel in Bosnia. Going we are going to take the ferry to Trpanj and avoid Bosnia.

    • Hi Wilf,

      As far as i remember you need only your passport, for vehicle i think it is obligatory to bring the green insurance card, although i have never had to show on the transit part trough Bosnia by Neum. It seams a bit strange that your insuranse would not let you pass trought Bosnia on the transit road (From this road you can not go into Bosnia, just continue to Croatia)

      I think you should not have any problems even with out the green insurance card, in worst case you would have to turn the car by the border and go to Trpanj, but i can hardly imagine that.

      Brgds, Morten

  31. Hi- Traveling from Split to Dubrovnik in early Sept. and we are renting a vehicle to drive down. In booking a car I was told that Croatia required an international driving permit to drive within the country as I am a US licensed driver. Any details you have on a permit that is required? Reading all of the other posts in regards to renting a car and didn’t see anything like this above.
    Thank you-

    • Hi Laura,

      i am not aware of the rules for US licensed driver, the best is to ask the car rental companies, they shold know.

      Anyway i never heard is should be especially complicated for US licensed drivers to rent a car here.

      Best, Morten

  32. Hi Morten.

    I will travel on September 5th from Tirana to Ljubjana.
    Watch the football match on the 6th and then back to Tirana on the 7th.
    I plan the following:
    Turn left in Niksic towards Trebinje, but divert north (not entering trebinje) and enter the croatian border near Vrgorac.
    Then enter A1. Is this the southernmost entrance?
    What are your suggestions?

    What about another diversion in the north, instead of going to Zagreb, is it worth exiting near Duga Resa and pass through Metlika/NovoMesto and enter Slovenian A2 there?
    Is this worth, or is it better to continue on A1-A3/A2(Slovenia) till Ljubjana?

    Regards, Elvis

    • Hi Elvis,

      Entering Croatia by the border in Vrgorac is what you need to do.

      I have driven the road via Novo Mesto one time, which tool longer time then going around, so since that time i have been taking the highway all the way to Ljubljana.



      • Thanks Morten for your advice.

        I was checking the list of exits of A1.
        I was planning to exit at exit 4, right after Odomorishte Vukova Gorishta, 51 km from Zagreb; but it does not look operative from google earth.
        If it is night, then I drive highway all the way to Ljubjana as you suggest.
        If it is daylight I will give a try to the diversion to Metlika/Novomesto.
        Will reply back with my experience for sure.


  33. Hi.

    I traveled Tirana – Ljubjana on September 5th and Ljubjana Tirana on September 7th.

    As regardds to A1, it started in Vrgorac. Unfortunately we were comming from Bosnia and when we entered VRGORAC, we missed the sign for the first A1 entrance, so if you happen to come from Bosnia look carefully for the signs at the first crossroad after entering Vrgorac., It should be a hard left turn, like going back south.

    Highway A1 was perfect as ever. We took the Exit 4 which was fully operational, contrary to the images currently on Google Maps Street View.

    The road from exit4 to Metlika was OK.
    The road between Metlika and Novo Mesto is mountanious. For us it was a nice change after the long A1 trip, but I guess it would take less time (but more money) to go via motorway into Zagreb ring and then on A3 Croatia/A2 Slovenia.

    On the trip back we did the same journey until last exit Vrgorac. But this time we took the coast road for the rest of the trip. It took us 2 hours longer to go through Dubrovnik, Herceg-Novi, Budva and Bar.
    The road from Vrgorac into bosnia Ljubushka-Capljina-Slolac-Biljeca-Niksic-Podgorica into Albania is shorter and with much less traffic.
    Nevertheless we would have missed the lunch in ZATON which was worth the delay.

    Regards, Elvis

    • Hi Elvis,

      Thanks for the feedback, all in all it seamed like your trip went well! You conclusion on the road Via Novo Mesto, is similar to mine.

      I know it is a bit tricky with the signs in Vrgorac, i was there about a month ago, my feeling is that there will be ongoing changes in that area for the next couple of years.

      Glad to hear you had a good lunch in Zaton 🙂

      Once again thanks for sharing your experience from the trip!

      Best regards,


  34. Hi,
    Can you please update the progress on the highway to Dubrovnik? Hopefully they have made some more progress.


  35. Hi , we have hired a car in split down town and are traveling to plitvice lakes for the day then may go past krka falls on the way back to split . What tolls do we need to pay ? And do you pay them both ways ? Thank you

    • Hi Erin,

      if you travel on the highway you will have to pay highway tolls, and yes, both ways. From Split to Plitvice Lakes (exit Gornja Ploca) it’s 80 kn; from Plitvice to Krka falls (exit Skradin) it’s 49 kn; from Skradin to Split (exit Dugopolje) it’s 31 kn.


  36. Hi. I take a rental car at lyublyana airport . Then I pass to Croatia. How do I pay in the highways? How do I pay the lowest price? Is there any machine I have to by and where. Thank you

    • Hi Hagit,

      on the highway you pay the toll at the toll booths, you can pay with cash (Croatian or foreign currency) and even credit cards. There is no lowest price that you can pay, you pay according to the category of the vehicle you drive. The machine you are talking about is the so called ENC (electronic toll collection) which you can buy at petrol stations or kiosks and charge them with money by sending an SMS or buying a voucher but I think it is better for you to pay with cash or credit cards, it’s simpler and cheaper since you have to pay 122 kn (16 euros) for the ENC machine. The ENC machine is more suitable for people living in Croatia who travel a lot.


  37. Hello Morten,

    travelling from Zagreb to Pula in mid June 2015 in a hire car.

    Looks like the quickest route is the E71-A6-A8-E751

    Are both the A6 & A8 toll roads and are E71 & E751 toll roads as well?

    If they are all toll roads, what would be the cost for a trip each way on these roads?

  38. Hi, in mid June I will travel by car for 8 days between Trieste-Zadar-Trogir-Dubrovnik. Can you please advice which part of this route you think I’m better off taking the highway, and which part the coastal road? I’m mostly interested in nice views of sea/islands/mountains. I will make stops of 2 nights in Zadar, 4 nights in Trogir and 2 in Dubrovnik.

    Also, any update regarding the length of highway towards Dubrovnik, since April 2014?

    Thank you.

    • Hi Alexandru

      I would suggest you try to follow the coastal road most of the part driving south, in other words from Trieste you should go to Rijeka, and then take the coastal road from there on to Zadar etc. On the way back you can then take the highway.

      Brgds, Morten

  39. Hey, I’m going to Croatia in July and I’ll take a car from Split to Zadar ( found th eprice of the trol – 50 HRK) . Then I’m going to Plitvic (Zadar-Plitvic) but I couldn’t find the price of the troll . And to finish Zadar – Dubrovinik that I couldn’t find the price of the troll neither. I’m also looking for prices of gas .. if you know something I would be vary grateful :)))

    • Hi Clara

      the toll cost from Zadar to Plitvice for a regular car is 23 Kuna, you will exit the highway where is says Udbina / Korenica. From Zadar to Dubrovnik the toll cost are 101 Kuna.

      Currently regular 95 benzine is about 10 Kuna a liter, diesel about 9.50 Kuna.

      Brgds, Morten

  40. Hi, driving to Dubrovnik from Rome on a renal car, plan to stop i Arezzo and then continue to Croatia ending in Dubrovnik and back, are there any problems now days driving thru Neum, is Hwy A1 completed.
    Will appreciate you reply very much!!!!

  41. Hi Morten

    We’re staying in Trogir next week and have hired a car. One of our days will be driving to Plitvice Lakes, do we pay when we join the A1 at Prgomet or when we exit at Gornja Ploca? How much will we pay?

    Many Thanks


    • HI Phil,

      sorry for the late reply, you probably figure out that the high toll is about 60-70 Kuna, when you travel from Prgomet to Gornja Ploca.

      Brgds, Morten

  42. hello friends i want to know how much i have to pay for tolls and taxes just to pass through croatia. i came from albania going to vienna

  43. Hi Morten,

    I am planning to drive from Munich to Graz in Austria and then from Graz to Rijeka and from Rijeka to Zadar and maybe to Split if time permits.

    Could you kindly suggest me which place would be the best to stay on our way from Rijeka to Zadar.

    Also we are planning to take the coastal route from Rijeka to Zadar. Could you please let me know which route will be the best to take to see the coastal line from Rijeka to zadar and also is there a toll for the use of roads from Rijeka to Zadar and return.

    If you could also give me an approximate charge that incurrs for the tolls during the trip (Graz to Rijeka, Rijeka to Zadar and return the same route).

    Also how could i pay the tolls during the travel?

    Thanks a lot in advance for your help!



    • Hi Joy,

      Between Rijeka and Zadar, i would probably stay in Crikvenica or Novi Vinodolski, if you wish to get closer to Zadar, Starigrad Paklenica might be an option.

      From Rijeka to Zadar, you just follow the road, there are no second route except for the highway.

      From Graz to Rijeka, you have to pay the 15 Euro for the vignette in Slovenia, if you go via Zagreb you have toll of about 150 kn via Ljubljana, if am not sure even if you have to pay toll from Border to Rijeka, if so it is only a few Kuna. Rijeka to Zadar on the Coastal road is 0 Kuna, if you go back on the highway from Zadar to Graz (via Zagreb) you have toll of about 180 Kuna.

      Brgds, Morten

  44. My husband and I will be driving from Split to Dubrovnik in October 2016. Will the A1 highways through to Dubrovnik be completed by then?
    thank you

    • Hi Shelly,

      Until Oct. 2016 the highway will for sure not be finish, maybe if you said 2025 🙂

      The highway ends in Ploce, from there on you will still have country road. Driving time from Split to Dubrovnik is about 2 hours and 45 minutes.

      Brgds, Morten

  45. Hi
    I am driving from Greece through Albania and Montenegro to Zagreb.
    Can someone tell me which is the best route through Bosnia to link up with the A1 in Croatia?
    How much further than Vrgorac does the road continue South now? Is it easy to find the road coming from Bosnia?
    Thanks for any help


    • Hi Kriticat,

      I would guess the best route trough Bosnia, would be the M6 via Trebinje, as this one continues to close where you can get on the highway in Bosnia (Which is connected to the Croatian highway). when driving on M6 between Capljina and Ljubuski, you should see signs for the highway. Once you pass the border on the highway, you are about 15 km south of Vrgorac.

      Please note, in BiH you only have a few km on the highway, but you still have to pay 1.20 km road tax in cash or with credit card.



  46. I drove from Rijeka to the Hungarian border, and somewhere around Zagreb there was a toll station. There were NO vehicles with Croatian plates going through the toll station. Just dozens and dozens of vehicles with plates fom other countries. The locals must know some insider secret of bypassing that toll station—what is it?

    • Hi Kiraly

      lots of locals are still using the toll free roads, you can just select avoid toll roads in your navigation, then you will see which routes are available.

      Of course most of these roads has a longer driving time, but if you are willing to accept that, you can avoid the toll roads.


  47. I will be driving from Dubrovnik to Split on a Saturday in July in a Croatian hire car , I have been told there will be big queues at Bosnian Border. Is this correct and is there anyway I can avoid them?

    • Hi Alan, yes unfortunately that is correct, especially on Saturdays there is lost of traffic and queues are common. The only way to for sure avoid the queues is to e.g travel trough BiH (Which is time consuming) or to drive to Trpanj on Peljesac and then take the car ferry from there to Ploce.

      Kindest regards


  48. Good afternoon.
    I’m driving from lake bled in Slovenia and making my way to Krka national park.
    I was wondering the total cost of the tolls for this journey.
    Also do you have to pay tolls for the way back also.
    A rough estimate will be do

    Many thanks


  49. Im travelling through to Slovenia to Austria in a few weeks .Am I required to have a Vignette just to travel through
    as I returning back to stay at Lake Bled and thought to buy a vignette when I actually staying in Slovenia

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